Starcodes horoscopes for week of March 30 – April 5

Starcodes horoscopes for week of March 30 – April 5

by Heather Roan Robbins

We are invited to rebuild our life afresh; let’s keep our wits about ourselves and not sweat the small stuff this week. Springtime, with its Aries Sun, traditionally brings impatience for a better world and a more authentic life. This week it’s fortified by an electrifying conjunction between thoughtful Mercury and urgent, erratic Uranus which encourages us to resist undesirable conditions and express underused parts of our soul. At the same time, Venus squares Neptune, which both feeds our longing for a more beautiful and fulfilled life and can loan us the imagination to make it so.

This Mercury-Uranus conjunction can wake up our minds and add extra voltage to our nerves, even leave our brain to run like a hamster on its wheel while we mull over our options. But we can use the ambient worry and fuss to energize our brainstorms and power our creative process. We just need to watch a critical streak and a tendency to second guess that can make us doubt what we actually know in our bones.

This vernal Aries urge for an authentic expression could spark the beginnings of student resistance or prison unrest. The restless dog barks for a walk, the child balks at guidance. We can feel the springtime unrest anywhere the populace thinks it has a legitimate beef with those in control.

Let them have their say, repression only makes it worse. Speak up where needed. Respond to reasonable demands; walking the dog is even good for us. Then hold the line with healthy boundaries. Luckily, Venus and Mars are both in fixed signs, which give us some emotional ballast if we reach for it, even if it leaves us fairly stubborn.

But if we have suppressed an integral side of us, it will now spring forth. Our inner artist, rebel, or business exec wants its day. If we have worries we’ve been avoiding, they may now dance in our face. We just have to remember, we are no more our suppressed side than we are our normal face; all part of us, all our needs and skills, need a place at the table. The more acceptance we give ourselves, and the more we feel from those around us, the more integrated this search for our vital authenticity can be.

At work, we’re ready to think outside of the box, to let go of the more secure position and experiment with a more radical approach to the solution. On a national level, elements that have felt suppressed or without a voice in the culture now speak out. Pluto begins a long retrograde and the power dynamics can get strange, we all will need to use our power with compassion. Even the tectonic plates get restless.

In relationships, an urgency to tell our side of the story can make it harder to hear theirs. Venus squares both Saturn and Neptune this week, which can test our relationships, either work, responsibilities or bad relationship habits can get in the way. But we can use these aspects to hone our negotiations skills, even if it feels awkward at first. We just have to choose to really see one another and not settle for the projections which this Neptune aspect so loves to create.

Midweek, the inner pressure to express the unexpressed gets stronger under a brooding Moon in Scorpio and can tempt us to make sudden, unwise decisions. We can get an itch to cut off what was working, to call sanctions, blow up or walk out, when what we really need is a different (Uranus) way to think about the situation, and new way to communicate (Mercury). This creative urgency can inspire phenomenal artwork, so keep the art supplies handy and the computer warmed up. If life gets hectic, Venus in Taurus encourages us to get back into our bodies and relax, enjoy simple ways to feed the senses; take a walk, feel the spring sunshine on skin and listen to the tweeting birds.

Friday, March 30 is a day to weed, edit, clear, clean, pare down; brittle but competent. Our longing and our responsibilities can tug us down different roads and leave us stuck at the crossroads unless we alternate. Self-consciousness can be a block unless we focus more on their reality than ours. Change is in the air and can unsettle the nerves, but we don’t have to jump the gun or overshoot the mark as the Virgo Moon opposes Pisces Mercury tonight. Watch the helpful suggestions, but let eccentricities shine. Art can wake up the critical and appreciative mind; enjoy movie, show, or nature’s sculpture.

Saturday, March 31 use the ambient discontent for spring cleaning and reorganizing, change house, office, or self-concept rather than try to change a friend as the Virgo Moon opposes Uranus. Appreciate affection early; later, family issues need compassionate action, not worry or irritation. Action and tempers flare easily later, good for a work out, walk or action sequence in a movie, but don’t start in on one another. Watch the personal discussions or political moves as Pluto retrogrades and Mars challenges the Sun. A moody night, watch the self-critic. We’ll feel better if we help another; be there for people who might be feeling lonely or have recently suffered loss.

Sunday, April 1 after a potentially rocky morning while the Moon squares Pluto, let’s all be April Fools together and celebrate the springtime as the Moon enters Libra. Try something new, experiment, let others explore new ideas without taking them too seriously under the ingenious Mercury–Uranus conjunction. Look for something completely new; career, approach, appearance, but don’t worry about making a final decision yet. Consider possibilities and spread appreciation, tackle personal issues that need imagination and an egalitarian approach to resolve.

Monday, April 2 a Full Libra Moon at 11:14 am brings up any paradox we have between our need to connect vs. our ornery, independent self; Individuation vs. cooperation. They don’t have to be opposites; a true partnership, whether working or romance, ripens when both parties are their biggest and most authentic selves. Think mediation instead of confrontation. If we’re on the Full Moon emotional see-saw, let’s use it to get a diverse perspective rather than be confused at the change in view. Discipline and skills need to be applied to love and art as Venus squares Saturn; function needs its graceful form.

Tuesday, April 3 expansive dreams breed a generous morning; enlist cooperation as the Venus aspects Jupiter and the Moon trines both Mars and Neptune. Parts work together better, creative mediums interface comfortably. Watch a tendency to manipulate with friendliness, use good intentions with honesty midday; get agreements in writing, with action started this afternoon. Moods deepen; we pull inside to brood or introspect tonight as the Moon enters Scorpio.

Wednesday, April 4, dramatic and emotionally intense day, everything is drawn in vivid and deep colors, and cooperation isn’t the point. Tension stews where we force our reality on another, try to make them see it our way, but can be productive where we can focus in our own direction and at our own speed. Musky undertones, hidden things work their way to the surface. An urge to instigate to eliminate and purify, to lean our will, to spark off one another complicates interactions; negotiate with strength, not sheer stubbornness. It’s easy to get lost in our inner realms as Venus squares imaginative Neptune, which is confusing where the dreams clash but lovely for solitary work or where we dream together.

Thursday, April 5 our personal agenda grows louder, so let’s be careful what we brood upon and make sure it’s healthy. Distracted people bump into one another. Moods change hourly as the Moon runs through 8 different aspects. Ride this rollercoaster and stay alert to the moment, take advantage of an opening, but redirect and repositions when tension arises, then try again in an hour. Tonight, don’t try to force connection, compatibility equals quiet acceptance; two solitudes touching.

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