Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 14 – 20, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of November 14 – 20, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins
Change we can believe in: as Mercury trines the planet of change, the planet that apparently turns backwards and sideways compared to its siblings in the solar system, and sextiles both liberal Jupiter and conservative Saturn this week, we bring our Mercurial minds to how can we actually implement the change. Expect to see many ideas and names aired for the new administration; assume the wires are buzzing with proposals. We can hope to see more bi-partisan cooperation to handle specific problems, but won’t see the details or final form in this unsettled but potential filled week. This applies both to our national government, and to the changes ripening in our own life.

As for the world’s economy, it will ride a rollercoaster for the next year, not just the next few weeks. According to the planetary signals (year-long Saturn-Uranus opposition, with Pluto entering Capricorn for over a decade), we are not in a minor recession, but in a necessary revolution about how business and power are utilized.  Any attempt to hold on to the way we used to do business, including how we manufacture cars, will most likely backfire, and pour money down a sinkhole. The more we can stimulate business to evolve quickly into a new, more streamlined and efficient process to produce more streamlined and efficient products, and utilize a more egalitarian, team-oriented, workers’ involved and rewarded process, the more gracefully we move through this revolution. Look for light, flexible, forward-thinking models in one direction, and small, traditional culture-based craftsperson work in another.

Because Mercury is also square imaginative Neptune this week, we are ready to dream big, unhampered by the practical considerations that tell us it’s impossible. We may need to adjust the plans later as evidence pours in, but we need this time to dream fresh. This is auspicious in the charts of our new government and aids in a strong bi-partisan effort to find creative solutions, even if it’s all just in the mental planning stages. We can also get lost in our dream world and find we spent the day meandering in the back alleys of the mind and forgotten we were searching for a vision. It takes consciousness and determination to stay on track at the moment.

Let’s take this reminder that anything is possible and explore our own future, and ask where do we want to change? How can we, too, make this the planning stages of hope in our lives. How can we arrange our allies and put together our transition teams and make our own flexible four year plan. Find out who else is on a roll, and how can we dovetail our plans with theirs, as cooperation is key this year.

As the weekend begins the wires sing with a flurry of new voices, a need to communicate. Over the weekend we become less verbal and more action-oriented, the Moon in Cancer calls us inwards to take care of ourselves, our nest and our near ones, just as Mars calls us out to play as it enters Sagittarius. Mars in Sagittarius can improve our moods and encourages us to drop old wars; we may feel more hopeful and adventurous, more outspoken. Over the next six weeks, we can expect to see a fresh search for truth in public matters that have previously been obscured or glossed over; Mars is a warrior for truth, even if he sometimes missed the truth in subtlety.

We may be able to laugh more easily about big and scary issues than we can about the tender places close to home. Although direct teasing may not help, if we’re feeling uncertain our a person or issue in our personal life, it pays to drop residual resentment and find a more playful or open way to reconnect, then talk over the tough stuff.  Defenses only thicken and complicate the problem if poked directly.

Early next week, stubborn persistence helps our effort but can entrench an argument; don’t go there. Let people run on their tracks where they can, and let the momentum build. We have more influence if we notice and encourage what they’re doing right than if we offer opposition. As the determination level if high, if something is truly off-track we need to stop it now, but let’s not waste energy in micro-management or little personality clashes. Because we’re feeling a bit touchy on a personal level, it’s important to feed the coals of friendship and love, and not take them for granted under any circumstance.

Towards the end of the week new realities may begin to pinch our new ideas, requiring us to adjust our methods, but not to loose sight, of our goals. If key participants feel hesitant, reassure without pushing, slow down the process until the pressure evens out. It’s time to hammer out a few key details and figure out how to take the next step. If a critical voice returns, let it strengthen and hone good ideas rather than stunt their growth.

Friday, Nov 14 listen to the wires; important communications come through under the Gemini Moon. A problem clarifies early on, shocking changes or unsettled energies feed conversation near dinnertime. Interesting differences early evening as Moon squares Saturn can drift into pleasant dreams later as Moon trines Neptune.

Saturday, Nov 15 brings a tough morning, and a self-protective day. Let people progress at their own pace, demand no more than necessary, and let kindness show, as many carry secret concerns. See the warmth hiding underneath a cranky edge as the Moon opposes Pluto and enters Cancer midday. Honor a homesickness, but let it refine gratitude rather than unsettle. If caught in a last-minute nasty post-mortem of recent events, avoid flinging blame, it only makes a mess. If involved in a domestic-improvement process, have patience. Tonight, timing can seem off or people self-conscious around dinner as the Moon opposes Venus in Capricorn, but ideas bubble with interesting solutions later as Mercury trines Uranus.

Sunday, Nov 16 we can let go of a grudge or a plan that’s not working and look forward to the future a Mars enters Sagittarius.  Mercury makes great sextiles to Saturn and Jupiter and whispers to us that we humans can learn and do evolve; look for inspirational communications and a new level of honesty even if the ideas are still theoretical for the moment.

Monday, Nov 17 follow through on the weekend’s crop of new ideas this morning but go soft for now, make suggestions rather than demands. Mid-day momentum suspends; catch up with self, chores, or emotional processing. Energy returns as Moon enters Leo and trines Mars mid-afternoon, enthusiasm tinged with arrogance can loosen tongues. Dream big, but take every hope, fear and hyperbole with a grain of salt as Mercury squares Neptune and stimulates our imagination tonight.

Tuesday, Nov 18, keep it loose and remember what’s important; don’t be distracted by the ego push and melodrama. Everyone needs to express, usually in exaggerated terms, but real dialogue is rare; listen to the stories unfold rather than compete, but hold center where needed.

Wednesday, Nov 19, it’s hard not to get caught up in personality wrangling, look into the mysteries of interpersonal dynamics when logic doesn’t work. Progress is made where everyone has a stake in success, or where the competition is clear and open, but is stymied where competition becomes an unspoken undercurrent. Evening pushes less, but needs compassion mixed in the prickly honesty as the Moon enters Virgo and squares Mars.

Thursday, Nov 20 offers solid healing work; try again with ideas that met resistance earlier as the Virgo Moon trines Venus. Garden those healing moments and strengthen connections. Sympathize with mates, ask gently for what’s needed rather than get impatient; everyone gets a turn if we can fit the puzzle parts together.

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