Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 8 – 14

Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 8 – 14

by Heather Roan Robbins

Get done what needs to be done early in the week. Tie up loose ends, make final purchases of electronic gear, cars, bicycles, tickets, in a careful and thoughtful manner, before Mercury retrogrades June 15 and downshifts our world into its summer languor.

But as the weekend begins, we have places to go and things to do under a wonderfully activating fire grand trine between active Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. It’s a great aspect to get thing started, to commence any new enterprise or effort, but can be frustrating if our path is not clear or if our life is in metamorphosis. Mars in Aries makes us so antsy to get a move on.

But Venus in Leo tugs us in another direction, it feeds our sybaritic streak and wants us to live life with panache, to take the summer off be creative, play, or engage in arts on a grand scale.

Neither planet is good at just chilling while it’s in a fire sign. Instead, they can give us cat-like energy; bursts of extraordinary energy mixed with long lazy spells, able to stay up to all hours if entertained and if our passions are engaged, but slow to rouse for an ordinary day. We’re usually able to switch gears quickly, like a sleepy cat waking to chase a mouse. And like a cat, we tend to want whatever’s elusive; the hard-to-get mate, the next level of work, the next belt in judo; whatever stretches us.

Because these emotional planets like attention when they’re in a fire sign, we can’t ignore or take anyone for granted right now, or we’re toast. On the same line, let’s not drop everything and be too available unless it’s an emergency; whatever feed our own soul’s excitement can feed the relationship. But do keep an eye out for those who are acting out. If they demand attention in a negative way, see if it’s possible to help them seek it in a more constructive form.

We need our beloveds fresh and alive, particularly this weekend under the feisty Aries Moon; independence is fascinating. So is anyone truly in their glory because they’re doing what lights their fire, whatever they’re passionate about as Venus sesqui-squares Uranus.

Early next week the world slows down a tad, it’s time to take care of health, tend to maintenance, or just catch up with ourselves, but it’s also an important time to fertilize our dreams with action. Look around, look for what nascent dream or hope needs the pot stirred, the paper sent in, or phone call made.

Words flow under the Gemini New Moon towards the end of the week, let them dissolve old angers and create new connection. The energy is flirtatious, even silly, but silly can be healing. It’s easy to waste time in shallow gossip or nervous worry, the idle chatter of the mind, and also easy to make small talk or poetically cross-pollinate ideas. Each word will have an effect, but the words may not go very far, nor mean exactly what we’d hoped. Speak with intention and take everything heard with a grain of salt as Mars sextiles Neptune.

Friday, June 8 is high strung and sensitive, with moods like a butterfly’s path. We need to be as sensitive to others as we are to ourselves. We’re ready to make an emotional shift, melt an old lump and progress as the Moon conjuncts Uranus, but still need encouragement that it is safe to do so. Last minute adjustment in plans, excitement about changes can leave us feeling unusually vulnerable, and prickly if we feel unsafe. Tonight has a bittersweet edge, extra beautiful but we can feel lonely in a crowd or long for what’s missing as Moon square Pluto. Some will deal with real loss. Look for the sweetness, for the beauty worth celebrating, nurture what we want to grow.

Saturday, June 9, the energy is positive but not cooperative, willful and independent, it responds well to a challenge, but encourages a lazy streak. We may like everyone, but hate to feel our personhood confined, and so flaunt our eccentricities with panache. Sweet morning, moods flare this afternoon. We’re tired of being good this evening, don’t want to behave; we may crave excitement as the Sun squares Uranus, but find it hard to explain what’s going on.

Sunday, June 10, enthusiastic and impatient, with an oppositional approach; the energy is friendly yet uncooperative as the Moon conjuncts Mars in Aries. Don’t tell them what to do, instead get them involved; if were all heading towards the same goal, we’ll all get there, but each in our own way. Watch an accident-prone or temperamental streak around noon, it settles into eccentric support this evening.

Monday, June 11 is slower but effective; be the turtle that wins the race as the Moon enters Taurus, the world begins to get off track for the coming retrograde cycle, things just don’t go quite like we planned, but it pays to slog though anyway and tend to what we can. A decisive Sun sextiles both Mars and Saturn, it urges us to put gears into motion. Watch for a power play, we need to make our own decisions and be reasonable but hold our ground. It helps if we are aware of the physical world, in our bodies and moving at a steady and healthy pace.

Tuesday, June 12 efficient if low on humor morning, do anything that needs cooperation early. This afternoon the Moon squares both Saturn and Neptune and can dance right on our insecurities, reminding us that old forms are dissolving and new ones are not formed yet. If we don’t deal with this directly, we’ll deal with those that are. Offer reassurance, listen; don’t push. Watch for water damage or structural problems caused by confusion. Tonight, our dreams call to us, so let the subconscious do the work. Open to a more creative solution, possibilities previously unheard.

Wednesday, June 13 brings lot of words and nerves, but are they going anywhere. The Moon enters Gemini as Mercury, who rules Gemini, appears to slow down. Conversation may be fascinating, when we’re not tripping over our words, but may not quite get to closure. Phone tag, near misses; keep trying where essential and let go where not. Spirituality is a deep river we can tap into; imagination and intuition are stronger than logic but need to be backed with reason as the Sun trines Neptune. Poetry works when prose does not.

Thursday, June 14 conversations and communiqués burrow into the past, old stuff comes up; proposals are dusted off as the Moon wanes down to the New Moon tonight at 9:14 pm MDT. The next few weeks we clear the ground, now we get an outline of the agenda. Watch for overblown statements or inflated assessments as the Moon opposes Jupiter this morning. Decisions we make will probably need to be revisited later, so take them as hypothesis, not fact. Tonight speak word seeds; what we say, what we read or hear, will grow in the soul

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