Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 18 – 24

Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 18 – 24

by Heather Roan Robbins

As spring beckons and summer begins to speak to us, Mars in Aries adds urgency to our decisions, and extra fuel to our momentum. If we’re moved to lounge in a hammock, we’ll do so with grace and determination. If we’re making a radical move or fighting a disease, we can now tap into ocean of will power and take it on. Mars in Aries can increase the challenge but increase our ability to handle it even more.

But Mars is Aries is flammable, we need to watch what spark we light. It can make the wildfires worse but also strengthen the firefighters, and will tend to keep the weather tempestuous. If we want to start a new job or political movement, we can find the oomph to do so, but we have to take the first step. It’s easier to do if we react against problem; tempers and protests can ignite at flashpoint, but it’s so much more proactive to feel the deeper level of Aries, and make it a real creative endeavor on our part. Mars in Aries is delightfully straightforward, more assertive and affectionate, just not subtle. It’s when we can’t find a worthy and interesting challenge that this Mars in Aries energy can get so temperamental.

New information arrives over the weekend, we can feel the landscape changing as Mercury squares Uranus brings unexpected news or a sudden change in plans; lets check in with one another to make sure we’re all are on the same page. Although reflexes may be spectacular, good judgment is thin on the ground and clumsy accidents abound. May they be painless slapstick and just help us practice the fine art of laughing at ourselves.

But we can’t forget out family stuff as we move forward, we’ll need the support. Over the weekend, we need to come back to ourselves and take care of personal business as an introverted Cancer Moon highlight family, health, our nest, and our personal defenses just as a challenging aspect between Mars and Saturn asks us to look at any unfulfilled emotional responsibilities. We may crave a secure nest just so we can be braver on our personal frontiers. Insecurities can cause a power trip, but trying to control in the name of safety produces the opposite reaction; negotiate with teenagers and those with a strong inner adolescent carefully.

The winds change Monday and turn us inside out, extroverted new beginnings place us firmly in our world as the Sun enters communicative Gemini while the Moon enters expressive Leo. Change may feel more dramatic than substantial under a Leo Moon early next week. Some will celebrate life and feel a bit lazy, some focus on an emergency because they want to feel alive. Others have to speak in hyperbole because it is an honest expression as to how they feel; it’s a natural form of art therapy. In order to get anything done in this energy field, we need to speak our needs clearly, keep it simple, and work around dueling egos and cultural pomposity. Mercury sextiles Saturn, so sanity will win out. Got anything to celebrate? Graduation party? People need to feel the love, feel the excitement in the every-day in order to stay connected and a celebration can blossom spontaneously.

Towards the end of the week, sane imagination brings practical magic under the Virgo Moon as Mercury trines Neptune. Intuition is working well, though a little on the suspicious side; the critical voice sings in the culture but we can have so much fun being difficult that we forget to be kind. If we can list what we love about one another, and about the work we’re producing, these gems multiply. Any conflict of ideals or differing visions needs careful negotiation, not pressure. Weeding, editing, sorting, we just need to keep our eyes on long-range goal in the process.

Friday, May 18 follow up on important communiqués; listen to the winds and the web. Make first contacts; just keep it brief, to the point, and entertaining. Listen for intuitive sound bites, images that give information symbolic information. Loose conversation can open up a previously blocked channel. Our thoughts depend after dinner as the Moon opposes Pluto, we long for another layer deeper. As the Moon enters Cancer late tonight we want to feel at home, welcome and comforted, or can get prickly.

Saturday, May 19 prioritize connection and healing conversations as Mercury trines Chiron. We may not be feeling as brave as we’d like (but can be brave for one another) channeling both the Mars in Aries (Superman) expectations, with the Moon and Venus in Cancer Clark Kent) need for quiet safety. Both are real. Warm and creative late afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Venus, though we may need reassurance to blossom. Evening promises to be talkative and sharing as the Moon opposes Jupiter, though we may still prefer familiar territory.

Sunday, May 20 it’s hard to make everyone happy, so encourage healthy instead. Conflicting responsibilities can be frustrating unless we take them as a reminder that we’re embedded in a family and culture, and notice how much we owe to that matrix. Mercury semi-square Mars can create tensions between desires and responsibilities, or between generations, but we can creatively open the aperture and include both. Mercury squares Uranus which can bring in shocking or exciting news, help us envision entirely new possibilities tonight. Just keep extra antennae out driving, and think before speaking.

Monday, May 21 reach out, greet the world, have something worth saying as the Leo Moon turn attention outwards. A buoyant energy with lots of emotional torque, we may long for a bigger audience or more dramatic love. Maybe we want to cooperate, but there are too many leaders with not enough agreeableness; be diplomatic, help everyone feel invested in the process. Reach out of the comfort zone and contact strangers. Afternoon, it’s hard to complete because we’re distracted by people and spontaneous events, but it doesn’t mean our interest wanes.

Tuesday, May 22 the fun energy is still with us but we’re asked to grow up and be goal-oriented as the Moon conjunct Saturn midday. Lots of hot air and bravado mix in with genuine warm hearts and natural easy showmanship; life is entertainment, the subways and town square may be the best stage. Early evening words flow as the Moon sextiles Mercury, later evening is both more magical and confusing, enjoy the illusion just notice its discrepancy with reality as the Moon opposes, while Mercury trines, Neptune. Ask dreams for clues tonight, the subconscious is cooking.

Wednesday, May 23 emotional blips on the radar this morning need attention, but are awkward rather than important. Listen, clarify and sooth rather than confront. Those close to us may get their nose out of joint if our attention has been focused on far horizons, and not on them. The Virgo Moon speeds up the workplace, but can also make us anxious or worried midday, though our worries may not be realistic. Venus inconjuncts Jupiter later stirring insecurity around some unfinished business; honor the feelings, but stay on track. Rough waters possible this evening, watch a tendency to second guess or fault-find as stress release; instead, ask what does the whole self know is real.

Thursday, May 24 aim carefully; it’s easy to speed or spout off in the wrong direction as Mars semi-squares Neptune while Neptune retrogrades. Fluids can misbehave, so keep the coffee far from the keyboard. Weather patterns can be unpredictable, and the pool of our minds easily muddied, but if we allow the mind to still, like a quiet, sunlit pool, we have unusual access to clear insight.

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