Starcodes horoscopes for week of Nov. 28 – Dec. 4, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of Nov. 28 – Dec. 4, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

If someone drops a shocking announcement or asks disarming questions, take deep breath before reacting.  Enjoy a refreshing honesty, but don’t punch a relative just because they’re tactlessly frank this weekend, no matter how tempting it is; Mercury and Mars conjunct in Sagittarius encourages outspoken energy without asking us to think of the consequences Let’s all check that what we say is constructive as well as true but enjoy this unusually fresh mental breeze, a chance to be open, kind and real with one another.

It also pays not drive if we’re impatient or ticked off, because although our reflexes may be unusually good, wild and wacky events test us when we’re distracted.

The Mercury-Mars conjunction can make us abrupt in action as well as words. After the restless honesty of the holiday, a Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn over the weekend can first send us back to some sad or thoughtful memories, but then fires up our ambitions. We want to do something about what we see. While this is great in our own life or public realm, but these pushy aspects tempt us to project our ambitions onto our beloveds and brim over with analysis and good advice. Which they probably don’t want to hear.

This outspoken, shoot-from-the-hip attitude stirs the headlines as well as the dinner table; everybody’s got an opinion. Expect fresh debate and new layers of honesty about our difficult global economic situation. New information comes out yet the subtleties are missing; this raw information is not the full picture.

We do need this new level of honesty as Uranus turns direct and Pluto enters Capricorn, now through 2024. This week’s quick helpful and competent aspects help us cope with the big-time reorganization. On a both personal and political note, as Uranus turns direct after many months retrograde, and Pluto enters Capricorn, we pick up a story line of our life, some transformation or change that started last year, picked up speed late last winter as Pluto entered Capricorn and Uranus forged ahead, and was put on hold (but not discontinued) in June as Pluto retrograded back into Sagittarius and Uranus retrograded.  This pattern and echoes an ongoing year-long Saturn-Uranus opposition which stresses that we cannot keep doing business as usual. How we govern, how we organize and how we do business are due for a major long-term, in-depth reorganization over the next decade. Let’s engage this change with a renewed sense of honesty.

Friday, Nov 28 everyone’s restless and excitable under a Venus-Uranus sextile with a Sagittarius Moon, so utilize loving humor and give us something to do. We all do better if we get out and about or pull out the messy art supplies. Philosophical batter abounds, make it recreational and don’t take it personally. Although we’re feeling generous, being in a store or any other confined space may breed claustrophobia unless we make it a sport or attack with commando precision, and be able to laugh about ourselves in the process.  The line-up is great for family activities or competitive sports, (though one may become the other) but watch the salty conversation and testy transportation around dinnertime as Mercury conjuncts Mars exactly.  Leaven honesty with compassion, and spontaneity with common sense. And go watch the stars if feeling impatient.

Saturday, Nov 29 we appreciate relationships grown over time, the ups and downs of it, as Venus trines Saturn, but this can make it hard to say good-by this morning as the Moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto. Important conversations murmur, we feel the heaviness in the situation as we understand new constraints or losses. A strong ambitious streak may call us back to work, or ask us to take on a project, bonded over building a porch, but watch the competitive attitude.  Forgive family members who have to drift off to work for a while. Let’s all mull over our future and share our ideas, but keep our ambitions to ourselves; stop with the good advice for the relatives unless requested. If opinions rip around the dinner table, grimness will not further: let it be a recreational sport.

Sunday, Nov 30 notice pragmatic affection today under a Capricorn, with an aimless feeling; improvement ideas abound, but don’t try to get too much done at any particular time. Let this be a day between the acts. Rest and mull privately, organize for work ahead, as the next few weeks are action-packed.

Monday, Dec 1 is generally friendly and competent, if a bit pushy. The Capricorn Moon conjuncts Venus and Jupiter, a fortuitous time to make business decisions or any concrete and practical process. Give people time to get organized this morning, then tap into the news and further one another’s plans instead of compete. Watch a certain territoriality; do not step on toes by doing another’s work, even if it is just to be helpful. Show love through pragmatic help, but listen for where it is really needed. Appreciate acceptance this evening.

Tuesday, Dec 2 the focus is on how the group works today, not the individual. The energy is strategic and organized, but not very cuddly or personal as the Moon in Aquarius sextiles the Sun. Map out plans for the rest of the year.  Political differences simmer; if experiencing conflict around differing ideas on what works, bring everyone’s attention to a shared interest in the common good.

Wednesday, Dec 3 expect some logistical confusion, listen to intuition as well as facts to see clearly and make choices that heal rather than add salt to the wound as Mercury sextiles Chiron.  Our philosophy maybe tested by practical applications, we need to walk our talk even if it seems like it is the long way around as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius tonight. .

Thursday, Dec 4 brings nervous sensitivity as the Moon enters Pisces and Mercury squares Uranus. Possible shocking new or electrical snafus, drive carefully around misfiring signal systems. Some concern or fear over potential harm can lean on us to change our minds, but may not be a good reason; experiment, but think of the long term goals not short term reactions. Be kind to the worries but don’t let them run the show.

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