Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 9 – 15, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 9 – 15, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Plant seeds; incubate ideas and new hopes under today’s fertile waxing Cancer Moon. Our literal and metaphorical gardening can blossom, but we may need to watch for rocky weather on the emotional front as Mars heads into Leo for the next few months.

Mars in Leo is generous and expansive; a great way to celebrate spring, but it makes us more likely to get angry when we feel ignored or taken for granted. We need to be appreciated, preferably adored; like a child, good attention is nice but we’ll take bad attention if necessary. Since this is true for candidates or countries as well as lovers, we can expect grand standing displays, the power-packed blockbuster mentality coming to a news cast near us.

With this increase in the need for attention we can feel unusually needy, but easily skip that original feeling and go straight to feeling put out because no one sees what we need, or because it’s scary to feel so vulnerable. So we can lead with prickly drama just when we really want a hug, and then wonder why people back off; it pays to stay self-responsible, even if it is less exciting at the time.

Mars in Leo can also help us act out in the best of ways, it encourages our extroversion and can help us trust ourselves, present ourselves in the best light at graduation ceremonies, job interview or first date. We just need to remember that what most people will find fascinating will be our interest in them, not their interest in us.

This weekend can be warm and expressive, if tricky in a volatile, stubborn sort of way as the Moon joins Mars in Leo and Mars inconjuncts Pluto. Stress or excitement adds pressure and can turn out great performances at a school play or Mother’s Day brunch. But we can get awfully self-absorbed or socially competitive. It pays to spread the warmth and complement liberally, selfless warmth will be remembered fondly.

The week begins on a more serious note, weed the garden and weed the closet, but don’t weed beloveds under a Virgo Moon and as the Sun sextiles Uranus, trines Jupiter. It is a nervous, ingenious but auspicious time; kids and dogs get in trouble with what seemed like a good idea at the time. Don’t tell people what to do, work with them; it diffuses a potentially righteous streak. Even good advice sounds critical while Venus sesqui-squares Pluto. Focus on healing both body and soul; let’s take care of our own business and simply care for one another instead of trying to fix anybody.

Later in the week we get a healthy dose of spring fever; romance burbles in the birds, bees, and all new alliances. We’re feeling a bit frisky and want to be seen. Simple appreciation is needed no matter what other business is being conducted as the Sun squares Neptune. We want the edges softened, but have to be careful not to misinterpret or project too far into the future. The moment is beautiful enough; it feels our soul if only we have eyes to see.

Friday, May 9 starts out shy; our sense of timing is off this morning because our attention is turned inwards. A strong self-protective streak can make it hard to take criticism, so dish it out sparingly and only where essential. As Mars heads into Leo midday people need more strokes. Some frustration expressed with extra panache, but the roots are not deep. Be open to spontaneous dinner plans as the Moon trines Uranus, but don’t be surprised if everyone fades out early as the Moon opposes Neptune later.

Saturday May 10 morning is impatient, the day sociable, and the night potentially wild as the Moon enters Leo and conjuncts Mars; it’s so tempting to spend money midday, find another way to express generosity. Limitations frustrate us easily, but if we don’t push hard, they can drop quickly. Arrogance and attitude can be funny or obnoxious, self-absorbed; it helps to reach for the Leonine gratitude. Some event may come to a head. Be kind around a late-night cranky, accident prone Mars/Pluto aspect.

Sunday May 11 tough dreams or other interruptions can leave people feeling out of sorts, impatient or uncooperative early on, but this dissipates with kindness. Accept differences. Make patience a meditation and remember what matters; ceremony and traditions help. Notice any chance to revisit an old difficulty and make better choices this time as the Sun squares Chiron. Later, innovative humor helps us break routine and enjoy the change as the Sun sextiles Uranus.

Monday, May 12 we are nudged to expand our world, reach out, learn, or publish on this generous morning as the Sun trines Jupiter. Afternoon, our energy becomes more focused and some phase comes to an end as the Moon enters Virgo, conjuncts Saturn and trines Pluto. We define problem and can coordinate towards a solution. Keep the heart open and notice the difference between a request for sympathy and a request for advice.

Tuesday, May 13 unease can cause tension, but if we blame another for the tension, which is so easy to do, we won’t get at its roots as Venus sesqui-squares Pluto. Save the cultural critique for work and politics, fix what can be fixed and work out the small things. Know when to sit still and when to take a walk. Weed, edit organize. Later as the Moon moves into healing trines with Jupiter and the Sun, tend the health of body, mind and soul.

Wednesday May 14
optimism and uncertainty twine together, which is not a problem if we can see hold that ambiguity and both the flaw and the gift. Detailed work towards a practical idea helps clarify; finish and expand what was done. Later, doubt or a desire to escape calls us as the Sun squares Neptune, step back from the concrete and pay humans attention. Let the fog turn into the warm fuzzies tonight as the Moon enters friendly Libra. Dream together.

Thursday, May 15 brings a drifting, sweet inefficiency; we tend to talk or walk in circles, unwinding. Puttering becomes a meditation, a chance to fill up, but don’t worry if nothing comes to completion. We need kindness and seek a place of balance; how we work is the point, not what we do.

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