Starcodes horoscopes for week of October 24 – 30, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of October 24 – 30, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Halloween, the day of the dead, is traditionally time to face our fears and get help from our ancestors. This year as Halloween grows closer, the fears we face may be less metaphysical and more financial. A banker bearing bad news may be the scariest costume but he’s just a symbol for all the fears of a material world that’s out of line with our spiritual ideals and heading under renovation. It is a good week to call for help from the ancestors, remember how or relatives managed more with less; remember that we are a strong people with tremendous capacity for growth under duress.

It is a basically sane, but worried and hardworking week, a diligent time with an underlying uncertainty. We’d work hard, if we knew where and how, as Mars in Scorpio squares off with Neptune over the next few weeks, leaving us feeling uncertain, but helps us melt this Scorpionic Mars tendency to recriminate instead of problems solve. And right now, tempting as that is, blame does not help. Diagnosis is different from blame; we can search for the roots of the problem so we can begin a year of fundamental changes in our personal and our political lives as Saturn opposes Uranus on and off all year.

As the weekend begins, get down to work; critiques can sting, but keep it constructive no matter how much fun it feels to throw zingers. Health issues need attention both in the national debate and on the creaks of our body. An obsessive streak can get us hooked on one issue, conflict can conflagrate if there’s any fuel. Cut or prune excess, edit fluff, but use sharp knives with care. Careful, careful!

Over the weekend, prioritize relationships but do not put them on the spot; keep heart open, see the beauty but keep expectations at bay. Repair misunderstandings now; positive attitudes can reframe a conflict so all sides win. Search for new ways of working together. Mid-week the Scorpio New Moon feels like the real Halloween, deep and spooky, a good day to hide behind a mask and talk to the ancestors. Brilliant but highly subjective thinking can get us in real trouble. If someone doesn’t want to talk, leave them alone, they may have a good reason for silence as Mercury aspects Neptune and Uranus. Politicians sharpen their claws on one another.

Venus in curious and restless Sagittarius heads into a square with the Saturn-Uranus opposition towards the end of the week and into next; stress from other parts of our life may begin to put pressure on our love life, making it hard to support one another just when we need it most. Odd doubts can creep in, wondering what the other is doing in their own little world or if they are truly pulling their weight in the tough times. Strangers look more interesting and sometimes a conversation on the subway will bring us more hope that a tense or self-involved partner or friend does over dinner; but if we notice their pattern, we can stretch our hearts out and hold hands anyway. De-stress together, not at one another, find a playful moment that keeps the supportive flow open and ways to be grateful for what the other does bring to the table.

Friday Oct 24 a tricky Mars-Pluto aspect can tweak our competitive spirit, take the gloves off a fight. Someone could play a nasty trick; watch sharp edges mid-morning. Our chief aggressive tool can be our critical wit, it’s all too easy to turn this inwards, be our own worst critic and give ourselves a stomachache. Details won’t behave until later in the day, but we can map out the larger strategies. Turn the direction away from what’s gone wrong, hold people accountable for their intentions, but relax about the gaffs and bring the focus to healing tonight. Friendly spell at teatime drifts into a thoughtful evening.

Saturday, Oct 25 serious navel –gazing this morning give the digestive mind something to work on or it will just worry away as the Virgo Moon conjuncts Saturn; examine and sort a mind, a life, a closet, instead. Minor challenges friend us what we truly know and what we need to learn. Responsibilities weigh, do what can be done and honor the rest without carrying them every minute. Evening lightens, we renew in company as the Moon enters Libra.

Sunday Oct 26 a chance to change one another in subtle or big ways, just by noticing what is working for us and sharing it as Mercury in Libra trines Chiron, s squares Jupiter. Open flow of communication; just make sure to speak form the heart and not abounding in opinionated advice. If there is just too much information, slow down and chew on one key piece.

Monday, Oct 27 good publicity, swift movement on any clear direction as Mars sextiles Jupiter. Impatience with dark humor; pruning brings new growth. Opportunities and enterprise with a competitive edge; no one wants to loose, but we are willing to celebrate other people’s victories along the way. Make contacts now or wait a few days.

Tuesday, Oct 29 an emotionally intense, brooding, potentially suspicious and dramatic few days as Mercury quincunx Uranus increases erratic thinking and the stress response while Moon enters Scorpio and conjunct the Sun. People do not mince words, silence may be the most polite response, so don’t push a quiet soul. Magic for research, investigations, mucking about in the basement of building or souls, and a sharp, incisive humor. A dark, musky energy runs under ordinary words.

Wednesday, Oct 29 quiet new beginnings gestate under the fallen leaves; next spring’s growth is seeded now. Sharp, sensible endings and beginning this afternoon; keep surgical moves to a minimum as the Moon conjuncts Mars, good for the necessary cuts, but we’re tempted to cut too much.

Thursday, Oct 30
power is harnessed or controlled. People are self-motivated, focused, private, and resistant to manipulation. A temporary delay may prove beneficial, an old skill can provide a modern solution, so look for precedent as Mars sextiles Saturn. Later; shoot from the hip, a splash of honesty can be rather caustic as the Moon enter Sagittarius, but brings us closer to getting where we need to go.
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