Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 23 – 29, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 23 – 29, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Thanksgiving began the generous, adventurous and outspoken season of the Sun in Sagittarius. Let’s tap into the Sagittarian attitude of gratitude in the busy month ahead, though it can be a reach when we’re feeling impatient, which is another Sagittarian characteristic. So is wanderlust, the Sagittarius desire to travel that fills our heads with vision of sugar plums dancing on a tropical beach.

Sagittarius is, most of all, outspoken; it encourages us to speak our truth clearly but without a charge. But it can spill into foot-in-month disease; short-sighted tactlessness at the company party or family dinner.

This outspoken quality could refreshingly blow the dust out of our illusions. Political critique can hit the nail on the head; listen for refreshingly honest assessment of our current situation as some veil of illusion washes away. We do think of the effect of our words before we speak; it helps to be honest, but there’s no need to be brutal. To refer to a great Sagittarian-style myth, the family matriarch may be our emperor, but we don’t have to tell her she’s got no clothes on at a family dinner.

Because Mercury is still in secretive Scorpio, most information spills forth if we’re curious but don’t pry. After a lazy Friday, conversation scintillates this weekend as the Moon heads into talkative Gemini. Though our concentration factor may be low, brilliant ideas and shocking truths of all types surface, but we need to be humble about what they really mean under a confusing and magical square between Mercury and Neptune.

Mercury square Neptune which can interrupt communications. This aspect acts like a mini Mercury-retrograde and we can’t really see clearly. And because Mercury is still in secretive Scorpio, most information spills forth if we’re curious but don’t pry.

Mercury square Neptune is great to dream by the fire or to share stories late in the night, but it can interrupt communications with logistical difficulties or simple misdirection. Intuition can be strong, but our imagination can embroider the facts; we need to listen to, but carefully sort, our intuitive hits. Pragmatically, watch the effects of Neptunian liquids upon how we communicate or transport. Don’t drink and drive (or argue), and be careful when carrying a bowl of soup or tanker full of oil.

As Uranus turns direct on Sunday some transformation that began last spring, but was put on hold when Uranus retrograded June 24, now picks up speed, may it do so without an earthquake.

If tact is in short supply, warm feeling are not, though many people still need more solitude than normal while Mercury is still in Scorpio. We can reach into the good will of Venus in Libra and diffuse the easily-ruffled feather of defensive Mars in Cancer. Venus trines Neptune next week to promote the good side of magic and creative process; let’s find ways to dream together.

Midweek, we’re more outgoing, but still in a self-protective stance, even though we may feel an urgency to get our homework done, we need to also prioritize relationships and take care of tender feeling that may have opened up last week in the holiday bustle.

Friday, Nov 23 sensual and material under a Taurus Moon; pleasantly stubborn but with an early whiff of nostalgia or sadness for whatever’s missing. Midmorning communication glitches soften if we don’t jump the gun. Leftovers are delicious and shopping is greedy. Later out-of-sync moments just keep us for getting too attached to particular outcomes. An aimless quality later, it’s time to be off schedule.

Saturday, Nov 24 is talkative and scattered but with a strange karmic twist under a Full Gemini Moon (7:29 am MST). Heads up for a change in plans as Uranus turns direct. Keep plans simple, too many people make it hard to coordinate. Bubbling conversation but under confusing conditions as Mercury squares Neptune. True communication happens between the lines, consider avoiding purchasing electronics and confirm all incoming information. It’s a wonderful day to write fiction, just think twice before believing fiction as fact. Talk late into the night, listen for information revealed and confirm later.

Sunday Nov 25 drive carefully and leave early, watch the weather and check fluid levels in the car, take the pressure off the logistic to enjoy sociable conversation and camaraderie. Follow up on new contacts as the Gemini Moon trines Venus in Libra. Tonight can feel over filled with people, food experience, and need lighter fare as the Moon opposes Jupiter. Reentry to daily life needs patience. It feels good to be home tonight.

Monday, Nov 26 tend to the heart and soul before jumping into business; it may be hard to get back in the groove as a nostalgic and beautiful Venus-Neptune trine brings in that dreamy, imaginative note, a longing for more harmony and beauty. Engage their imagination and proceed. Cranky, defensive evening, we may want to change things in the home as Moon enters Cancer, conjuncts Mars and trines Uranus. But others easily read discontent as criticism, so use a light touch and care for the crankiness underneath.

Tuesday, Nov 27 take the ambient temperature, reassess positions this morning, and check what deciding factors have changed. Watch for an immature defensive backlash as some old wound or imagined insult inflames as Mars challenges Chiron. Hear the pain underneath rather than respond to an attack. Talk it out tonight, express hidden feelings, or share a camaraderie that communicates below words as the Moon trines Mercury.

Wednesday, Nov 28 generosity is easy towards people who are far away; it’s easy to overspend under this Leo Moon. Generally expressive, even festive atmosphere, plans grow as appreciation puts people in an open mood. We all may want to help others, so let’s not waste energy in ego clash as to how to proceed. Tonight is efficient if impulsive, easily irritated, slow down to find common denominators as Mercury sesqui-squares Mars. Avoid mechanical breakdowns.

Thursday, Nov 29 strong emotions waft through, flavored by memories from the past as Venus semi-squares Saturn. Utility supersedes beauty, duty over affection, unless we can make it both, and make the most of the work at hand rather than resenting the intrusion on our fun. Be kind around sadness or need for emotional acceptance this afternoon. Tonight, don’t worry about being understood, but about understanding as the Moon opposes Neptune.

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