Starcodes horoscopes for week of October 17 – 23, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of October 17 – 23, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Earthquakes are felt in the foundations of our culture as an opposition  between Saturn – Uranus intensifies this week; we’ve been feeling in for about a month, it is exact on our coming election day and echoes a few more times in the coming year. This aspect occurred only twice last century, between 1918-1920, and 1965-7, moments where history broke an old paradigm and created room for a new one to form, but the ride was sometimes rough.

This aspect echoes a repeated stage in the evolution of each embryo where an old skeletal structure is dissolved and the components grow into a new, evolving form. And where birth defects arise if there is a difficulty in releasing the old structures. Yes, we have a big evolutionary step ahead of us, but the point is to grow.

To help power the effect of this aspect, the two planets of emotion, Venus and Mars, are now in Scorpio and run a deep, intense emotional undercurrent. They play  hardball and under duress it’s easy to get caught in their riptide. The tendency is to either withdraw from the stress or go for the jugular; withdraw your heart from a tenuous relationship (notice major celebrity break-ups this week, and don’t make the same mistake) or withdraw your money from the markets, or make a ruthless move that blows our moral credibility.  It also can bring a compulsion to look under the slimiest rocks; we need to take everything to is logical conclusion and examine the worst case scenario.

We can see this in the stock market’s extremes and innuendo about voter fraud on both sides of the political aisle. But this dark side can also show up over breakfast, it can be hard to talk over conflict without spines and spikes popping out like a peeved puffer fish. We have to make conversation a dance. Move close then give them room, make a point, then drop it and let them think, the Scorpio minuet.

Venus enters Sagittarius over the weekend and offers more hope and humor, though can make us want to run away from home. We could now learn our best lessons from our dogs and other wild animals, and feel renewed by a moment of freedom. We may be left with the Sagittarius motto ‘freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose.” Or this shift can begin to turn the market as a sense of opportunity and gratitude creeps back in, if we’re willing to look for it.  But we cannot return to what was, we have a long reorganization ahead of us. It’s worth the work, we really need one another now, interpersonally and internationally.

On a more personal note, the asteroid Juno conjuncts Pluto this week, Juno is associated with the capacity to partner, with tension between our work and our relationships. And with strong women, and the question of whether they find power through their own actions or by associating with a Zeus-like male figure.  As it conjuncts Pluto we look at women in power to see if they can really stand on their own (which the mythic Juno certainly could) or is their power merely by association. And watch the stress on relationships, power plays within our love life or marriages tested by the discouraged mood swings of one partner as they visit their Plutonian underworld.

As the weekend begins take advantage of a social respite in a hardworking month, enjoy a surface sociability over deeper unrest, use this conversation to reconnect and ask questions as the Gemini Moon forms a grant trine with Neptune and the Sun. Words flow but may dive into an illusion of martyrdom or success so run a fact-check afterwards. As Venus enters Sagittarius we suddenly speak our heart, after a few awkward sentences beginning “frankly,”- we have more room in our heart to forgive and hope.

The early week is moody and awkward, but we’re empowered by what we do, not what we say. It helps if we can respond to others people’s mood swings by finding our own center rather than react to their unbalance. As the dust begins to clear, some secrets or hidden benefit becomes more obvious. Avoid giving unnecessary advice, we’re impatient with anything that holds us back, but don’t want to be pushed forward.

Mid-week the stories come out but egos get touchy under a Leo Moon. We can feel pulled between attention and solitude; if we can time-share with these needs, we can tap into the creative enthusiasm. But strange arguments can blow up, odd disagreements can trigger off a release of energy that is really just a dump of anxieties masking as bravado. Everybody should just calm down. Though our feeling may be authentic, we are more than our feelings.

Get down to work by the end of the week; we become more serious about the situation as the Sun enters Scorpio on Wednesday. Critiques can sting, but let’s keep it constructive no matter how much fun can be to throw zingers. Health issues need attention in both the national debate and in the creaks of our body. With the new Scorpio focus, an obsessive streak can get us hooked on one issue, conflict can conflagrate if there’s any fuel. Cut or prune excess, edit fluff, but use sharp knives or extremist decisions with care.

Friday, Oct 17 tough overnight moods or news needs kindness this morning. Midday, lines of communication open, we get some information we truly need but may not want as the Moon enters Gemini. Edgy humor helps. Good conversation over dinner but the week’s toll can leave us tired but wired tonight.

Saturday, Oct 18 keep talking but be as kind as you are honest as Venus enters Sagittarius. Healing laughter or adventure; it helps to take our minds off recent challenges and open to new horizons. Evening expands us, move mind and body.

Sunday, Oct 19 home, security, and comfort foods call our attention as the Moon enters Cancer. We need nurturing and may be able to share worries in a raw form. Domestic disputes symbolically work out some deeper concerns; keep looking for the real answer.

Monday, Oct 20 watch a tendency to indulge to fight depression about material scarcity. A move for safety can be counterproductive; look for what nurtures, not what defends. New options, as tender as bean shoots, can be found buried in a cranky day.

Tuesday, Oct 21 outreach with bravado as the Moon enters Leo and Sun sextiles Pluto. It’s tempting to wiggle like a dog for acknowledgement, for what we did or for how hard it is,  so put people out of their misery and make it personal; see the worth in one another now and avoid the machinations to get there.  Power muscles are flexed, may they be used to good purposes.

Wednesday, Oct 22 strategic morning with mixed success; pride can take a hit as the Leo Moon challenges Mars and Pluto. Some underlying disagreement simmers for the next three days unless we refuse to be bowled over but stay flexible; keep the ego out and find a shared solution. The Sun enters Scorpio and brings our energy inwards and our attention to a focus.

Thursday, Oct 23 something we’ve lost can help us appreciate what we have. We’re open to new possibilities as long as they matter. Midday drifts, needs personal connection, but afternoon picks up work, prickles and speed; deadlines demand attention as the Moon enters Virgo.

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