Starcodes horoscopes for week of Nov. 30 – Dec. 6, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of Nov. 30 – Dec. 6, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

We won’t hold back this productive, potentially outspoken week as Mercury joins the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in generous and freedom-loving Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the champion of freedom of speech; it is also low on impulse control. We have to add the tact.

Underneath the lovely seasonal sociability is an opportunity to look at our lives with a more objective, philosophical view; we may wonder if we’re following our heart’s desire or doing what we really need to be doing as Jupiter semi-squares Chiron. Let this be a meditation throughout the holiday season but take corrective action in the New Year.

To help us finish this year’s work, Mars in Cancer retrogrades back to sextile Saturn and encourages a burst of productivity. It helps us restructure or organize and gives us endurance in an otherwise impatient time. We can clip through our schedule early in the week, but delays towards the end of the week may prove fortunate, so look for a silver lining if the time-schedule goes awry.

This weekend we get hungry for new ideas and exotic experiences, want to explore a new neighborhood or new ideas. Go ahead express a long-suppressed critical thought, but do so with an open heart and disarming frankness as the Moon’s in edgy, sometimes defensive Virgo. Our minds speed up and it may be hard to get enough sleep, but rest will keep our health steady.

Artistic Venus in friendly Libra sextiles expansive Jupiter, encourages homemade art projects and a sociable, generous vibe. It helps us engage season’s abundance and see beauty even in corny decorations and handmade artifacts.

Early next week the milieu is busy, sociable and philosophically romantic, rather than truly intimate. Even a scrooge may want to do something nice, though it’s easier to be nice to a stranger than to an irritating friend. Our humanitarian urge is strong as Venus sextiles Pluto, we may cry easily or some event plucks our heartstrings and brings our priorities to a more emotionally authentic place.

Take care of people business, meet and greet early in the week, because midweek the Sagittarian urge for truth gets edgy, and can even get brutal as both the Moon and Venus enter Scorpio. The Sagittarian lack of impulse control can become a problem; redirect obsessive behavior and go shopping with a clear budget cut off. Go ahead and be clear, but if someone starts a sentence with “Frankly..”, run. This penetrating insightfulness can be helpful, it loans us great diagnostic skills and helps us get to the heart of the matter if we keep our hearts involved. Relationships can get intense, but potentially out-of-synch as we’re naturally individuated and truly eccentric, and so less cooperative, as Venus sesqui-squares Uranus.

For the next few weeks Venus in Scorpio turns up the volume on both our needs for solitude, and paradoxically, our needs for intense connection; it wakes up a musky undercurrent as it cools out our sociable butterfly. We need to keep our lines of connection clear, or our more obsessive–territorial streak can get in the way. With Mercury in Sagittarius square Saturn, the conversation is profound, but may not touch our deepest feelings. For those, feel our touch and watch our actions. Above all, be kind.

Friday, Nov 30 begins friendly if melodramatic as the Leo Moon trine Jupiter; emotions exaggerate to make sure they’re honored. If there’s a communication glitch mid-morning while the Moon squares Mercury, let them speak first. Afternoon we mature quickly; we may feel old and creaky as we accept some responsibility or difficult reality as the Moon enters Virgo and the Sun squares Saturn. It’s time to step up to the plate. Subdued and thoughtful evening, but we can choose not to be easily irritated, and instead look for what’s fascinating about our present company.

Saturday, Dec 1, after a creaky start earlier this morning, the vibe is outspoken, tactless, with an international flavor as Mercury enters busy, versatile Sagittarius. The energy is nervous and excitable, but we can turn philosophical debates into an exploration. Watch a tendency to get critical if anxious, gratitude is more fun. Check in with one another and adjust plans tonight; Moon opposes Uranus and spontaneity calls.

Sunday, Dec 2 sociable Venus sextile Jupiter and makes it tempting to while the day away in luxury or throw a magnificent brunch; the plans just keep getting bigger, even if we’re in a thoughtful mood. Sharing where we trust, warm-hearted, healing interactions. We respect reserve, but not stinginess. Later conversations deepen, work through worries of lack or loss as the Moon squares Pluto.

Monday, Dec 3 opens horizons and brings great ideas but a temporarily passive approach; use the pause to mediate and make sure everyone is on the same page. Give clean feedback without an edge, kind honesty with hopeful intentions. Important design or esthetic decisions ripen. Our hearts are pried open as Venus sextiles Pluto; some do so gracefully, others run into a ghost of Christmas past. Edgy dinner easily softens with real warmth. Sharp edges at dinner easily fade with real warmth.

Tuesday, Dec 4 is oddly disjointed; don’t worry if things don’t go as planned. Timing and pacing matter; follow though on unfinished business and unreturned calls, but don’t over extend. Creative meetings midday, enjoy lunch. Minor delays may prove helpful later as Moon challenges Mercury and Saturn. Keep evening low key, undemanding socializing. Don’t take discontent personally.

Wednesday, Dec 5 we need a break from holiday cheer, want too look on the dark side, explore unconventional ideas as Venus sesqui-squares Uranus. Don’t trust last-minute rethinking of earlier creative plans or romantic feelings, artistic rebellion is reactive rather than creative. It’s easy to cop an attitude; moods grow more volatile, pugnacious, less sociable, and far less cooperative as Venus and Moon enter intense Scorpio; put this focus someplace constructive. Longing of the soul can bring a love-hate relationship with connection, solitude and independence; don’t push people away, just set clear boundaries.

Thursday, Dec 6 is focused, snappy and potentially ruthless. We just don’t want to play anymore; humor sharpens or gets easily lost. Adding brutality to the honesty is tempting as a Mercury-Saturn square asks us to get serious and commit, just as a Sun-Uranus square itches for change. Commitment for change we can make. Just leave out the small talk. If they don’t understand the first explanation, a fight will be useless; talk again tomorrow. Use this concentrated ability or finished short projects. Transportation may take more work than necessary move thoughtfully through the world.

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