Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 16 – 22, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 16 – 22, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” said Mohandas Gandhi. This week an encouraging, change-producing Jupiter-Uranus sextile peaks, it resonates throughout the summer and peaks again this November. This aspect opens up opportunity and eases any change we choose to set in motion; it does not insist, it’s encouraging and non-demanding, but it may make holding onto the status quo tricky. And we have to manifest its potential.

This Jupiter-Uranus sextile is generous and liberal which can balance out another many-month aspect, a conservative Saturn-Pluto trine which has been asking us to cut back, strengthening old power and stirring the coals on familiar rivalries all spring. Our American political scene is doing a wonderful job exemplifying both aspects, heightening all sides of the political debate. We’ll be wobbling between these two poles, between invoking change and maintaining status quo, now through November. Both aspects begin to clear, ironically, just after the election, although the momentum for a new paradigm builds from multiple long term aspects over the next few years.

We can feel this dichotomy in our own lives, one set of aspects are nudging us to change, or helping us to get flexible and adapt to the unexpected twists of fate that may now sprinkle our lives. All while the Saturn–Pluto aspect is asking to get conservative and focus on some fundamental aspect of our life, like job, work, family, to create a more stable foundation. The combination of change and foundational work is jiggling earth’s tectonic plates, where is it shifting our underpinnings.

Good aspects between Jupiter and Uranus are also ingenious, they usually inspire new technologies, so be on the lookout over the next six months. And luckily, this aspect also helps us figure out how to use them. Our primary electrical equipment is our brain. Mercury retrogrades new week, so keep an eye out for the new technologies, but consider waiting until mid June to actually pick one up.

As for this week, Friday is friendly, but the weekend is emotionally moody. Everyone’s got an attitude on this second Scorpio Full Moon of the month (the Moon was full the first day of Taurus and again this last day of Taurus, making it a true Blue Moon). This Scorpio Moon is just what we need of we have to make some final push before the end of the school year, or if we are delving into ruble to find missing people, it offers tenacity and the emotional depth necessary to get to the bottom of things, and deal with the darkest corners. Stay away from the ex and choose confrontations with care, as this brings out our jealously demons and tough street smarts. And please pardon our neurosis; they may swim to the surface, even if we don’t take them seriously.

Under this Scorpio Moon we may all need time alone but don’t want to be deserted; it has to feel like our choice. If we crave solitude, we don’t have to push them away; we just have to claim our space peacefully. Reassure those near and dear and give any sulking person privacy rather than a hard time. Luckily Mercury in facile Gemini helps us talk about it, but we may feel a real schism between our conscious thinking and our emotional moods. Our minds know better, but our emotions can be intensely primal. Some wonderfully socializing aspects to Venus, a trine from Jupiter and a sextile to Uranus, soothe the edges and add a wildly romantic edge.

This Full Moon can polarize; watch for outrageous political commentary from those who like things in black and while. But if there’s an investigation at hand, research to perform, some roots to dig up in the garden or solitude to seek, this stubborn intensity can be just the ticket.

Early next week the energy changes completely, the clouds part even as our nerves tighten; the Sun enters sparkling Gemini, Moon enters restless Sagittarius and we’re ready to rock and roll. If relationships took flack over the last few days, laugh together now and heal. We grow more farsighted, focus on the international picture, not the local. But don’t get too far ahead, don’t build castles in the clouds unless all participants agree as the Sun squares Neptune; artistic imagination is strong but our judgment may be way off.

Midweek, our control issues flush out of the word work and our responsibilities pinch. Check who’s pulling the strings as the Moon enters Capricorn and the Sun squares Saturn, inconjuncts Pluto and speaks to us about the frailty of humanity. Niggling self doubts nudge our manipulative sides, difficult decisions or organizational plans need attention. Stay grounded and use the organizational energies.

Friday, May 16 is for the birds and bees; spring fever can get us out of our cave and help us relax and explore. Flirt a little; get agreement for cooperative plans this morning as the Moon trines Mercury. Afternoon is disjointed, distracted but pleasant; make contacts now but sweat the details later. Evening is magical and sociable, great entrances and exits as the Moon in Libra trines both Mercury and Neptune; life is fiction, but the story can be beautiful if we keep our expectations low and enjoy the moment’s glow.

Saturday, May 17 a waxing Scorpio Moon is good for gardening, for turning over loam and digging out the roots of what we do not want to replace them with the roods of what we do. Take that metaphor to the soul. We don’t need words to dig either place, our words get intense, but most truth happens below the verbal level; listen with the heart. Give people psychic space as well as physical if they need it. Night is intense and primal.

Sunday, May 18 be real and be kind as Venus sextiles Uranus and trines Jupiter; we want to love but need all our peculiarities accepted. Eccentric composition, creative expression; get the paints out or move the furniture, find a safe and creative place to speak to the soul if people get difficult Some major gestalt will come to a head over the next few days. We can face a real problem square in the face and feel hopeful that the situation can change and we can make a difference. Chill early, as communications scrambled if we haven’t had enough down time.

Monday, May 19 socially awkward morning as the Moon squares Neptune and opposes Venus; assume misunderstandings. Creative if unrealistic day on the verge of a breakthrough, but possibly so fed up with some situation that we’re tempted to cut it off before its time. Take a break instead; do not pressure people to do that which they resist. Energy is wild tonight, the cork comes out of the bottle; the Moon is full around 8 pm MDT, and then enters restless Sagittarius around 9:00 pm.

Tuesday, May 20 we’re ready to start the next chapter, pressure relieved, voyages started, new opportunities arise. Unfinished work floats away as the Sun enters Gemini. Community connections matter; we’re not interested in systems and will laugh at authority. Self determination is cheerfully and vociferously assumed as Sun quincunx Pluto and Jupiter sextiles Uranus.

Wednesday, May 21 foot-in-mouth disease; outspoken slips can get us in hot water unless we check our facts and use a modicum of tact. A darker worry or concern worms its way to the surface, a series of minor unexpected events ask us to adjust. Don’t take out impatience upon one another, get out and moving instead. Kids, dogs and citizens test authority as the Sun inconjuncts Pluto

Thursday, May 22 if boundaries are tested, hold the line where it’s important and don’t take the bait elsewhere. Mars quincunx Uranus adding a rugged individualism and irritation, we do not suffer fools lightly. Use this highly competent day to get details in order before Mercury retrogrades next week, but avoid dueling control issues. No co-dependence allowed; hand responsibility back to the owner and let us all grow in our competences as the Moon enters Capricorn.

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