Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 30 – June 5, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 30 – June 5, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

The month of May goes out with a bang as an Aries Moon adds an anarchistic quality under the retrograde Mercury; anything is said and anything goes, whether or not we mean it. We’re friendly, but no one really wants to do as told, it brings an allergic reaction, so give dogs, kids and employees as much leeway as possible now, and they’ll circle back next week. We love, laugh, hate, but with more fireworks than danger; with Venus in verbal Gemini and Mars in dramatic Leo; as long as we can express, the mood shifts quickly. Though fireworks can be dangerous if aimed in the wrong direction.

This week our thinking may be rapid, but often off, our communications and travel arraignments can be subtle, but miss the mark as easily as not, as Mercury and Neptune are both retrograde. Keep the cell phone charged and nearby when making plans, be ready to make last minute adjustments, or find one another in the crowd.

Mercury is just ahead of Venus and the Sun, all sparkling together in Gemini. With Mercury retrograde in its own rapid-fire sign, rumor and innuendo swirls as fast as intriguing new ideas. Our hearts, not minds, can sort those differences, but it always pays to check our facts. And if someone comes to the door with a huge check we’ve just supposedly won, let’s not spend it until we have proof they got the right address. Keep the schedule loose, with extra time around the edges, no matter how later we’re running we need to keep safety first.

But when we can let go of the careful logistics and just be with one another with out a heavy agenda, this mercury retrograde lets the stories out. It can take us back to some point of origin, help us investigate; introspect, to connect with one another in the web of personal history. Or just have a pleasant, often witty, sometimes pun-filled conversation. It is a great time to meet strangers or get knows a new friend. To flirt and to cross pollinate ideas, to open old files and find the missing pieces revive an old script. These connections, this sociability it may occasionally look shallow, but create camaraderie and understandings, good wishes which are helpful when we need it most.

But watch the flirting, Gemini is the sign of the twins, and with three planets in Gemini it’s easy to think isn’t all it’s cracked to be, and we can honestly love more than one. But word seduce, so we can get our contact-fix from a great conversation, Gemini does not need to get physical.

Because Mars is now in attention-loving Leo, our egos are especially vulnerable to attention, as if we have been starved for appreciating (even if this is not true), or feel like we’ve been taken for granted; nothing is more seductive than being appreciated, even found fascinating. Which makes us especially miffed if our beloved is distracted by someone else, no matter how innocent the conversation.

Mars in Leo does know how to party. It is a delightful time for dinners, gatherings, events of all types; with a good attitude we can have a great time even if the sound system goes, the performers are late or the people got the wrong directions.

We can see Gemini-Leo tension in politics right now, the Gemini planets say that dialogue is the solution to everything; we need more information, always more, we need to understand our opponents in order to deal with them directly. It’s a great time to get people to spill the beans. Mars in Leo wants to take a stand and hold it, come hell or high water; our opponents need to admit they’re wrong and come to us on our terms. Even though we cannot imagine ever giving into this dominance strategy, as a country or person, without extreme coercion and tremendous resentment, and then would never feel safe enough to tell the truth. This pattern is bad enough that international negotiating tables, let’s check our own behavior and make sure we keep this pattern out of the bedroom or the boardroom.

Because Mars in Leo can get difficult and bombastic if it’s taken for granted or ignored, and can inspire the most immature of fits if we haven’t gotten our way. Arguments will tend to bolt down to misunderstandings and a collision of pride, let’s sets see if we can reset the paradigm, the most generous soul wins.

If we want to reconnect with our dog, our teacher, our mate, all we really have to do is grant them this attention, see them with new eyes, fertilize their offerings and attributes that we appreciate with the loam of our appreciation and gratitude.

June begins rich and sensual, a stabilizing Taurus Moon helps us get back out of our head and into our bodies. Midweek a Gemini New Moon quivers with excitement and possibilities, our nerves can scintillate but we can redirect this from anxiety to opportunity. Let’s just watch our step in the process, as it’s easy to get so caught up in what we’re about to do that we miss what’s right under out feet.

