Starcodes horoscopes for week of March 29 – April 3, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of March 29 – April 3, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

The moods blow as hot and cool this week as the brash spring weather; the Aries Sun encourages us to get out there and dive into life while our thoughts and feelings are still turned inwards, thoughtful and receptive under the very sensitive and unusually receptive influence of Mercury and Venus in Pisces with Mars in Cancer. Don’t worry if these water signs leave us feeling as waterlogged as mud underneath snowmelt, we can dry out and start to bloom next week.

The energy this week is heartfelt and intuitive but not logical, it’s a great time to make inward changes, but it’s hard to build momentum outwardly. Wait a week, Mercury heads into upstart Aries by the end of this week and Venus follows on the New Moon in Aries next week, a moment of great new beginnings.

So use this week to prepare; spring clean mind and body, desk and closets. Take care of the respiratory system and breathe that fresh spring air. This watery combination can make us feel more reactive and vulnerable both literally and metaphorically, so do the deep-breathing exercises away from known allergenic pollens or people. Write poetry and sketch out the plots that can direct next week’s impetus.

Pisces understand complexity, so it’s a wonderful time to acknowledge that our world is not simple, to perceive the threads that weave our emotional, political and ecological world together. This complexity is real, it is much more honest that America’s usual sound-bite response. We can see the whole imprint if we only look.

This complexity can be confusing in our love life or in the stock market, two places where we may feel torn between reaching for excitement and worrying about risk, and both indices which responds to emotional aspects rather than logical. If some corner of life feels hopelessly entangled, slow down and try to get down to what is real and alive, like pruning thoughts down through the last year’s deadwood to the living rootstock. When in doubt, feel rather than act until the situation clarifies.

Though it may be tempting to nestle in one’s own thoughts, let’s use this time to improve our mutual understanding so we can use next week’s powerful aspects for progress. Contact our representatives about world issues we feel strongly about. Improve understanding now, because next week’s impatience can be volatile.

Venus is not only in dreamy Pisces, it sextiles benevolent Jupiter and turns up the spigot of our emotions; tears and laughter run close to the surface this week and so does our creative impulse. If we have a project that takes creativity and patience, let’s get started now as patience, already in short supply, evaporates by the end of the week. Unexpected displays of affection sensitively expressed are a pure delight, they breathe fresh air into our familiar loves as Venus conjunct Uranus and Sun and Mars square off over the weekend. New sparks or emotion or ambition glow around the edges waiting for a bit of fuel to catch fire.

But one person’s Aries need for independence and exploration can feel like sandpaper to another’s vulnerability, and when we feel uncomfortably vulnerable, the self-protective Mars in Cancer kicks in its defenses, whether we be a country or candidate, or a friend who pulls back after feeling exposed.

Notice there is not much common sense at the moment, that doesn’t mean we’re inefficient, sometimes we accomplish so much more when we forget the common sense that tells us we can’t. It’s our creative impulse or our desire to clear the decks that spurs the efficiency, not practicality. It’s much easier to engage a project than stick to routine as Jupiter sextiles restless, experimental Uranus. If something needs to be done well, find a way to make the challenge fresh.

Mercury enters Aries midweek, speeds up our processing time and pulls out of our personal reverie and brings our attention back to the world around us. Any ongoing battle for freedom or self-rule gains momentum. Our attention is intense but short lived, if the taxes are still not done, it pays to focus in short stretches and keeps some soft object handy to toss across the room in frustration. We want quick answers and fast action, or we want to know why. Now.

Friday, March 28 is freewheeling and outspoken; springtime calls our hearts no matter what the weather is doing under a Sagittarius Moon and as Venus conjuncts Uranus. Aesthetic restlessness can inspire a roving eye, or to spend on a spring wardrobe, or to move the furniture. It’s an experimental time; create away, felicitous changes instigated now. Sparkling sociable dinnertime, but the mood shifts mid-evening, grows more serious, probes difficult questions as the Moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto.

Saturday, March 29 our bodies, and our moods, may feel stiff, need limbering stretches, and call to us for extra rest this morning even though projects urge us to get up and at it. It’s a good day for building, digging new flower beds or other ambitious creative mechanical productions, but we may need to rest often and to appreciate progress in order to keep it up. Humor can be scarce as the afternoon grows more determined and competitive when the Moon squares the Sun and opposes Mars; watch for mishaps and snaps at teatime, evening is best if active, keep competition playful.

Sunday, March 30 feisty overnight Sun-Mars square can bring challenging headlines this morning. Think before spouting off, go chop wood or move the piano instead. People can be just difficult; a nice long walk helps shift the energy. Consider working out before interacting this morning. Around noontime the mood expands as the Moon conjuncts hopeful Jupiter; sociable aspects help us work it out this evening.

Monday, March 31 plant seeds in the fertile loam of the social network on this collaborative day, schedule quick meetings and cooperative efforts, keep them loose and creative under the eccentric Aquarius Moon. If more is begun and discussed than finished today, don’t worry, but do keep track; we work best in fits and spurts. Intimacy is in the understanding, not in the direct expression.

Tuesday, April 1, let’s all be fools, be impractical visionaries and let our hearts speak truly rather than pragmatically. Afternoon reminds us what still needs work; some old scar tissue gets tweaked or loneliness exposes whether it’s a sore point in the culture or a more personal memory. Let every tweak be an opportunity for healing as the Moon semi-squares Mercury and Pluto. It’s a good time to check in with old friends, feed the nostalgia for old allies.
Wednesday, April 2 Pluto turns retrograde and appears to put on hold some of the imminent changes, though it’s only going back to finish business and prepare the way. Mercury enters Aries speeding up our mind just as the Moon enters hypersensitive Pisces, bringing our thinking to spectrum from profound and compassionate action to reactive and obsessed. Tough news and worries surface to be dealt with; feel it, but let the tide wash over rather than overwhelm.

Thursday, April 3, our moods tank easily as Mercury squares Pluto and quincunx Saturn, so deal with the problem right here rather than going to look for more. This forensic investigative quality is good for last minute tax work or other focused and necessary research, the more urgent the better. Give the hamsters in the brains something else to work on, some profound mystery to keep it busy. Listen to concerns, but not to the absolutes and avoid saying the unforgivable; all our input can be skewed, colored by preconceptions unless we’re careful. If discouraged, be kind to the mood and deal with one thing at a time. Next week will be far more proactive.

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