Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 6 – 12, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 6 – 12, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s a good week to be on vacation and not a candidate stumping for office. Sound bites and puns abound spontaneously, although most of them work, a few crash spectacularly; while words trip to our tongue easily, it’s so easy to miss-speak or blow our punch lines. And our memory can occasionally just go blank. While we may be in trouble if we accidentally call our beloved by the name of our most–hated ex, the whole country won’t snicker. Let’s give the public speakers and our beloveds a break, and don’t read deep Freudian meaning into the gaff.

Words, thoughts, ideas, all swirl about, balmy one minute, stormy the next; websites develop poltergeist with both Mercury and Neptune retrograde in air signs and mutually sextile. As it has for the last few weeks, weather stays unpredictable combination of wind and water. Schedules do not go off as planned, but the deviations may be more interesting and fertile than the original, so pad a tight schedule with a little wiggle room, and keep a good book nearby and an eye open for serendipitous meetings.

Mercury retrograde also offers us an unusual opportunity to reflect inwards. Possibly to return to a familiar scenario with fresh eyes, and take advantage of any chance to complete, in a deep and satisfying way, what we’ve left undone. Our minds may be brimming with possibilities these days with Mercury in its own active sign of Gemini, it’s a great time to be brainstorm about the future, but it may be best to avoid signing documents that lock us in as all plans will need renovation before implementation.

Since it’s easy to run more on nerves that strength these days,  we can feel over extended or frazzled unless we pace ourselves and take frequent quiet moments to center down and check in with ourselves. Take a catnap or meditation break.

As long as we spot and clear up misunderstandings as they happen, relationships can be warm and friendly this week as Venus in Gemini helps us speak up and Mars in Leo helps us display our emotions. We also need to remember to help our beloveds feel like they are the heart of our world and let our gratitude flow; Mars in Leo hates to be taken for granted or under appreciated. It also hates to be told to shush, so once a friend starts to spout off, sit back and enjoy the opera rather than get defensive. Once they’ve sung the aria and been validated for their feelings (if not their conception) they’ll open their hearts. Just be tactful in the process.

Anything can happen this weekend. A lovely Sun, Venus, Mercury conjunction in Gemini over the weekend sextiles the Moon and Mars in Gemini, and square Uranus. These friendly and tumultuous aspects can either balance out, or the interplay can produce unusual connections and form great bonding moments as we overcome together some obstacle, like missed plane or stalled subway. Watch out for accidents of distraction or mean-spirited irritations; let’s not let the little things get to us.

We reach out of our shell in a fountain of words and ideas, but can overextend ourselves, reach out too far and but still miss the mark unless we remember to pay attention to what the others really need or want. Egos may be touchy, but the connections can be wonderful. Meet new people in old places or deepen old connections in new circumstances. And chat up strangers.

Early in the week, it’s easy to search around looking for the problem; a nervous energy can lead to constructive self-analysis or destructive faultfinding if we let the nervous buss become anxious.

Towards the end of the week the Sun and Venus square Uranus and can feel the unsettling winds of change. This is great for an adventurous break in routine or creative outpouring, but keep the mind open to possibilities and prioritize safety. Our technical equipment may get recalcitrant; last-minute ideas need a feasibility study. Watch for trouble with electrically or electoral storms, or impractical leaps of the heart.

Friday, June 6 morning is inwards and disjointed; we may resent the demands of others, pulled between our private requirements and a clamoring world. It’s easy if we can stay in bed or on the beach, but otherwise, competing need make it hard to feel like anything is accomplished, and this can make people cranky or careless. We all need encouragement rather than impatience. Later afternoon the Moon enters Leo and we reprioritize contacts. With the verve of attention, we humans shine tonight. Stay tuned in to personal needs; rest when tired.

Saturday, June 7 magical communication, ordinary and practical efforts can go awry, we don’t get what we ordered. It’s hard to find the right words to explain some simple thing, but we can be lyrical as we share ideas or break the ice. Glass-like sharp edges can cut late afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Mars, but mellow into a sociable, creative, if self-involved evening as Mercury, Venus and the Sun conjunct.

Sunday, June 8, morning is flooded and easily overwhelmed. The energy is more decisive and action-oriented midday; seek honest and practical solutions, measure twice and cut once. Health and duty require attention as the Moon enters Virgo, conjuncts Saturn late afternoon; stay calm and check off lists. A wave of self-doubts can unsettle tonight, or it can soften the ground of our being for further renovation.

Monday, June 9 do what needs to be done, keep expectations low, and steady, one foot in from of the other, rather than take on too much at once as the Moon conjuncts Saturn, a strong critical voice can be productive if it is honestly analytical rather than pettily cranky, fix broken objects and invest gate the whys and hows later, share personal histories tonight,

Tuesday, June 10 potentially a healing day, nervous analysis can be productive if we don’t use certain irritability towards others to keep our worries off ourselves this morning as the Virgo Moon squares Sun, Venus and Mercury, unsettled feelings shift our terra firma. Weed gardens, closets. Take an opportunity to release an old resentment and create more room in the soul; share the love as Venus trines Chiron tonight.

Wednesday, June 11, a haunting quality early morning as the Moon enters Libra and squares Pluto melts into a friendlier day. Concentration slips easily in a sociable buzz; stay positive and flexible midday, access cooperation as the scenario changes. Sharp edges cut the wrong way.   Prioritize connection and social network tonight.

Thursday, June 12 last minute aesthetic or creative changes, shifts in allegiance as Venus squares Uranus. When opinions differ, try on options rather than clash wills; the answer become obvious and friendship is saved. Restless morning, tired or low-key afternoon takes concentration to complete, generous and open night.

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