Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 25 – 31

Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 25 – 31

by Heather Roan Robbins

Put relationships on the front burner this Memorial Day weekend; create, renew and revivify connections under a sociable Libran Moon and weave the fabric of our social network. Remember we are indeed all one. Do not take one another for granted, treasure this human network. Feed relationships with acceptance, water with affection, and they will support and renew you in the months to come.

The mood shifts this weekend; the stars offer more creative leeway with a friendly discontent; take a best friend or new spark out on the town or off on an adventure, explore beyond the familiar while creative Venus trines experimental Uranus. Enjoy a romantic frisson, the hint of electricity in the air. We appreciate unique expressions and are open to creative ideas; we don’t want the same old story.

On one level there’s an unusual warmth and friendliness the air, an open-minded, restless yet gentle concern. Use the warmth and friendliness to talk over heavier issues on the horizon. It’s a good time to work on changing not the relationships themselves, just the dynamics that haven’t worked. But if we need to release someone from the past and welcome in new energy, this is a great time to do so.

This friendliness helps mitigates some recent tension, a self-protective streak that has made some people irritable and defensive while Venus is in tender Cancer. Whether they are the building inspector or a close friend, many people tend to take any suggestions for improvement as a criticism or tap-dancing on their inadequacies and snarl, when we were just trying to be helpful. Once the defensive edges gets triggers, Mars in Aries tends to escalate quickly. If we feel ourselves in one of these triggered places, it pays to smile, walk away and wait until the dust settles to respond. Think about how they meant it, not how it sounded.

As the week begins, this pattern kicks up, and waters are troubled for a few days as Mercury opposes Pluto then enter Cancer, all under an intense Scorpio Moon. If we’ve just arrived someplace new for the summer, we’ll need a few days to adjust. Pluto brings our focus to what is missing, it heats up our search, whether we’re missing a person, a piece of information, or a part of ourselves; we can obsess about it and project this missing piece onto others, or just get depressed. We may be sad because just because we’re saying goodbye by for the summer, or because we’re deeply aware of some world woe, and feel this is a call for us to take action.

This sadness can transmute into curiosity, we can use this intensity to investigate the roots of the problems and look for healing. We’re so curious, it’s a great time to read up on a murder mystery but let’s not get stuck in one. Be patient with those in transition, let people process the changes deep inside and they will return to the surface soon. News could resound with stories of loss, and strong rhetoric around. What needs to change? Suspicious thinking can be both accurate, and way out of proportion, so remember to take a step back and get the overview before responding.

Towards the end of the week, the summer mood begins in earnest and geographic cure can sure sound good. We may long to go far away or to a place we once called home, or search for a home yet unknown. Soul longing combines with restless spirits under the Full Sagittarian Moon and as Jupiter sextiles Chiron. The world unrolls before our eyes, but we don’t have to jettison what we love in order to reach for the new horizons, that are an illusion. Let go of painful memories, or put them in a gentle place rather than run from them, but let’s take care of that which has always fed us as we explore talents, people and places we never knew existed.

Friday May 25 brittle edges in the morning, gathering and preparing, clearing the decks; do not distract others or get caught on irrelevancies as Virgo Moon squares Mercury midday. Tend to what’s important even when things get exciting. Creative details and interesting possibilities, we believe things can changes. We want to be appreciated, and will reach towards those that can shine on us as Venus trines Uranus. Around dinnertime, we may need to deal with some disappointment, and need not to take others’ distraction or tired ness personally as the Moon squares Pluto. The evening softens and socializes as the Moon enters Libra.

Saturday, May 26 talkative and flowing, keep obligations light and contacts delightful; nurture the web of human contact, groups, gatherings, important dialogues. The words are less important than the sense of connections that can flow between. The connection we build helps to deal with potentially tough news, working together encourages hope. It’s better to try and understand one another than wait until one feels understood; feel it through the heart, not the mind. Watch an accidental or cranky edge mid-afternoon; play it safe. Encourage camaraderie tonight.

Sunday, May 27 a deeper note and thoughtful concerns can bring us together if we work side by side, or stack up between us if we project them on one another, for either a couple or country. As Mercury opposes Pluto, interrupts communications, may make us urgent to express something but feel discouraged about being understood, and can overshoot the mark or bite their head off. Some item or being is missing, but we can work with what is there instead of angst about what is not. Investigate more creative solutions tonight.

Monday, May 28 takes on the true meaning of Memorial Day; memories can wash through asking for time, honor, sharing as the Moon enters Scorpio, Venus challenges Neptune, and Mercury enters Cancer. It’s hard to stay in the present, we may need to visit the past, old friends, the year gone by, roads not taken, or say good bye to an era for the summer. Expect people to be distracted, walking with their thoughts, or immersed in own work. We can be quite companionable if we give each other room to wander in our thoughts. Misunderstandings can lead to arguments if we load on expectations to be present and aware.

Tuesday, May 29 cranky or defensive energy; quick judgments will tend to be too small, but the discerning mind finds the flaws that need work. We can get cranky about the truth of human nature and may have to look for the beauty, even when it is right in front of our face. Look deeper. A lazy streak may be a real need for rest, it is a day to breathe, catch up, clean up personal business, deepen spiritual practice; don’t push.

Wednesday, May 30 is a potentially rough morning; overnight dreams, news or midnight musing could stir our doubts, remind of us of what needs to be done next. We need to keep them in proportion and remember our path. Afternoon looses up and begins to feel like summer; hearts lighten after dinner, our world expands. Dance the night away or stroll by moonlight as the Moon waxes into Sagittarius.

Thursday, May 31, leave the past behind and venture out, to a new territory, a new consent, identity or physical places Consider relocation. Celebrate the global community. Let the natural world be your teacher, a tree in the park or sparrow on the wing, feel the breath of fresh air and the twinkle in new eyes. If you have a journey to begin, now is a great time. Be a new person in old places, or step into the unexplored, explore options but also notice that all actions invoke the future, and look carefully at what signals are sent.

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