Starcodes horoscopes for week of March 7 to 13, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of March 7 to 13, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week offers a catalyst for change, huge for some, minor for others. It’s high noon in a few high profile arguments but the rest of us may just feel our dream energize with a bit of extra feistiest around the edges when our touchiness twinges. But look for a new paradigm, new hints of a better dream in the midst of other conflicting news.

We’re confronted with new understanding, but that may come either through our inner perceptions, as a confrontation with a radical viewpoint or though exposure to jagged edge of reality. The New Moon in tender, intuitive Pisces can open our inner eye and our hearts to melt some internal resistance just as the Sun conjuncts electrical Uranus and calls us to experiment. All while Mercury runs with visionary but confusing Neptune and confrontational Mars perfects its dangerous opposition to intensifying Pluto.

Vulnerability and vision, a strong impulse to experiment yet willfully self-protective; this week can go in so many ways. Every aspect is a two-sided coin, with a challenging side and a gift.

The worst case scenario buys into a victim-perpetrator model, but we can refuse that dance; mutual responsibility is so much more dynamic. Where insecure people feel they are loosing control they may be tempted to jockey for power or lash-out, whether in a national politics or in the office; the Mars-Pluto opposition can bring out the urge for dominance and territory and inflame our obsessions. It can be quite explosive. Watch out for accidents causes by either optimistic space-out, or more concretely through a build-up of gas or liquids, particularly near a spark, whether accidental or intentional. But it also can inspire the hero in us all, we just have to make sure we have agreement before we save the day.

The push-pull aggression and sensitivity of this line up can tweak relationships if one person feels vulnerable and the other impatient; the first feels sorry for themselves, the second, resists guilt and gets mean. If our defenses start to echo off one another, let’s take a break and remember that all parties probably care, but are just clumsy, triggered, or off the mark with one another right now, and start again when these old disempowering patterns settle down.

It would be nice to be able to think our way out of these apparently conflict aspects, but with Mercury conjunct Neptune, our ability to dream and intuit is stronger than our critical thinking skills. Because this aspect can make us spacey as the week begins, it’s a great time to brainstorm the future, but let’s track the logistics of life with care. It offers great dreams but which is an empowering vision and which a dangerous escape or delusion is hard to tell just yet. With Mercury’s retrograde cycle, this dream took form mid-January, was tested around the first of February, and now can build momentum.

The Neptunian propensity for illusion and fantasy can feed into unbalanced minds just as Mars opposes Pluto, so try to stay out of troubled situation, avoid bar brawls and custody battles, in-laws or coworkers that tend to project their stuff onto others. Deflect rather than confront where possible, because if the fight is based upon an illusion, chances are it won’t straighten out until midweek.

Late in the week Venus enters Pisces and lets us get a bit cuddlier than we’ve been recently under Venus in Aquarius. Love has been an abstract thing, we sought sustenance from our social network, but may have missed the needs our dearly beloved. The next few weeks are all about reconnecting with intimacy, listening to our own quiet souls and to those close to use.

Friday, March 7 asks what our soul long for, what beautiful dream can light our way on this New Moon in Pisces; let’s remember, then hold that glimpse of beauty in the heart while dealing with wild vibe today. The energy is sensitive but unsettled, easily-angered and strategic as Mars opposes Pluto. Obsessive and intense power dynamics; empathize don’t polarize. Operate machinery, and tempers, with care. Let’s see if we can find the calm under the waves, below the storm, where all change is possible.

Saturday, March 8 sparks fly. The Aries Moon requires that we have something constructive to do, or, like an adolescent with too much time on its hand, we’ll tend to get into trouble with this feisty exciting, reactive energy. But no one can tell us what to do; we have to find it ourselves. It’s easy to start a war, but more fun to start a worthwhile project as the Moon squares Mars and Pluto this morning. If we feel a strong urge for radical change this afternoon, let’s ask if it’s active or reactive. Tonight, misunderstands abound, but so does a shared dream. Non-ordinary events engage our imagination.

Sunday, March 9 offers visions; let’s dream together as Mercury conjuncts Neptune. This aspect is powerful for our spiritual search or for a new societal vision but can really space us out. Nothing seems to follow the expected pace. Spontaneous creativity helps us converse with our muse. But we can get lost in our misconceptions unless we really want to see the truth, however uncomfortable as Mercury conjuncts Neptune.

Monday, March 10 offers a fresh start, ready to implement changes we dreamed up over the weekend. The mood stabilizes with determination; we come out of the clouds and manifest the ideas as the Taurus Moon trines Saturn and Pluto. Take pragmatic steps to manage recent shifts. The energy is with us, and the competition will be on the move. Keep the pace steady.

Tuesday, March 11 brings a hopeful morning, but don’t overindulge as the Taurus Moon trines Jupiter. Irritable patch mid-afternoon; go around obstacles, not through. Early evening we can see the way through, we’re not really flexible but are willing to explore options. Sleep early or watch out for misunderstandings late tonight as the Moon squares Neptune.

Wednesday, March 12 morning awkwardness does not reflect reality as the Moon squares Mercury and Venus. If words seem at odds with our feeling, let’s be quiet for now, it’s easier to find the words later as the Moon enters verbal Gemini. If we have to confront impropriety or manipulation, let’s keep it short, sweet and direct. Hearts soften later as Venus enters Pisces, the evening is poetic.

Thursday, March 13 deepens feelings. We’re in need of real contact as Venus sextiles Pluto and promotes a new honesty, asks us to let go of the superficial and be present to our hearts. Engage real conversation about that which matters. Wittiness offers counterpoint, but can disguise loneliness; don’t get stuck there. When in doubt, let good manners and kindness guide.

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