Starcodes horoscopes for week of October 12 – 18, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of October 12 – 18, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Hold steady as she goes through broody weather as Mercury retrogrades in intense Scorpio for the next three weeks. Winds swirl in all directions in a highly subjective, emotional time that can test any relationship, but potentially inspire some great artwork.

This week the past swirls around us. Our minds may be unusually sharp, but subjective; making it all too easy to rationalize our feeling as romantic Venus conjuncts Saturn in thoughtful Virgo. Objectivity is a rare gem.

But there’s no point in becoming isolated, a supportive sextiles between Venus and Mars helps us be kind under stress and adds an ambient romantic streak. But attitude and misunderstandings can thicken like a fog, making it easier to project upon one another and miss the facts. We need to assume there’s more going on than meets the eye, and that emotional undercurrents are more responsible for what’s going on that facts or logic.

 Where we pass the test, where we learn to really listen for what the other is really saying and so learn to work with each other in unexpected ways, we strengthen our relationships rather than leave them frayed.

But this is a trick that may need some courage. With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and Mars in self-protective Cancer, our suspicious side comes out. We get hammered with lessons about our defenses, those actions which can temporarily make us feel safer, but end up causing the very thing we’re trying to avoid.

For the next few weeks this lesson is exacerbated by suspicious misinformation or misunderstanding cause troubles from national policy to family. We our relationships may be tested, or we may be tempted to test others, or withhold and make them work for warmth, but this is counterproductive. This suspicion and tendency to focus on suspicions instead of looking for the facts could really cause a problem in international politics and flare up the drumbeat for war. All of us need to stay cool and verify our facts.

On a more positive note, Mercury retrograde does helps us wrestle with unfinished business, but often brings delays that may have a serendipitous effect. It’s time to find missing things, people, papers, or get back to a long-term project we really care about. We visit with old friends and excavate the past, whether it’s in our closets, our psyches, or an archaeological dig. It can also precipitate a side agenda, a short story that temporarily interrupts the flow of our life. But sometimes, we just have to laugh at the slapstick or consider the day good for our karma if nothing else got done.

But when we look inwards this week, we may have unusual access to our spirituality and personal discipline. This is an excellent time for a personal spiritual retreat however formal or informal. But don’t interpret it as rejection if a beloved does this unconsciously; they’re not backing off the relationship, they are reconnecting with themselves.

Early next week we get a new groove going as Venus sextiles Mars and Mercury sweet-talks them. Be physical, work out the recent frustration in the body. Move furniture. Work out, run, but just watch a tendency to run away from problems; make it a temporary break instead. A new curiosity opens our minds; our differences can be come more attractive and less annoying as we grow curious about the foreign. Make temporary decisions now and revise after Mercury turns direct.

The end of the week is ambitious and efficient, if difficult; depression whispers where we feel frustrated in our goals. We want to matter, and we want to have an effect as the Sun trines Pluto. We’re ready to deal with bigger issues, but need to feel relevant. Long-standing differences can clutter the path, but are easier to deal with if we remember we’re clearing the way for the future. Focus on the shared goals and not on the personal politics.

Friday Oct 12 may feel more like a Friday the 13th, edgy and fluctuating luck.  As the Moon Scorpio Moon. Conflicting needs or feeling scan hold us still, like horses pulling in opposite directions, it works best to go with the flow, rest and center, putter and wander.  Relatively friendly but people resists being pushed, and tend to hear criticism where there isn’t any. But this delicate sensitivity as the sun trine Neptune, we sensitive to impression but need stay really interesting in the truth. Curiosity grows a mystery or a safe time in private tonight; don’t try to pry people out of their shells.

Saturday, Oct 13 a minor, fast moving semi-square between Sun and Saturn can throw temporary monkey wrench in our plans, last minute delays, or everything may take longer than expects. Strange structural difficulties can crop up, so build on solid ground. Insecurity make us prickly, as if we have to prove ourselves, or ask others to prove how they feel, unless we see through this illusion as Venus conjunct Saturn. We need our beloveds to be absolutely trustworthy. An intense but subdued evening that’s easier around familiar places and old friends.


Sunday, Oct 14 some emotional clog breaks, the energy is unsettled as it begins to move. Watch a desire to spout off or run away, but do take a break and commune with the natural world under the Sagittarius Moon.  Keep a light touch; don’t put frustration between each other. Restless, move the furniture, we can finally laugh about a former serious event.


Monday, Oct 15 is impatient but cheerful, try to clear up past work, review before proceeding. Keep an eye out for a temporary agenda or short-term projects that takes precedent for the next few weeks, it only looks like a distraction. Spontaneous words tend to be sharp this morning, shift in plans mid afternoon can open up opportunities, or at least attitudes tonight, encourage a flirtatious humor.


Tuesday, Oct 16 opportunities to right old wrongs, correct old misunderstandings, and though new ones can still pile up. Venus sextiles Mars and feeds our cooperation and our capacity for sweetness, and turns up our desire for romance. Use an unusual flow of cooperation on a rather difficult week to build mutual enthusiasm towards shared goals. Deep feelings crowd around dinner as the Moon conjuncts Pluto; let them flow. We can speak about our feelings tonight as Mercury sextiles Venus, though the language may be poetic or cryptic.


Wednesday, Oct 17 time to get down to work, clear up old messes. Watch out for squirrelly ambition, check the motives of anyone pushing too hard. If we pace ourselves and work with the flow we can find practical solutions and get stuff done as Mercury trines Mars and the Moon enters pragmatic Capricorn. Watch out for confrontation mid-afternoon as the Moon opposes Mars, being right isn’t the only point. Be honesty but say nothing unforgivable. Klutziness abounds if rushed. Tonight, share about work and support one another’s plans.

Thursday, Oct 18, slow and steady makes the change; implement minor changes with gentleness, but watch an excess of ambition. We can understand something that was formerly confusing and create a good difference if we keep our heart open. Work is in the spotlight, we’ll tend to feel loved if our work is supported, and disrespected where it is not. Trust problems are not necessarily about us, but integrity is essential.

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