Poetic rhetoric abounds as Mercury Retrogrades back and meets Venus and the Sun. Writing flows if we do it in chunks and take frequent breaks. Watch for printing errors or miss sent emails, double check addresses and appointment times; the busier we get, the more careful we need to be.

The week ends with an emotional tug as the Cancer Moon reminds us to bring out attention back from the whirling possibilities and tend our home, our garden, domestic issues and closest relationships, let our team know that no matter how busy life gets, they’re in our hearts.

Friday, May 30 is funny, rebellious, and fast-paced with streaks of laziness; we resist what we should do yet are willing to throw ourselves into some spontaneous, self-originated effort. Moving too fast can drop the ball, it’s easy to get in and out of the store quickly, but forget the one thing we came for. Socially restless; new experiences and strangers entice us as Venus sesqui-squares Jupiter. Creative morning, active afternoon; late evening gets cranky and stubborn, but the conversation opens up again if we make it past midnight.

Saturday, May 31 is chaotic, anarchistic, and can be great fun, as long as we drop the illusions that we can get others to do our bidding. Team efforts work when we share a goal (like beat the other team or build the porch) but everyone has the freedom to make their own contributions. We need to enjoy whatever it is they have to offer. Afternoon calms down, brings us back to our senses as the Moon enters Taurus, trines Saturn and Pluto, for a more serious rich ambitious and thoughtful evening.

Sunday, June 1 check in with others, the plans may have changes as the Moon semi-squares Uranus and Squares Mars. Discontent is existential; keep it off beloveds, and use it to find solutions. But don’t push the agendas a today; people resist change they didn’t instigate. It can be hard to let go of a mood or other attachment, we’re doing some deep processing but may just look distracted or dyspeptic, and not have the words for it, even to ourselves. It’s easy to be willful, create little power struggles in the family unless we keep our sense of humor and honor one another’s process.

Monday, June 2 brings a generous, confusing morning as the Taurus Moon squares Neptune, it’s easier to do it ourselves than to try and explain. Clean up last week’s loose ends midday; use an unusually cooperative and pragmatic window to take care of business. Moon enters Gemini late afternoon and the pragmatic details dissipate like confetti in the wind. Ideas bounce like newly broken billiards; enjoy the bank shots, but it may be hard to sink the point. Evening frazzles; thoughts bubble, but we may feel that we cannot corral enough to meet some demanding circumstance as the Moon squares Saturn. .

Tuesday, June 3 scintillating and potentially nerve wracking, the New Moon in Gemini a riffs on our nervous system. Let’s not mistake this nervous energy for valid anxiety, but give it something more fun to play with. We can juggle many conversations and keep ten pots boiling as long as we don’t mind the occasion gaff or dropped ball. Expect people to think fast but have the attention span of a flea; think symbolic sound bites. We all need to talk, but need to let it be a dialogue; monologues are turned off after the second sentence. Hidden underneath the burble is the important evidence on endings and beginnings, what chapter needs to be complete before the new one, already on the horizon, can begin.

Wednesday, June 4 morning is ingenious and busy, let’s keep the check list handily and confirm as we go, as the Sun sextiles Mars, inspires decisive action, and accomplishment. We just have to make sure we’re heading in the right direction. Multi tasking works if we manage it right. Afternoon, our energy takes a dip, bring attention back to home and family as the Moon enters domestic Cancer, we may have overextended ourselves lately and need to really love up and reassure beloveds that they matter, even if we’re busy. Some will get emotionally needy, if we honored their vulnerability they won’t have to engage in attention getting misbehavior.

Thursday, June 5, we can be homesick for an idealized home, and this can help us rearrange the furniture, nest, tend to dominates policy, or feel lonesome on a long and dusty road. It may be a reminder that we need to reconnect with ourselves, find home within the soul, especially if we have been overextended lately. We may feel olden and creaky this afternoon, and respond well to any centering, limbering exercise and meditation. And enjoy our best comfort foods.

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