Starcodes horoscopes for week of October 10 – 16, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of October 10 – 16, 2008

by  Heather Roan Robbins

We want to make sense, and we want our politicians to do so too, but that’s not easy these days. We may not be stupid, but deep primal emotions are running close to the surface and can distort our thinking, pulling at us like a giant magnetic stream with Venus and Mars in Scorpio and Mercury retrograde in Libra. We may sound agreeable, but these primal emotions are strong enough run the show unless we become aware and work with them.  But they are so private we may not recognize our own motivations.

These strong feelings flood just below the conscious level; suspicion and hope, musk and ambition, possessiveness or transcendent compassion that can break our hearts open. Look there when a person goes on the attack, or if someone’s words and actions don’t match. If they’re mean on the campaign trail or snippy at a business meeting, it may because they’re feeling upstaged and threatened and not because our idea was bad. We have to deal with both the explicit and implicit realities with tact; very few people will thank us for pointing this out.

Yes, our interior world, our hopes and fears, need room. But let’s watch how we people this inner world, whether we dream of a perfect candidate, lover or saving grace, or if we dive into our fears instead. Bodies have conversations of their own; people may seem less overtly friendly but be more attractive. An interest in secret (therefore supposedly non-invasive) connections vies with a suspicious, possessive streak to make relationships challenging if we don’t stay awake. If we’re looking to fulfill an unmet need, let’s identify it here and explore how to negotiate for it in the light.

Material sifts up from below, which can give us great dreams on a good day, but can literalize messily; pipes can back up or break open so check foundations for cracks or leaks. Expect missing items and people to turn up when least expected in strange, sometimes emotionally charged, flashes from the past. Real anger simmers where trust has felt betrayed, whether national trust or personal. Expect the muck-raking to peak in the Political campaigns, it may mud from our darkest corners or just pure fiction; check sources carefully and question the motives of any such attack.

Because they are so active this week, we can learn a lot about those secret, usually hidden, currents of human motivation. This week is rich in information for those who want to look at what’s really going on behind world events. Even though most manipulative actions are trumped up primal urges– and not really a part of a grand conspiracy– don’t take observations at face value, it’s a pretty windy path from motive to method. Some actions will seem as contrary (and as productive) as a kid who’s meanest to the person they have a crush upon, just to protect their vulnerability,  and we all have to watch that we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot  as we try to defend ourselves.

We can learn a lot from this deep undercurrent, it is a great time for a personal retreat for those who want to know themselves even in their darker corners. This interior world can be an incredible source of inspiration and connection if we peer deep enough and listen to its wild voice, but don’t necessarily let it run the show.  When all this interior work gets tiring, it can help to obsess on something objective; a detailed project or creative outlet can give our souls a rest.

As the weekend begins, watch for attitude, accidents, or attacks of retribution while Mars challenges Pluto.  Just watch the muck fly. Leave friends alone if their tail twitches, it probably isn’t personal. If moods swing, let emotions wash through but don’t believe the story line; the feelings may be authentic but the reasoning behind them pure justification. The weekend feels unusually vulnerable, we feel it both financially and emotionally, and are usually appreciative  for anyone who helps us feel connected and safe, or anyone willing to go exploring in the soul with us.

Slow down mid-week; move and speak with care while Mercury turns direct under some pretty volatile aspects, mistakes will be made but we can keep them small. Play it safe, move slowly and thoughtfully.  Listen for new evidence suddenly unearthed. When in doubt, say less. Rest up now, as momentum builds soon for the action-packed weeks ahead.

Friday, Oct 10 morning is vague and confusing, much gets started and little finished, but listen for social consciousness and conversation. Watch for technical and logistical problems this afternoon, move carefully under accidental conditions. Stress can fray our edges, but anything that helps us feel free and individualistic renews us. Tonight, emotions flow quickly, people read vibes more than words.

Saturday, Oct 11 we may feel overwhelmed and need privacy, care, or sympathetic company. Don’t push beloveds. Sensitive and impressionable with a cynical undercoating, we do not want to be disappointed; give us a reason to hope but don’t make promises that cannot be kept. Intuitive, easily lost in imagination tonight, notice the fine line between illusion and vision.

Sunday, Oct 12, morning is unsettled, new input can change our way of thinking (but don’t ask us to admit it) or just make us irritable as the Sun quincunx Uranus.  We’re proud to be different, but may express it passively or passive aggressively. Emotional overflow midday; forgive interpersonal awkwardness tonight, we all need quiet acceptance and few demands.

Monday, Oct 13 is all about individual self-expression as the Moon enters pugnacious Aries; we may push others away unless our stage is large enough.  Excitement and spontaneity renews, but others may be less flexible; expect retribution if plans are changed at the last minute. Anger comes out easier than joy but any feeling can spike and spark a fire. Cloudy expression mid-afternoon, align words with intention; doing our own thing is essential tonight.

Tuesday, Oct 14 brings an adolescence-inducing Full Moon worth howling under. The subconscious and creative muse act out as the Sun trines Neptune; let’s run with the tides but watch what we trip over. The Aries impatience clashes with a stationary Mercury and can leave us spinning our wheels; decisions made may be thwarted, or really, really bad; so keep them to a minimum and think twice before taking action.

Wednesday, Oct 15 if we could only be quiet, hold still, nestle in bed with a good book or something cuddly under Taurus Moon as Mercury turns direct. Prioritize safety, nothing will seem to move forward today, might as well not bother typing up that report.  Possessive undercurrents and a sullen streak pollute the air wherever our buttons are pushed. We may need to speak our mind tonight as the Moon opposes Mars, but should winnow our truth from the chaff of a tough mood before we speak.

Thursday, Oct 14, the wind is at our backs, but there are many loose threads and misunderstandings to straighten out before we set sail. Morning brings a generous mood; gratitude gets us farther than manipulation.  Make positive adjustments midday, but don’t push the rules or people’s resistance. Nurture one another tonight and prepare for the busy weeks ahead.

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