Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 4 – 10

Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 4 – 10

by Heather Roan Robbins

Our world is changing, we need to figure out how to celebrate that fact and steer its direction, rather than fight the process and lose what matters. Uranus likes to stir things up, and this week expansive Jupiter squares change-master Uranus while the Sun forms a gracious sextile to Uranus. Technology is changing so fast that if we want the cutting edge, let’s wait a few weeks and keep our eyes open to see what’s coming down the pike. Watch for dangerous weather conditions, storms in the environment or storms of the mind, but also feel a return of the creative juices as the month gets underway, a surge of excitement about the possibilities ahead.

The ambient energy will tend to be stubborn and sensuous with high-strung undertones; both energizing Sun and thoughtful Mercury are in stable and earthy Taurus while electrical Uranus activates. We want concrete examples, want a hug to make us feel alright and may want stuff, pretty stuff, through shopping therapy, gardening, or delicious food –material comfort– and need to remember that what we’re really looking for may be beyond the item itself.

Underneath this Taurean sensual stability, both emotional planets are in nervy mutable signs (Venus in Gemini Mars in Pisces) adding some taught emotional undertones; the energy is both exciting and thoughtful, we’re considering all options, but may be worried that we have what it takes to cope. We do, we just need to believe in ourselves and back it up with solid action. Venus and Mars for a square for most of the month and so all relationships can be usually exciting but take extra consciousness.

As Venus opposes Pluto early next week we may be painfully aware of either a recent loss or the potential to loose, and so this present moment can become all the more precious. Venus in verbal Gemini reminds us that talk –therapy helps, in our journal, over coffee or with a professional, but we have to get real. This aspect can instill a sense of loneliness, even in a crowd, set off questions about being loving or lovable. It may be hard to talk with beloveds because of schedule, mood, or trauma. Hang in there, and do not read anything permanent into this.

We can use this Venus-Pluto ache to see each living being as precious, to move beyond judgment, and see the beauty of the soul. If we can see the beauty of what we have to offer, and share it with abundance, then others will be able to see it too. Feel for the truth in the heart rather than look for proof from one another.

If our dear ones’ sight is temporarily blocked by their preoccupations, we need to take care of our own heart so we have the patience to love in the face of uncertainty, distance, and distractions. Signals can get so easily crossed as Mercury squares Saturn and Neptune and it’s hard to read what’s really going on. We just don’t have the information we need at our fingertips, so we need to operate from our core. Proceed slowly, rather than pushing an unripe decision, and prepare for whichever path we take.

Friday, May 4 early morning discontent can spur us into action, let’s make sure it is something we won’t regret later. An uncomfortable itch of the soul can push us, leave us distracted, not tuned into the ones we love so don’ take it personally and give everyone some rope. Our actions speak more clearly than our words as the Sun challenge Saturn. The afternoon is more cheerful, restless, it requires patience to finish what we’ve started Tonight, keep intimacy expectations low, but encourage connection rather than stand on principle; being difficult cuts both ways. It’s good night to reach across some cultural gap; enjoy world music or head to an unfamiliar part of town and be a global citizen as the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Jupiter.

Saturday, May 5 get outside and let the larger world speak to the soul; a healthy experimental attitude can helps us explore options where we previously felt trapped as Mercury sextiles Uranus. Listen to some radical innovations that just may work. We may want change just for the sake of change, but don’t have to throw out the old in the process. Talk over possibilities with beloveds, move beyond stubbornness into a third perspective that works for both parties. A tricky impatient snag early afternoon can make us doubt the new options, but actually wants disciplined efforts as Mercury squares Saturn. Some grumpiness or formality around dinner opens up toward a jolly, expansive evening.

Sunday, May 6 if the future presses on us, it helps to take tangible action towards our recent brilliant ideas as the Moon enters competent Capricorn. Take the opportunity for satisfying work, collaboration with an unusual cohort; have fun while talking responsibilities and feel the confidence of a job well done as Jupiter trines Saturn. We need to make sure to live out this ambitious urge in our own life and not try to manipulate another in the name of helpfulness; it wears on the relationship. Self doubts or sadness can worry at us tonight, let questions deepen love rather than test it as Venus opposes Pluto, let it be fodder for real connection. Watch for unfair power dynamics or territorial disputes, don’t pour oil on fire Work or worth issues press, reach for a deeper connection to soul if the people near by are too distracted.

Monday, May 7 our judgment is questionable this morning, keep an eye on the morning commute. Perceptions clear up around noon for practical competency; tend to money matters or things of tangible worth as the Capricorn Moon trines Sun and Mercury. Protect tender feelings, it’s not their time. Compost stuff than isn’t needed and trade for what is; reduce amount, increase worth. People are ambitious and willing to innovate if they know what’s in it for them. Investigate new financial choices or organizational systems. Direct arguments will not further, but open-minded, pragmatic discussions go far if we hold to truth over persuasion

Tuesday, May 8 work together to implement recent ideas; it helps to shake up old patterns; break up old groups to let new ones form, work with unfamiliar people in order to get innovation as the Moon enters Aquarius and the Sun sextiles inventive Uranus. Listen in order to be understood. Later on Venus enters Cancer and deepens the feelings, everyone needs reassurance that they are indeed seen and appreciated. If anyone gets difficult, assume it’s a defensive posture over some triggered insecurity; honest reassurance does wonders.

Wednesday, May 9, yes, people may be difficult, but it’s not a personal insult to be asked to prove our authority or competence; just show off abilities. If a more conservative, safety–oriented streak makes it tempting to back off recent innovations, ask what’s needed to feel safe while still moving forwards. Family matters need attention and extra diplomacy; we get crabby if our emotional toes are stepped upon but it’s probably an unintentional mutual blunder. Objective matters flourish. Get on with impending changes but don’t jump the gun; solve the problem on the table.

Thursday, May 10 ideals inspire but can also make us inflexible as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius and Mercury inconjuncts Pluto this morning. If some illogical worry demands attention, just make the list, check it twice, and don’t let the busy monkey mind run the show. Some argument between head and heart midday as the Moon squares Mercury, look for the synthesis. Nerve endings and emotions sensitize, tears and laughter run closer to the surface, need kindness later as the Moon enters Pisces.

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