Starcodes horoscopes for week of March 21 – 27, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of March 21 – 27, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

The week begins with a primal edge; birth and death, who’s in and who’s out. A few lucky one will get just what they asked for, but then wonder what’s next. Springtime can do this to us, push us to start over, be our very best, and this is exacerbated by today’s Full Moon in Libra opposes the Sun in Aries as both square Mars and Pluto.

This Full Moon Grand Square is a stimulating and exciting aspect, but can leave us feeling pulled in four directions. The Sun in Aries reminds us of who we really are, it encourages us to shoot from the hip, centered in our self and whatever feeds our life-force. Any part of ourselves that was buried or subdued to make others more comfortable now returns to us fresh and insistent. While the Libra Full Moon (echoed by this week’s Mercury-Venus conjunction in Pisces) sings to us of the joys of relationship, inspiring contact, friendship, vulnerability and a dance with our muse. Mars in Cancer want us to protect ourselves at all costs, protect our tender spots, our home, hearth and security while Pluto in Capricorn asks us to be empowered and find our energy source.

There are no easy answers here, but this spotlight can helps us see where the tension lies and what we need to do next. We may feel a conflict between our needs and those of a loved one or business partner, or a conflict between our desires for cozy time at home versus a career that needs us front and center. Or just enjoy a good all-around debate.

If we can honor both our needs and those of our relationships, honor connection yet still step into our strength, we’ll feel renewed for the coming year. It’s worth the work, a whole self will always be more successful, and any job, relationship or path that requires us to be less than whole is not sustainable.

On a national and global level this Grand Square spotlights the same issues, only bigger; safety versus energy and power. The needs of an individual politician may clash with those of its party, or the needs of one individual or group with the global call. A win-win solution is the only lasting one.

Because Venus and Mercury are running together in Pisces, we’ll get this not as a logical syllogism, but as a feeling or artistic impression; we know in our soul what’s out of balance, and are more ready than usual to see the complexity involved. Sensitive and permeable, allergic to pollens and pushy people; our feelings tend to be intense, deep with strong undercurrents rather than fireworks. If we want to access this inner knowing, it helps to paint or write a stream of consciousness, to dance or listen to the stars; let the poetic soul and compassionate heart find the answers.

The weekend starts out with this activating and sociable Grand Square, the energy intensifies and turns inwards early in the week under a Scorpio Moon, brooding but indecisive, potentially more sure of what we don’t want than what we do. The week ends with a breath of refreshing honesty which can break open our interior conflicts and give us a whooping case of spring fever.

Friday, March 21 is an emotionally tempestuous day, friendly yet easily argumentative, so much happens below the word-level that it’s hard to tell what’s really going on. Don’t take others’ tension personally; we’re all working on our own conflicting desires as the Moon peaks full at 12:40 pm MDT. Dwell in those places of mutual interest now, and figure out how to proceed later on when the dust clears. It helps if we can notice when someone is stuck in the myth that it’s either their way or ours, and find a way to do both. Enjoy the night’s wild vibe, act out but don’t act against one another.

Saturday, March 22 nurture friendliness; the day can drifts disjointedly, if one action doesn’t seem to follow to the next, trust that we are doing what needs to be done and resting in the soul. All parts will fit together eventually. Early evening is serious or tired as Moon aspects Saturn but gets a second wind, if no more wisdom, later. Life overflows tonight.

Sunday March 23
brings the post-Full Moon crash; we feel our age and more this morning as the Sun quincunx Saturn. We want to spend time with our own thoughts and need connection and privacy at the same time. Unsettled feelings; a lighter mood but skewed timing this afternoon shifts into a potentially stormy evening as the Moon enters Scorpio. It helps to disappear into something that fascinates us.

Monday, March 24 brooding continues this morning, let everyone arrive at their own pace and do not poke. People may appear to be shut down early on, but are more accurately feeling too much and need some insulation, resentful of outside demands that make it hard to listen to their own rhythms. Sensitivities flow well with creative outlet, but our health may be reactive if we don’t listen to its more subtle cues. Later, sense a subtle compromise in the field beyond right and wrong, but if recent decisions meet with resistance, wait and implement in a few days.

Tuesday, March 25 rivers of feeling run deep; they run sweet and quiet without an obstacle (words are not the point) but churn wherever someone pulls a guilt trip or tries to force their will. Get creative to flow around the obstacles midday as the Moon trines Uranus, give others enough room to roll with it. Later, blurred communications can scratch our reactive tender selves; check facts before responding.

Wednesday, March 26 the mood thaws like a spring stream, wanderlust calls us away from out desks as the Moon enters restless Sagittarius, though if we buck up and deal with responsibilities before we traipse about as the Moon square Saturn midday, the delay will be less painful. Later, we’re more cooperative and ready to implement change without arguments, but may be indecisive or feel a deeply-held belief is being challenged as Mars sesqui-squares Neptune. Encourage understanding and let the decisions ripen from there.

Thursday, March 27 switch tracks, but with clear messages and goals as Mercury conjuncts Uranus and sextiles Jupiter. Listen for unexpected, possibly felicitous news and understanding. Curiosity and nervous energy can be a wind in our sails, but expect resistance for boring and repetitive tasks. Take a field trip; look for the magic, reach beyond borders. Laughter can carry the point across.

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