Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 7 – 13, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 7 – 13, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Turn inwards, fill up, then get out there and change the world, these are the stars’ instructions for the week.  As the weekend begins we may be feeling over-exposed or over-extended, excited but drained by the recent national hoopla, or other larger scale events that pulled our attention outwards and distracted us from our personal work. It’s now time to catch up with ourselves emotionally and in a practical way; do personal laundry of all types. Attend to staff and family concerns and be of service. Let the antennae turn inwards for a few days, renew, then reassess the world and reposition for a busy next week.

Because we tend to be running an emotional deficit nearly as big as the national one, decisions we make now may not feel stable this week. People are easily excited but risk-adverse at the moment, and a little fried, even as the new sprigs of hope grow under the blanket of current economic blizzard conditions. We are astrologically pulled between these two extremes, as the Venus-Pluto conjunction rouses our melancholy and opens our heart, Saturn-Uranus opposition talks about the exciting but scary demands of change, while a Jupiter-Uranus sextile sings of beautiful possibilities. We need to listen to our intuitive hits but tune into the hope to balance a general ambient anxiety, because we see most clearly in the corridor balanced between these two poles.  Listen for possibilities, for healings and openings, and take care of one another.

Sunday, and early next week bring energy, guts and growth; we’re more ready to take a risk but can still be worried and reactive as the moon enters Aries as the Sun sextiles Jupiter and trines Uranus. We can think bigger now and begin to show interest in new possibilities. Look for new information about the formation of the in-coming government. Look all around for the practical results of this incipient hope, encourage innovative ideas but be ready to rebel in a pragmatic and even-keeled way against real problems.  But watch the tendency to over-extend again; pacing and timing matter, we have a whole year ahead to shift and change our world. Our emotions tend to express bigger than life early in the week, through both big love and big fits, so take these displays with a grain of salt. Watch for a sharp mean streak if someone feels cornered or if their political party lost; like a badly-thrown javelin, they may over-shoot the mark.

Mid-week something calls us out of our heads and into our hearts, some symbolic story in the news or triggered memory reminds us of how connected we are to one another and inspires us, a whisper of loss or potential of loss reminds us to value what we have. Compassion can be good business sense, and practical help can encourage our romance; we must take care of business and caretake love together as the Moon enters Taurus and Venus conjuncts Pluto. Art and form weave together, through sculpture, design, architecture, or just where we put the furniture.  Hope is woven throughout this bittersweet wave as Jupiter sextiles Uranus; feel the whisper of sudden and exciting new opportunity whispering in the winds and make the most of any break in routine or resistance. It is time to encourage, not force, change on all scales.

By the end of the week, nervous tension mumbles at us with discontent and uncertainly as the Sun squares Neptune and Mercury challenges Pluto. We become more aware of the work we need to do, that change is a process and not merely a decision; it takes time, patience, healing. Let the doubts grumble, pay attention to the weak spots that now need attention, but do not let these grumbles set the stage.

Friday, Nov 7 a certain delicate vulnerability can leave people tired or self-protective and parsimonious under the Pisces Moon. When in doubt, rest.  Help others feel safer and prioritize understanding rather than winning. Morning is delicate, conversation improves mid-day; be aware of scars needing healing tonight.

Saturday, Nov 8, change scene, change topic, move the furniture; find a gentle and personal way to allow a fresh mindset. Look at ongoing problems from a different perspective, let go of expectations as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus. Mid-afternoon setbacks need patience and determination as Moon opposes Saturn, evening is dreamy, but we can direct the dream.

Sunday, Nov 9 waves churn in the heart this morning as the Moon squares Venus and Pluto then enters Aries. Be creative with the discontent, look for the root causes. Rather than blame, fix what can be fixed and leave the people alone. Express love by accepting their independence and preoccupation.

Monday, Nov 10 is inventive, questioning, seed future changes and take action which brings practical improvement as the Sun trines Uranus, but don’t jump to conclusions in the emotional landscape. Late afternoon generosity, easily irritated dinnertime opens to an eccentric evening.

Tuesday, Nov 11 find creative use of limited resources as the Sun sextiles Saturn. Practical matters progress, but deeper issue may haunt our hearts. We’re all too aware of the potential or the consequences of loss of love or stuff, whatever we hold dear as the Moon enters Taurus and Venus perfects a conjunction with Pluto.

Wednesday, Nov 12 early depression can fund steady progress; Venus enters Capricorn and helps us follow through on tough decisions that require discipline, if we can focus. But our brain tends to go one way, emotional instincts another. The ambiance is opinionated with little leverage available, don’t try to manipulate, just get stuff done under a Full Taurus Moon. Feel the sensual but stubborn and possessive pulse.  Look for potential breakthroughs or technical progress later as Jupiter sextiles Uranus.

Thursday, Nov 13 an edginess encroaches as some uncertainty or potential deception obfuscates our steps as the Sun squares Neptune. Use the fog for creative visioning rather than believe the worries, but watch what happens in the fog.

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