Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 23 – 29, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 23 – 29, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Warning, we need to get our bearings now, we’re sailing into an existential fog bank straight ahead. Mercury and Neptune both turn retrograde on Sunday. Vacation-mind creeps in, schedules loosen and we socialize more than we accomplish as Venus enters flirtatious and sociable Gemini just in time for Memorial Day.

While this is lovely for vacationers, let’s support to those who are working hard handling campaigns or relief efforts, or stuck in the workaday world. It pays to batten down the hatches get all travel arrangements and delicate understandings negotiated now, even though we may already feel the fog rusting our brain’s machinations, and maybe even the car’s gear shift.

Practice Mercury retrograde skills for the next few weeks; double check schedules, make sure the message got through and track all logistics with extra care. Make sure the bills are paid, letters and email actually sent, and double check that they’re sent to the right person. Make a plan B; know who to call if the airport-ride gets stuck in traffic.

But let’s not push others to do the same or we can create the very misunderstandings we’re trying to prevent. Stay in touch with the human element and work with people wherever they are.

Mercury signifies transportation and communication and Neptune signifies imagination, intuition, liquids, fuels and all things that go squish. When retrograde, these elements do not work as planned. Fuel prices begin to curtail travel plans. The chances of damage through water, floods, alcohol consumption and bad weather increase. Watch the iced mocha near the computer and don’t play chicken with a flood warning.

This Mercury retrograde has a wild imagination and can be a master of misinformation. Question any sensational story that smacks of propaganda or is too bad or too good to be true, whether from a friend or from a reliable government source. Political commentating can become as dangerous a recreation as the Indianapolis 500, but the race weeds out incompetence first.

But Mercury retrograde has its gifts, it takes us back into our past, back inside ourselves to find what we have forgotten what we need to revisit, repair, rework. It’s a perfect time to return home after a year away at school, or return to a favorite summer spot and recollect.

Venus enters Gemini today and helps us relax with one another, Venus in Gemini is often accused of being emotionally shallow, but we can call it versatile. We have enough going on to take us deep these days, so this social ease can help us keep the flow going and find something gracious to say if misunderstandings thicken the air. It helps stranger work together, and travelers meet as their ships pass in the night.

Intimacy is not really the strong suit this weekend, between the logistical complexities, and a Venus-Saturn square we can work well together but may not feel as cozy as we’d like. Responsibilities lean in, and it may be easier to talk to strangers than to those near and dear. But this need not be a sign of incipient incompatibility, just a need to diversify our support system, and to spend time under less emotionally taxing conditions. Let’s hold hands and make it over the rapids.

Friday, May 23 discuss and sort what needs to be fixed or healed versus what needs to be released. Watch the righteous tendency to think one has all the answers; this approach will only cause a bigger rift as Mercury trines Chiron under a Capricorn Moon. Morning is competent, pragmatically improve the situation; this afternoon is more disjointed, can feel like we‘re working at cross purposes. Tonight it’s hard to let go of work or logistical concerns until we process.

Saturday, May 24, organize and plan for the next three weeks. Early on a pragmatically generous Moon-Jupiter conjunction makes the farmer’s market productive, gives us a solid workday to finish projects before our brains and spirits go on vacation. Spontaneous gatherings or serendipitous meetings enliven the night as Venus enters sociable Gemini and the Moon enters Aquarius. Moods deepen later, reactive existential discontent haunts the wee hours of we’re still awake.

Sunday, May 25 some sadness tugs our heartstrings, we carry the weight of the world and can be stimulated to compassionate action as Venus challenges Pluto early on. Talk about it, share with the family of humanity as the Aquarius Moon trines the Sun midday. Mid-afternoon it is easy to argue or stumble as the Moon opposes Mars unless we pay attention to our surroundings; evening is unfocused, collective.

Monday, May 26 is a great day to wander aimlessly, to putter and picnic. But we can be tested if we try to do anything focused or in a hurry as Mercury and Neptune retrogrades. Our understanding can walk into a fogbank, misunderstandings can make meeting for dinner a really challenge, let alone trying to explain one another what we think is really going on. We’re in good shape if we can realize we’re confused and just slow down.

Tuesday, May 27 our feelings can quiver like petals in the wind as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and squares Venus and the Sun; whether this is delightful or neurotic depends on our circumstances. Midday we’re tempted to take on too much at a time when delays complicate even simple excursions, this can leave us snappy and anxious midday as the Moon opposes Saturn. Put safety first this afternoon. It’s normal to crave a little time to ourselves; honor all responsibilities including those to ourselves. Find a wonderful way to be sensitive later; enjoy subtle tastes, touches, sounds.

Wednesday, May 28 pay attention to the journey, it may not be what we expect, but will be more fulfilling if we stay present and let go of expectations as the Moon squares Mercury. Drop the goals and be there when needed. It is so easy to feel misunderstood and take it personally, it’s not that they don’t care, nor that they don’t want to know us, but internal static is loud right now. Focus on sharing the warmth; soul trust will make all the difference in the coming days.

Thursday, May 29 we may feel urgently aware of what or who is missing as Moon enters Aries and squares Pluto. Independent impatience brings out the toddler in us all. We need action but may not have a clear plan, and don’t want to admit it; running around can cause us to repeat work or apologize for our sharp edges unless we make life a martial arts meditation in motion It feels so good to move the muscles, to act instead of discuss; if we’re in sensitive situation, let’s take a break and work it out before we become a bull in a china shop. Yesterday’s wounded feelings can spark today’s retaliation, but we can choose to be above all that.

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