Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 9 – 15, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 9 – 15, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins


It’s easy to obsess on our problems, not the solutions as the weekend begins with a brooding and intense New Moon in Scorpio. But if we stay proactive and decide what we want to focus upon, we can use this intensity well.


Just as the autumn leaves release and compost next year’s growth, this Scorpio Moon asks us to release, compost and create room for fertile new beginning in our lives. Some mourning maybe appropriate, we become aware of what’s already lost or needs to be cut away as we say goodbye to warm weather and release our own dead leaves.   But we don’t have to be extremists and throw out the baby with the bathwater; we can cut out pecan pies, not food, or cut out a behavior, not a person.  


Watch a strong desire to retaliate; backlash may become a major political force. Better to use the Scorpionic curiosity to investigate the unknown roots of a problem. Trust issues can be a real stumbling block unless we are careful not to generalize suspiciously, and really ask our selves to stay in the moment, and examine evidence with an open mind. Loved ones may be brood or be unusually stubborn, entrenched and distracted, as much is going on in our unconscious.


Sunday and Monday far away places call our names as the Sun squares, and Venus sesqui-squares, imaginative Neptune.  We may daydream about a moment in the sun, on the water, or some place or person we once loved.  We just need to know when we’re dreaming and when we need to pierce through the veil of illusion. It helps to take time off, feed the soul’s need for magic, spirit and a moment away from gritty reality, or the mind may take it anyway at a less convenient time.  


If, during these Neptunian aspects, we’re presented with far-out ideas, let’s not dismiss them out of hand nor agree to what may be completely unrealistic. Instead, listen for the kernel of truth in the dream, and wonder how it can be grounded in the fertile loam of practicality. Pay extra attention to water and the potential for water damage; too much here, too little there. Spills or splashes, floods or droughts draw our attention to things that flow.  Painting is lovely, but put down a drop cloth.


People start playing their cards close to the chest as Mercury enters Scorpio on Sunday; Mercury in Scorpio deepens thinking, but also can make us more private, curious, and suspicious. We want to investigate but not be investigated; we grow curious about people’s motives and wonder what they’re really planning. Don’t worry, most of us need privacy to collect ourselves rather than for some nefarious purpose.


Early next week the energy is cheerful with a quick impatient wit and occasional flashes of temper that can spark a blowout if we fan the flames, but will blow quickly over if we take a few private minutes to process, not obsess. It’s a good time to make new contacts, run errands or spend time with children, animals, board of directors; anything that needs fast thinking and a good sense of humor. Stay flexible about the agenda and make the most of the moment.


Our ambitious moods can brood towards the end of the week as Mars in Cancer retrogrades (through January 2008) opposed an organizing Capricorn Moon. Determined and reactive, conflicts easily arise wherever we think one person (or country) has to loose in order for other to win.  Pakistan and other locus of power struggles could hit a strategic crisis point. But we don’t have to get stuck in this dynamics. If we can make it a win-win situation, all horses move in the same direction and magic happens.


Be wary of a sudden determination to barrel through resistance. Question the motives, are we really seeking achievement, or is this an urge for power. Mars retrograde though January asks us to get conscious about uses and abuses of machismo: physicality, sexuality, ambition, our immune system and a country’s immune system, the military. Let’s direct this primal energy into an expressive, proactive determination for good for all sentient beings.   


Friday Nov 9 we look under the rocks to face some dark and musky shadow, whether it’s in our souls, our basement, or in the culture under a New Scorpio Moon at 4:02 pm MST.  We just have to watch how much, and why, we investigate others. Our investigations do bear fruit, but we could easily blow the results out of proportions, which can throw our moods for a loop. Forgive a sullen streak in others, it’s not personal. Tend any dark moods with care and love but don’t let them run the show. Expect a profound difference wherever we look within with a good heart, or throw ourselves into a project with complete focus. Evening is smoky, musky; approach-avoidance ambiguity with a dark sense of humor.


Saturday, Nov 10, moods shimmer like storm clouds scudding across a sunlit sky this morning. Intimacy and solitude are competing needs; no one wants to be light and social. Personal hunts are productive, whether for a good deal, a broken pipe, or a lost part of the soul. Moods lighten mid-afternoon, attitude or ideas shift as the Moon enter Sagittarius and Mercury challenge Uranus. Jangled communications need extra patience, and play it safe around electricity or mechanics. Get out of the cave tonight, but watch where rapier wit lands its point.


Sunday, Nov 11 we need to get lost in our own world, may not want to come out and play with others as Mercury heads back into Scorpio as the Sun squares Neptune. It helps to work side by side, take long walks together, share experience rather than try to talk it out.  We can make progress in our own little world. Find a good use for imagination so it doesn’t get carried away, assume any sudden idea might make a nice novel plot, but the facts need to be verified before action is taken. Watch where the coffee cup and other precarious liquids go.


Monday, Nov 12 brings shoot from the hip honesty, but not necessarily openness; and we have to add the tact. Look for diversionary tactics. Don’t force people out into the open, there’s a new need to listen to self first, others later.  Imagination is fertile and needs direction. Theories are nice, but are we thinking clearly; a Venus/Neptune challenge can make us project our fantasies or fears onto one another and make it hard to see the consequences of our actions.  We may sound grumpy but mean well this afternoon. Wanderlust, time outside or with the wild does wonders for the soul as the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Pay attention to new leads from far away. 


Tuesday, Nov 13 is time to work it; determination can make a Mack truck out of us all, if we get past an initial inertia. Don’t get in the way of a determined person unless they are destructive. Depression is often a sign that we don’t feel enough progress has been made, and is relieved by a moment to grouse, followed by constructive efforts and appreciation of the ground already covered.  People resist anything that feel like an assault to their power or security; reassure that fear, show results, and cooperation increases. An unsubtle, insensitive edge isn’t personal; we just have to tend to business first.  Our conscience and worries can nag us tonight, leak into dreams.


Wednesday, Nov 14 insipient confrontations come out into the open early, possible coup d’etat in the works, which may backfire. Be empowered and don’t try to take power away from others. Use this feisty determination wisely and make progress. This is a key time; stay involved in decisions as new strategy falls into place.  Personal lives may be temporarily subsumed, but we can use our friendly contacts to further the work at hand, and make friends of the people we meet in the line of work.


Thursday, Nov 15, negotiate carefully; balance urgent but temporary events with long-term goals. Short-term frustrations need to be handled with grace and patience. Long term goals begin a several month overhaul. Later in the day we can see the bigger picture as the Moon enters Aquarius, open to other’s opinions, and work more comfortably in a team. Check in with community-wide changes. Tonight, it helps to reconnect and share stories about the busy week.

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