Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 21 – 27, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 21 – 27, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Happy Thanksgiving! I give thanks that you read Starcodes and find it useful.

Put in a hard day’s work on Friday as Scorpio Sun-Virgo Moon asks us to follow through on the work in progress, finalize projects and make work-related overtures. Renew connections this weekend, make early next week count with a burst of efficient activity and a fresh perspective, then kick back over potentially funny and frank Thanksgiving Holiday.

A wonderful bipartisan aspect, Jupiter trine Saturn, affects us all month and peaks this week. This is very helpful politically as it encourages all sides to work together, but it is not just political. We can see unusually good relations between the Jupiterian principles in ourselves, the facets of us that want to expand, spend, grow, hope, generously care for one another but can overdo it all, and our Saturnine self which is more conservative, traditional, believes in discipline and backbone, control and personal responsibility but can get stuck in the past or in fear. Like a tree held steady by guy wires pulling on either side, we find our selves, and our society, strongest in a storm when these two principles pull on us equally and find a place of balance and mutual respect. This good relation between Jupiter and Saturn is auspicious for a real and substantial bi-partisan cooperation around the problems we face in this country, and it is auspicious in the chart of the incipient presidential administration. But we can all use it to take a real stock of our life and figure out how to take a more disciplined approach to new opportunity. A new hopefulness and playfulness can grow restless with conditions as they are and help us shift into a more productive response, but we have to decide to take action.

This is not a time to stand on ceremony or assume safety based on passed accomplishment, but to be helpful and flexible, solution-oriented and willing to speak out. Even if our ideas are not taken up, they will add fodder for the process; they are useful and will be appreciated. This is a good time to be ready with a résumé if job hunting; propose ideas at the interview. Because we are easily distracted from our personal issues by our work at hand, let’s cut one another slack on the personal realm and share love by encouraging one another‘s efforts.

Friday is a hands-on, all hands on deck time; we need efficiency and thoroughness and flexibility. Stay responsive and involved and be part of future decisions. It is a good time for surgery or other complicated detailed work.

The energy shifts to a much more sociable, people-oriented vibe after a very busy week as the Sun enters Sagittarius on Saturday and Mercury enters Sagittarius on Sunday under a friendly Libra Moon.  We need to unwind and renew the human element of our life, get to know one another so we can work better together in the future. Nourish new contacts now, as we will really need our networks in the months to come. Any charitable act is a great way to build community; help others and we have help when we need it.

With Sun, Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius, our mental focus shifts to a curious, scattered, far-reaching and potentially hopeful, if easily distracted, attitude. Our thinking expands, grows more open and eclectic, which is great for picking up new languages or metaphors, great for bridging cultural gaps, but these planets run a lot of voltage and can tempt us to juggle so many thoughts and concerns at the same time that we loose our place. This line-up in Sagittarius is direct but undiplomatic. Political leaks increase as people just have to talk. Humor helps, but some awkward half-truth can come out as a joke and hurt feelings; prioritize kindness before funny, even when on the run.

As the Sun and Mercury enter Sagittarius they approach a conjunction to assertive, active-oriented Mars, an aspect which peaks early in December; this is a competitive and heroic can-do couple of weeks, but these aspects can make us so impatient we can get depressed by bureaucratic details or anything that feels constraining. It’s great for football games, international scrimmages, trouncing pirates or engaging in freedom fights. Tempers are generally good until they are not, then can get physical very quickly but blow over soon after they erupt.  Dogs make a dash for an open door and return hours later with tails flying, reveling in their moment of freedom.

Expect brisk business with no nonsense early in the week, if we can concentrate on what we’re doing we can bring swift conclusion to projects that have been dawdling along. Travel is swift, people impatient midweek; we just need to keep our eye out for accidents of inattention. We’re funny, patient with kids and animals, but not with delays, so avoid travel bottlenecks of possible, go at odd times or make spontaneous plans closer to home.

Expect Thanksgiving to be funny, forthright, improvisational versus traditional; stay with people who appreciate honesty. The dynamics are different this time, notice the changes, respect the new generations picking up the ball and appreciate the spontaneous opportunities. Let this day bring our minds to all that makes us grateful as Sun, Moon and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius.

Friday, Nov 21 concern and critical thinking sifts possibilities as we wrestle with hard realities under a nervy but solution-oriented Virgo Moon. Detailed work furthers towards short-term goals. Listen for national news, and be ready to make a healthy personal decision as the Sun enters Sagittarius while Jupiter trines Saturn later in the day. Serious concerns early prompts unusual collaborations midday, evening can bring hopeful and intelligent conversation.

Saturday, Nov 22 bantering can break recent ice; friendly with competitive undertones. We resist structure or chore lists but can throw our elves into some improvement project that sparks our interests. It feels good to move today, though we may still hold a grudge or be fixed on some recent problem; walk, ski or dance with ones we love rather than try to talk it out. Look for arts and community together for a good cause tonight.

Sunday, Nov 23 an eclectic, scattered, curious if disjointed day; enjoy life’s smorgasbord. Take a walk if possible; get outside as Mercury enters Sagittarius. Let the conversation roam; everyone needs a voice and may be unusually forthright and philosophical. Farsighted: we may want to talk to strangers, explore the unfamiliar, but may not notice what’s happening close to home.

Monday, Nov 24 enough with the friendly weekend, now ask what to with a new, sharper-edged insight this morning. It is an excellent time for healthy surgery or other tough personal decisions. We are ready to let go of what is not needed, but watch for a retaliatory kickback, make not hasty opinions or actions. Some people in authority may be looking for a whipping person or scapegoat if they are not wise souls; avoid those who’s tails are twitching, watch out for mechanical difficulties around force, collisions, or conflicting friction later in the day. Take frustration out on the wood pile or in the gym and make it constructive, and get the decks cleared for the holiday as the Moon enters Scorpio while Mars semi-squares Jupiter,

Tuesday, Nov 25 say it like it is, just make sure the audience is ready to listen if a real change is desired. Give others a place to speak their piece or they will take it anyway as the Sun conjoins mercury. What we need to say may be only part of the picture, but we need to spit it out, at least be honest with ourselves. Afternoon, let it go and feel the shift towards solutions, be honest about the positive as well as the criticism; ah, go on, give them a hug. Just do not be territorial or proprietary about beloveds; we love those who give us room to grow.

Wednesday, Nov 26 marks a transition, a major turning point as Pluto enters Capricorn until 2024.  Look for evidence of the bigger changes to come on the global level. Personally, it’s a good travel day because we’re so not interested in details or old projects as the Moon joins the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius. We need a break, a change of scene, movement out of the ordinary, the general vibe will have a pretty good sense of humor about the usual travel trials, but very little patience with delays. Find the humor in the odd corners and make it an adventure.

Thursday, Nov 27 a New Moon in Sagittarius is perfect for giving thanks though the outspoken quality can make for wild family dynamics. Secrets are revealed and running children spill beets on the white table cloth; keep humor close by and be prepared to be teased. If granny thinks someone’s gained weight or has bad hair, she will probably tell them in no uncertain terms, but with love. Opinions fly though they are less deeply entrenched. Be kind to those who are uncomfortable with change as Uranus turns direct today; help them feel loved and hopeful anyway. Watch for honesty that becomes belligerent tonight, take a walk if needed.

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