Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 16 – 22, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 16 – 22, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

A healthy whole is made up of healthy components. But this week we’ll tend to feel those components wrestle with the whole. We explore the illusion that the needs of the individual must suffer for the sake of the whole, as well as the illusion the whole must suffer for the sake of the individual. Whether we feel pulled between our needs and that of our partnership, family or work team, or feel the conflict of one country’s needs over another’s, or one species over our economy; it’s a philosophical wrestle as the weekend begins, becomes less heady and more in the heart early in the week and flares into action midweek. We are challenged to look deeper and find a way that’s good for all involved.

The weekend starts out with a thoughtful if serious Mercury–Saturn sextile that promotes real and deep conversations; it helps us finish up the week’s business and is great for conferences and political debate, but can make it hard to tell a joke and get a laugh. Tend group dynamics and save intimacy issues until Sunday.

Sunday and the beginning of the week can be low energy but more intimate; sensitive and receptive, and easily put upon under a Pisces Moon. Both the Scorpio Sun and Venus in romantic, egalitarian Libra, challenge Mars in Cancer, which intensifies our feelings and makes it easy to fight over what’s fair.

The is Venus-Mars square can intensified gender differences or emphasis where our emotional needs clash, which can make relationships tricky unless we can be generous of spirit and take turns caring for one another. The most romantic thing we could thing of may be to have a beloved who not only listens to our feelings, but does more than their share of the work; in some tangible way, care enough to make our lives easier.

These questions of fairness and justice haunt the press; we want to know everyone is pulling their weight and there’s equality under the law.

Communication can get convoluted as minor tough aspect between Mercury and Pluto on Tuesday sends our mind to our strangest corners and reveals some previously hidden Plutonian elements, a missing clue or tough discovery. It does inspire wit, but with a passive aggressive flavor which may not help the situation. Some of us will just need time alone. Instead of talking it out, it’s tempting to take action, make a preemptive strike unless we think through the consequences of our actions. It is a mysterious aspect, but the mystery solves quickly.

These tough questions intensify as the Moon heads into inflammable Aries midweek. Impatient, easily fed-up and defiantly proactive, everyone’s got a great idea and few want to cooperate. This is a revolutionary combination, points of tension, conflict and political hotspots could come to a boil.

Which triggers Mars in Cancer, and asks us to review how we negotiate for what we want and how we defend ourselves. Is it working for us, or are we creating the very thing we’re trying to avoid. Is our country really stopping terrorism, or is it increasing the very thing it’s trying to avoid.

Luckily, we don’t really want to fight right now; Venus is in peace-loving Libra, which may make us squirm even more under conflict but can help us find a more romantic, equitable and humane approach, the beauty way. It’s a good time to avoid unnecessary conflict and people that just plain irritate us, if our fighting streak simmers, it’s good to get out of there, walk it out, and get the first fire out of our bodies, and then go back with the Venusian wisdom to not just protest a situation, but to find a solution. Put this feistiness into a worthy challenge as Mercury trines Uranus an ingenious, experimental, radical aspect that craves invention and a change of scenery.

The Sun enters Sagittarius at the end of the week, and helps us turn this desire for change into action; we begin to look farther a field for the answers, and want to see what’s on the other side of the mountain.

Friday, Nov 16 work the group today and worry about intimacy later in the weekend. Sociable and collaborative morning, intelligent conversation and practical solutions, friendly but serious, and open minded but stubborn under pressure. Building, organizing, focuses on structure as mercury sextiles Saturn; ask provocative questions.

Saturday, Nov 17 morning is idealistic with fuzzy timing; keep schedule loose as an Aquarian Moon conjuncts Neptune. Differences can lock in later, agree to disagree for the moment but consider their options. Potential irritability around dinnertime smoothes under better priorities tonight.

Sunday, Nov 18 we play emotional catch-up as the Moon enters Pisces; everything hits us at once. We become aware of the emotional cost or gift of recent events. Let the feelings flow and do not attach too much importance to tear or laugh. Keep secrets, many people need to process aloud and to not mean everything said. A chance for hurtful comments or healing conversations (our choice) as Mercury squares Chiron tonight. If vulnerability shows, treat it like the gem it is.

Monday, Nov 19, keep expectations low and the heart open, if reserved; work through static from layers of emotional processing which may leak into places it doesn’t belong. If a coworker is distracted or sharp, it probably isn’t about us. Leave doors open but do not demand confidences. Sparky, musky reactions under a Hepburn–Tracy style Venus Mars squares. If arguments arise, look for way to meet all needs, rather than competing for who needs most; generosity of spirit heals. Because of emotional static, give people to the end of the week to come through before judging.

Tuesday, Nov 20 reeks with creative discontent. Don’t take the bait; pour fighting spirit into something constructive and keep it out of personal relationships. Competitive, active vibes with a tendency to rush and overdo, strain muscles and accomplish. Let any upsetting news galvanize towards a solution, but don’t make an emergency where there isn’t one just out of boredom. We may need to protest and put an end to something unreasonable, but let’s make sure it’s a worthy cause and not reflexive rebellion.

Wednesday, Nov 21 have patience; hold center through unsettled and stormy feelings as the Moon, Venus and Mars square off. Although it’s hard to win agreement, the shifting winds can help us make needed changes while Mercury trines experimental Uranus. Give others new a chance; most people are ready for change but need to see how it is not a contest of wills, and see how they will benefit.

Thursday, Nov 22 slowdown and concretize, give practical examples as the Moon enters Taurus. Plans manifest but a possessive territorial streak can complicate. Staff or scenery changes as the Sun enter Sagittarius and Venus challenges Uranus.

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