Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 2 – 8, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 2 – 8, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

This first weekend in November asks us to clear the decks and get back on track. Catch up with people on our team, have long talks with beloveds and find out what’s been going on with them for the last few weeks.   If we chew over recent evens we ferment a dew understanding, which will facilitate our next steps.


For many people a side agenda, has occupied a lot of time and mental space over the lest few weeks, it is now time to punctuate that process, and get g3t back on track with ongoing work. Straighten out any lingering misunderstandings and clear the flotsam. Most of us will have an easier time that San Diego County in this, but we may have had our own fires to put out. Changed to encounter or projects to engage.


Privacy is necessary, because we’re more internally aware than usual we don’t want to be poked and need a very light touch with criticism, could use extra encouragement, if it is honest. But we can smell falsity a mile away. Most people are unusually aware of energy right now, and will tend to read our attitude and inner thoughts rather than listen to the words, so they can tell when there is a discrepancy. Don’t say the dress is pretty unless we mean it. But we can direct our thoughts to the once nice part, – the neckline is nice, don’t focus on the hideous color.


Its time to heal aches and pains, broken object or broken lines of communications as the Sun squares Chiron Nov 2-3. – It’s a good time to mend connections but not push people of our comfort zones wait until the end of the month to propose radical ideas. Venus is in Virgo and Mars in Cancer- the two emotional planets in introspective, and domestic or private signs, asking us to work on our private lives and intimate relations, get the next in order and our personal homework done. People these first few weeks of November- tend to be self protective, an, yet nurturing if they feel safe enough, arm, self responsible but more introverted and hopefully introspective, than normal, its time to get stuff done.


 Nov 4-5 is a fix-it time. Mend repair, reorder, retrain and get on with life. The Sun trines mars which give us oomph, motivates us to action, but can make us a bit snaky with impatience unless we remember that peoples feeling not only matter more than our specific outcomes, consideration to our fell o humans actually creates a more efficient environment to speed our process. As both the Sun and Venus for challenging in aspects to Pluto.  Some deeper issues arise about our worth or purpose.  Loneliness can creep in, asking us to prioritize our human connections, or whiff of futility, as if there is just too much to do, are we which helps us check in, are we on track and if not, what can w e do about it. It s important to use this urge to look inwards, there’s a strong tendency to hold others accountable, witch is helpful if we really are talking about responsibility and are not trying to make them feel bad so we can feel good.


Deep feelings, which may or may not find their way in to words, we may show our emotions by helping others, or try not to be helpful, with Venus in Virgo square Pluto. , But sometimes they won’t want the help, or will only see it as a criticism. So it will take a careful assessment as to what is actually needed. Or we waste our energy and money, and annoy others. This goes for large-scale political or charitable actions as well as simple help around the house. 


Nov 6-7 create difference; a window of good feeling and willingness to see the difference helps us instigate small changes that ease the way. Its not time to drop the project and begin a new one, but is time to fine tune the won we’re in. accessorize our life, stir the pot and seed ideas that will grow and blossom in the futures Mercury sextile Pluto, a we’re thinking deeper, and don’t want a superficial answer.  A loss, real or imagined, on our lives or one that haunts the collective consciousness.  Can make our hearts h=ache. We have good feeling, and it personalities into facts that will win the day, bit we want the facts back up our decisions.


Nov 8 – 9 s emotionally brooding, puts pressure on our relationships – Venus in Libra turns up our emotional expectations, improves our creative eye. We long for beauty and kindness, fairness and romance, though we’re less physical and more conceptual about what that means. – Just as a new moon in Scorpio tend to push people away, increases our need for solitude for many introverts it sis becomes a palpable need.  Can cop an attitude. Tough and cynical can be amusing, but only appears less vulnerable.


Our primal needs are exacerbated by this aspect, it is clear what we need and what we don’t/ Relationships can find words a little rocky- different messages in the word sand in the body language, it may help to just shut up and hold one another.


Friday, Nov 2 stubborn, with a tendency to enlarge our problems to get our point across. Fogy but potentially optimistic morning as the Moon opposes Neptune and trines enthusiastic Jupiter.  Good news. Lots of information pours in after mercury turned direct last night, but mush of it is distorted by hyperbole or emotional embroidery. And an urgency to be understood, or to be right. If only we felt as urgent to understand their perspective as well. , Cut everyone some creative leeway; don't feel like everything needs to be said at once. Tonight, relief, and some acting out, offer attention tonight and ask for understanding tomorrow.


Saturday, Nov 3 Moon enters industrious Virgo for a busy weekend straightening out and healing the local woes. Try to fix problems and misconception, to fix one another, Healing is more subtle, not an act of will, but an act of wholeness.  Battening the hatches for winter. Keep an eye on the big picture and let go of the details, let each person find their own way to solve the problem. Seriousness, even humorlessness around dinner, maybe times to make a commitment as the Moon conjunct Saturn.  Good evening for working collaborations. Social strategies, or some serious healing downtime. Don’t overanalyze when overextended.


Sunday, Nov 4 an industrious, action-oriented Sun trines Mars, recent irritations can turn into action plans, d3ecisions clarify, just don’t let it be too hasty. As the problem is probably more complicated than it looks, and needs a subtle, multifaceted approach to actually change. C compassion takes more time but is more effective, though compassion may mean a does of tough love, of clear limits set, clear expectations, just avoid recriminations or power plays this afternoon as the sun semi-squares Pluto.  Faultfinding in the media is more power broking than sincerer solution –seeking, don’t make the same mistake.   A good time to share self- analysis, and ask for others to share their s. tonight, take a deep breath, shake off the past and prepare for a busy productive week ahead.


Monday, Nov 5 productive with emotional crises currents, the Virgo Moon conjunct Venus then heads into Libra, Helpful but our feelings many be easily hurt- a little to delicate for a Monday morning.  Be proactive but kind and get cooperation. Share affection. A good time to make design choices, our eyes re unusually sharp, our need for beauty unusually strong. Ideas are well received if they express balance and organization, if they seem fair and efficient. Emotional undertow increases later, as Venus square Pluto. Some symbolic loss of beauty or innocence, hits the headlines, our hearts may long for more contacts, feel lonely in a crowd or even with a beloved, it is a soul longing, better net in spiritual proactive than in ordinary human relationships, our beloveds are not lacking that much. , It can translate into jealousy, or obsession if we think other humans are the answer.


Tuesday, Nov 6 it’s all so complex., but we can clear up one uncertainty at a time. Good will mixes with a tendency to dwell on the problem, feed the good will and forgive the crankiness, its not really personal under this Libra Moon.   Listen to the subtleties in the soul, the crankiness covers more complex mixed feelings. We want to feel relaxed and reassured at home, warm consideration today will set a good tone for the next few days.  An effort to avoid a conflict may backfire late afternoon as the Moon squares Mars, calm honesty works best. Keep it slow and easy and accident free tonight.


Wednesday, Nov 7 changes instigated based on analysis of recent problems as the waning Sun trines Uranus. We ask tough questions and can get excited about improving ideas, feel discontented with problems that have bugged us for a long time, but keep it objective, improve the situation, don’t try to improve the other person. Legal and relationship issues move towards resolution if we focus on a win-win situation, fairness equals stability.


Thursday, Nov 8 focused intensity can make our moods a laser knife, do not cut unnecessarily. Use it wisely. Jealousy or possessiveness can tweak us, unless we become more profoundly curious. Avoid an urge to create a diversionary drama, we need to be honest with ourselves if not open with one another, the emotional torque maybe way out of line with problem at hand, stay in the present. An objective focus can be an emotional relief.

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