Starcodes horoscopes for week of March 14 – 20, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of March 14 – 20, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week comes in like a lamb, soft, sensitive and pushy, and roars out as a ram ready to butt heads as the Sun enters Aries and the new astrological year begins.

But for now we may prefer to run under the radar and domesticate. We’ll tend to be soft and squishy, guarded, doing the Pisces work of late winter. Pisces asks us to get in touch with ourselves by turning up our sensitivities; our health may be more reactive than usual or responsive both to stressors and to subtle healings. Our feelings are more easily hurt if a recent lack of down time begins to wear us thin.

We need to know we’re taking care of ourselves as Mars sextiles Saturn as Venus opposes it and calls for practical protection; whether that means our health, our relationship or job, or what we perceive as national security. But we’re probably willing to do so in a reasonable way. To smooth our path let’s be free with encouragements, because risking personal affront or rejection is not of interest; people will produce more, and be more sweet and forthcoming, where they feel safe.

Mercury joins Venus in Pisces just as the Sun gets ready to leave it, so this sensitivity work won’t suddenly cut off in the spring rush at week’s end. Mercury in Pisces encourages us to use its capacity to tune in, and not just tune out.

People will tend to read a lot in the small gestures take them personally, use them to judge where to feel safe and open, and where to armor up. If we do our relationship homework and take care of basic relationship skills, like expressing gratitude liberally and putting down the toilet seat, handle disagreements with respect, there’s a sensual sweetness encourages as Venus trines Mars in water signs encourages us to be closer, to snuggle in emotionally.

Mercury in Pisces opens up our lines of internal communications, but can fog or diffuse our logical thinking. It’s a great time to take a creative or spiritual retreat, but if we don’t get a chance, our daydreams call our minds down wandering paths during long meetings. Kids stare out the window during class imagining just what they’d be doing if let run free. Just watch the tendency to wander into passive-fantasyland, imagining the lottery won and the prince or princess arrived; all problems solved by external forces. Unless one is writing a Disney movie, it may help to visit that place for refreshment, then harness this imagination towards pragmatic approach or creative accomplishment. But don’t get lost even there while driving.

This weekend offers edgy perceptiveness to our intuition, gives us x-ray vision if we choose to do so as Mercury sextiles Pluto, and we can be persuasive about what we see. On the other hand, we could pick up a worry and shake it like a bone with this mental tenacity. It helps to ask a clear question, and be willing to be hopeful.

Relationships can be warm, but as Venus opposes Saturn it can test us, bring up doubts or make it harder to express our live, either because we feel constrained or because we’re too darn busy. Some old memories can bother us from the past. But if we can just be patient and build trust quietly, rather than retreat or get prickly, Venus trines Mars in sensitive water signs can help us connect at a really deep and sweet level.

Early in the week the energy begins to buzz under a Leo Moon and as Mercury opposes Saturn promotes hyperbole and concern. Dramatic declarations about the real problem should make campaign rhetoric glower. Let’s see if we can tone it down in our own lives, rigorous thinking does not need to be narrow, only to check for the supporting beams underneath an idea.

Midweek, a minor challenging sesqui-square between Jupiter and Saturn can temporarily make it harder to balance our work goals and our personal needs, or to make all participants happy in a project, as we experience tension between our more conservative elements and our more generous sides

March 19, blessings on the Spring Equinox as the Sun enters Aries 11:48 pm MDT, leaving the energy unsettled and alive, and ready to tell us off. A critical Virgo Moon combines with the Sun in Aries to feed the usual spring revolution, the restless idealism that’s fed up with how the country’s run or how our partner snores and wants to start fresh. Let’s celebrate the spring, break routine and do something intense and alive and direct this restlessness wisely.

Friday, March 14 is a communicative if cranky morning. We may want to start the weekend early as the Moon enters Cancer and our energy turns inwards midday. Competent, but watch the sharp edges as Mars sextiles Saturn and conjuncts the Moon later; family irritations may need to be aired, but let’s ask whether it’s really necessary, or are we just trying to make someone pay for discomfort. We can harness this sextile easily if we have work to do. Defenses prickle easily but comfort and warmth soothes most ruffled feathers. Tonight, if moods drift into dark corners, explore the depths but stay connected.

Saturday, March 15 dream together and brainstorm how to make it happened. Relationships are tested by life, so let’s not add to the burden, but instead be kind and polite as our default. We’re tempted to over spend on our dreams or make an extravagant gesture as Venus opposes Saturn, semi-squares Jupiter and Mercury sextiles Pluto. Polemic in the marketplace, we can persuade easily if we see potential, but others will resent if this is used to manipulate. Better to use this sensitive intensity to hold deep and compassionate conversation; approach with an open heart and a desire to truly understand one another, and the evening can be cuddly.

Sunday, March 16 brings an intimate morning, communication is sub-vocal, it’s time to walk the beauty way, to be at home and in balance, however we define that. Kindness reaches out to those far from home and offers extended family. Afternoon extroversion and healing laughter as the Moon enters Leo. We need input from the outside, all emotions ramp up; sweet is sweeter, drama more operatic. Serious plans are discussed in extravagant terms.

Monday, March 17 serious, potentially pompous morning; take pronouncements with a grain of salt but look for the real implications underneath. Insecure people can demand a show of respect. Address serious issues but if tempted to make a mountain out of a molehill, take on a bigger challenge. Delays in transportation may give us time to think and prove serendipitous as Mercury opposes Saturn.

Tuesday, March 18 look for the ship that launches a thousand faces; it’s a good day to initiate self-promotion or other liaison with the public on this both fanciful and serious if impractical day as Mercury trines Mars. Employ technical skills in poetic pursuit, don’t let dreams interfere with practical life; let practical life serve the dreams. Because our imagination sings right now, if life gets surreal, make sure all are in the same dream.

Wednesday, March 19 pre-spring cleaning under the Virgo Moon; let’s clean our house, our soul, our personal lives, but leave the habits of loved ones alone in preparation for tonight’s Equinox. There’s no need to throw out that which is still useful, but let’s be honest about what‘s already been shed but not released, like last year’s leaves still clinging to a tree. Feel all the energy gearing up as the Sun enters Aries at 11:48 pm MDT.

Thursday March 20 is unsettled, restless and poetic like a bohemian opera. Confidence and a new enthusiasm encourages us to reexamine and revamp our campaign. Watch that one person’s ideas do not swamp others by sheer force of will, let the good float to the surface. Too many cooks, too many good ideas; but if we can balance our sensitive nature with our sharp critical eyes the resulting stew will be delicious.
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