Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 11 – 17

Starcodes horoscopes for week of May 11 – 17

by Heather Roan Robbins

Mother’s Day, like Earth Day and May 1st are earthy Taurus holidays that honor the Mother, the divine maternal archetype seen in the fecund Earth and our local ancestral versions. It’s a good time to honor the mothering principle in us all; our capacity to care for one another, to feed and nurture ourselves and our surroundings, to birth new ideas and form into to our world. Venus, now in Maternal Cancer, reminds us of the longing to be cared for and to care. We need this earthy tenderness in a tumultuous spring.

Consider celebrating Mother’s Day on Saturday, not Sunday, before some rather maudlin but intense family dynamics set in. As the weekend begins, we may feel a bit daunted by life as nerve endings sensitize, tears and laughter run close to the surface and require kindness under a Pisces Moon. We may also sensitize to pollens and other irritants. But the conversation will pick up and humor can be a saving grace as mental Mercury heads into talkative Gemini.

We might feel some annoying limitation in our situation, whether it is short funds, time, or resources; it may impact what we do but can make us ingenious instead of stop the process as Venus semi-squares pragmatic Saturn and the Sun square Neptune.

This weekend need to keep our eye on the prize and remember what’s important so as not to get caught up in static; do something fun and exciting together instead. Otherwise, it could be stormy few days as the Moon enters feisty Aries while militant Mars squares powerful Pluto. Some challenge for leadership or collision of needs can bring conflicts to a head, whether it’s family juggling or spring rebellion. Some of us will just rail at the passage of time or roads not taken.

Watch for storms, lightning and piles of dry tinder, whether sexual tension or combustible materials. If this describes the family, be careful around Mother’s day dynamics; be active together where possible, pack away all good advice or manipulation, drop power trips, they will not further. Best give people a place for their complaints; if we can talk about it, the pressure lets off. Short, fun spontaneous interactions and fresh from the heart honesty works best.

On Tuesday, Mars enters Aries for the next 5 weeks, adding extra rocket fuel to all we do. Mars in Aries can take all our plans into high gear, 0 to 60 in a second, but we have to add the endurance to actually make it happened. Mars in Aries is brave, but not necessarily wise. It wants to start things, rebuild a town, start a ruckus, a war, a love affair, a project, and gives us cat-like energy, bursts with sleepy spells in-between. Mars in Aries instills in us a knee-jerk oppositional behavior, makes it really hard to be told what to do, brings out the leader in us all, and can give us the guts to renew our efforts in a job search or new exploration.

Midweek is fecund, stubborn, sensual, hungry and determined; this fertile New Moon in Taurus is a good time to plant what we want to grow. We tend to deepen what we’re doing, rather than change course; if in love, than we grow cuddlier, if at war then we can get more entrenched. Let’s be careful where we root.

Towards the end of the week, a talkative Gemini Moon can relieve pressure through mediation and negotiations, and just plain silliness; it helps us laugh about our foibles and multi-task the day away. Use this interactive window to make brave cold calls necessary to launch the project, or make that difficult call to old friend to finish up unfinished business. Random good conversations may bear more fruit that at first glance, so keep ears open. Conversations bubble late into the night, whether we like it or not; calm the mind before sleep.

Friday, May 11 is sensitive and reactive, we may want to concentrate but can get easily distracted. There’s a lot on our plate Mercury enters Gemini, but it’s hard to get people coordinated enough to cooperate as Venus in Cancer semi-squares Saturn, but the Pisces Moon makes no major aspects and so can leave us unfocused, disorganized. It’s a good evening for hanging out and talking our heads off, with a wild twist near midnight as the Moon conjuncts Uranus.

Saturday, May 12 may not go as planned, but can be delightful if we stay spontaneous. Morning is disorganized but can be sweet if we prioritize feelings and make it easy for others to be sensitive. Celebrate Mother’s Day now if possible. Mid-afternoon expectations and impatience picks up as the Moon conjuncts Mars, then enter Aries. Because the Sun squares confusing Neptune, details are foggy; it’s easier to imagine than get real, or to miss some key signal or clue. Watch for potential weather damage. We become combustible materials, but a well contained fire can light up life.

Sunday, May 13 brings a funny, honest, shoot from the hip energy. We may want, in the worse way, conflicting things. Details tend to snag, accidents increase and tempers twitch unless we streamline. If we can keep our hearts open and our sense of humor intact, Mars square Pluto will energize, not frustrate. There’s real potential for a power struggle or collision of wills wherever we take ourselves too seriously, and some long-standing conflict may come to a head. Challenging events can help us work together.

Monday, May 14 is an impatient and competent day. Marshal forces; get the ducks in a row. Make is so as the Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter form an equilateral triangle in motivating Fire signs. Push forward professionally but let us stay within our emotional comfort zone, Mars is in a brave position, not Venus. Find a constructive place to vent if needed, and try to put frustration onto creative problem solving. Do not waste time, or waste the time of others, this is a valuable day.

Tuesday, May 15 Mars enters Aries and fuels our plans, we need to steer carefully, makes sure we want the long-term consequences. It brings out our adolescent sides, ready to disagree with glee and tell off those that pressure us. Stubbornness can be come an art form as the Moon enters earthy Taurus, we become mulish more than explosive; willful. We can trick people into cooperating with reverse psychology.

Wednesday, May 16 we need to clean up our act; check and see where it’s necessary to make amends and repair a hurt, goof or wrong created by a misapplication of will power or temper as Mars semi-squares the asteroid Chiron. If we can get back on the right track, we clear the path for future progress.

Thursday, May 17 we’re talking alright, but is it witty repartee or cutting words. Build plans, get people on board by describing the plan, get the conversation rolling, but hold on signing if possible because the winds are changing, news is pouring in and probably some crucial piece of information is still missing. Conversational evening brings up a lot of tender points, but don’t push; this is not the final answer.

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