Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 2 – 8, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 2 – 8, 2008

Momentum and inertia as May begins; when we‘re an object in motion, we’ll tend to stay in motion can be remarkably innovative and determined.  But when at rest, the idea of moving may seem a bit absurd. Mercury heads into Gemini today and wakes up our mind; we’d be happy talk about it all, even make a joke, but actually getting up to deal with it may take push. We can fake it till we make it; act as if we have energy at first, then the momentum engages.

This inertia and momentum stems from two things, with the Sun and Venus in sybarite Taurus, it’s tempting to just plant ourselves like a bulb in some convenient and comfortable spot and take root. But also because big quiet events are going on in the heart chakra, deep in the soul, and we can feel them in our dreams and in the movement around deeper issues of our life. Our soul priorities loom like whales up through the deep blue under a boat and dive back down as Venus, Saturn and Pluto form a Grand Trine. We may love deep, or long to, face life and death as a state of mind or an event, or face a fear that there isn’t enough to go around, enough love, money, food. But all of this can grow our heart’s capacity, and stimulate action now that can provide more security later.

Because of this soul longing or these deep, triggering issues, we may also percolate over our purpose or destiny or the work that passes for that on a daily basis. Some Saturn issue, a work project, personal discipline, or family responsibility that started a new chapter in the fall as Saturn entered Virgo, but slowed down over winter holidays when Saturn retrograded, now begins to manifest its potential as Saturn turns direct and is squared by contemplative Mercury.

As Saturn picks up momentum next week we’ll also see how the lines of authority have been either interrupted or snarled over the last few months and now need to be cleared.  Let’s not take it personally if our own authority is challenged this week, it’s par for the course; if we handle it graciously we’ve actually been handed a lovely opportunity to prove we’re cool under fire and can handle the responsibility.

As the weekend begins, tempers and willpower are thick on the ground, we’ll tend to do the opposite of what is requested of us under a recalcitrant Aries Moon, but we’ll throw ourselves into our own project gusto. Mercury also squares Saturn over the weekend, making us more likely to debate and harder to defeat in a debate; it toughens the mind but can leave us a little depressed, seeing what needs fixing easier than what’s right.

The Moon enters Taurus on Sunday and conjuncts the Sun early Monday morning. This makes Monday one of the most fertile days of the year to plant seeds, in our garden or the garden of ideas, anything we want to take root and grow strong, if we can get out of our comfy chair to do so. The Taurus appetite for sensory input and a well-feathered nest is strong, but we can feed this through experience instead of overeating or overspending.

Midweek is more active and verbal, flirtatious, and open-minded, but no less possessive. Conversation becomes a quilt patched together, encourage real dialogue and let the stories flow. Notice the difference between the spoken and unspoken, watch actions and body language as much as words.  this nervous energy and staccato communication can help us navigate some powerful undercurrents with creativity.

Friday, May 2  we may feel like we’re spinning our wheels, the Aries Moon is restless yet a stationary Saturn holds us still for a moment. Rebellion vs. authority, freedom vs. responsibility. We know what we won’t do more than what we will. People are more forthcoming with information as Mercury enters its own sign of Gemini. This gives us a chance to talk something out, just don’t try to talk them into anything yet. Act, rather than react today, no matter how tempting; we are on the brink of new momentum but business may hit a temporary setback as Saturn stations. Blow off steam with care tonight.

Saturday, May 3 the Taurus Sun encourages us to sleep late, but the Aries Moon wants to dive into action. Responsibilities press on us as Mercury makes a minor tough aspect to Saturn and Pluto, it can ask us to travel for a serious purpose or leave transportation discombobulated. And leave us worried, sane but difficult, with communications coming out more charged than intended. Avoid generational head-butts. But if we take a self-responsible exploratory approach rather than blame, we can get at some deeper truths underneath as Mercury squares Saturn.  Early evening alive and vital, late gets cranky as the Moon squares Mars.

Sunday, May 4 prepare the soil as the waning Moon enters Taurus, prepare the ground of our soul to plant seeds of love, and prepare the fertile earth to handle new seedlings, or prepare the loam of our relationship or work to bear new fruit. Good priorities, investment in that which endures as the Moon trine Saturn and Pluto, conjunct Venus. Encourage those who have recently faced a tough time and fertilizes all near and dear relationships.

Monday, May 5 a New Moon in Taurus, trine Jupiter can make the bed feel extra cuddly, the breakfast extra delicious, all our senses heightened. We could be a sybarite and indulge all day long but that would miss a quiet, rich opportunity to plant new beginnings on this more fertile day of the year. Start seeds for business, and vegetables, start the book or new flirtation, and renew a commitment. Don’t say yes to anything you don’t mean, nor impinge on others territorial rights, we defend home turf and family with bull-like tenacity

Tuesday, May 6  talk up what was begun yesterday as the Moon enters Gemini and conjuncts Mercury. The wires sing, get your two cents in and follow up on recent leads. Straighten out any recent misunderstanding. Conversation comes in sound bites;  keep it brief and a dialogue, get to  the point by midday. Later our minds wander, conversation is fertile and mind-opening, but without closure.

Wednesday, May 7 is disjointed and nervy, decision less clear. If we need to process out loud, let us pour fourth our verbal stream bubbling over rocks, nod and give us room to flow. Old concerns come up to be chewed upon, second guesses need reassurance as the Moon squares Uranus midday. Sort anxiety or restlessness from a real change of mind; when in doubt, sit with it overnight and check in tomorrow. Afternoon, our inner dialogue can distract us and create sloppiness unless we do that which holds our attention; avoid uninspired chores and tell a story instead.

Thursday, May 8 early morning is haunted and moody as Moon opposes Pluto, but the day opens into another fertile day; water those new seeds; incubate ideas and new hopes under the waxing Cancer Moon. We’re rather self protective and feeling so much we tend to keep those emotions close to the chest; we’d rather not stretch out of our comfort zone but can nurture familiar crops and grow where we feel safe. Tonight we renew through home and our roots, very protective of home and family.
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