Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 29 – July 5

Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 29 – July 5

By Heather Roan Robbins

This week is emotionally complicated, so please move slowly and carefully and make life meditation of attention.

Pragmatic Mars in Taurus with a tough aspect to unsettling Uranus, pressures us to get busy, get work done, be independent, possibly controlling, and achieve some personal goal. But at the same time, Venus in Leo turns up our need for attention and drama as it conjuncts Saturn while opposing Neptune. This line up can strengthen our personal discipline, but can also test love or tempt us to act out with whomever we rest our need for affection, or from whom we need to have our worth reflected, unless we really take a moment to appreciate ourselves.

All while Mercury retrograde tends to increase misunderstandings and makes it harder to straighten out problems once they get started. Mercury is retrograde until July 9, slowing down our technical abilities and increasing the likelihood of delays and snafus. It reminds us that summer is the time to be, not to do; to introspect, absorb, and find the humor in the moment, not push farther ahead.

Support love, don’t test it, there’s enough going on to do that for us. Forgive a friend or beloved if they cannot be there for you because their work or obligations need attention right now. Conversely, if we get busy, we need to be extra appreciative and aware of our dear ones even if we only have a few minutes, because it’s so easy for anyone to feel slighted right now.

A Full Moon in efficient Capricorn this weekend can inspire a fit of efficiency if we have a clear short term project a reasonable hill to climb, or goal to achieve. It supports those who have recently let go of one path, job or relationship and are already working on the new one. But it can leave us depressed if were feeling stuck, or aimless, or have recently ended one chapter haven’t quite yet begun a new one, and can’t see the next road to take. In that case, it helps to aimlessly organize, to clear out one drawer, and then many are another one. Take a short walk, and then keep on going if that feels good. Give ourselves metaphors of progress.

If depression nips at our heels, or a serious undertone haunt us, we may feel like we’re less fun at the garden party this week. If it’s intense, it’s time to get help; if is mild, it’s important to go through the motions to connect with others, being friendly actually offers more context and can bring in surprising support. So practice good relationship skills, even when is seems odd.

If a friend or beloved seems depressed or quiet, instead of taking it personally or poking at their insides, try talking about heavy subjects. Rather than try to cheer them up, dive down with them, get real. Talk about the relationship tangentially rather than make it the focus; talk about war in the mid-east, near-death experiences, or conditions in Tibet and see if there are any personal parallels. We can connect in the depths.

Art therapy helps. So does time puttering and grumbling to ourselves. Structure can support creative enterprise as long as we have time and patience; it’s a good time to build small projects we’ve been meaning to for a while. And if things get really difficult, hold hands and go for a walk, be quiet and feel the connection underneath the choppy waters.

This weekend’s Full Moon in Capricorn pressures us to get busy, get work done, be independent, possibly controlling, and achieve some personal goal. It can make us manipulative; though we’re not sure what we need to do, we think we know what every one else should do. It can leak our ambitions into social climbing, and tempt us to dis those closest to us. But that illusion just gets us in trouble, and tests relationships already dealing with a heavy load.

It’s a rare, out-of-bounds Full Moon, a term used to describe the Moon when it, just by dint of orbital patterns, travels way north of south of the Sun’s usual trajectory. An out-of -bounds Moon can crank the volume on all Moon-connected events; emotions, liquids, dreams, can feel like they have no bounds. Floods can be a real problem; do not underestimate the flowing waters.

This Full Moon can nag us to deal with a situation even if we don’t yet feel prepared, but it’s best if we do no more than actually needs to be done. The ruler of Capricorn, hard-working Saturn, is still opposing confusing Neptune, and we just don’t have all the information or resources needed to hurry up. But let’s not avoid the projects life puts on our plate, while we are waiting to proceed, there’s important work to be done, the sub-plots of our life are simmering.

We’ll feel more sociable for the Independence Day celebrations; July 3 is great for collective experience, under an Aquarius Moon, picnics, protests, anything that helps us feel part of the family of humanity. July 4 is more personal under a Pisces Moon, great to be with the ones you love, with a burst of energy just in time for fireworks. Watch a tendency to over indulge, and watch out for drunk drivers. Let this be a safe, dear and reviving holiday.

Friday, June 29 deep feelings flow in response to some definite piece of information as the Moon conjuncts Pluto early, though it’s hard to talk about it midday as Mercury challenges Venus. Keep decisions practical when the Moon enters Capricorn later. Tuck tender feelings in a safe place, because the emotional winds pick up as Mars semi-squares Uranus tonight, bringing out our rebellious streak, tempting us be short-fused, contemptuous, or accident prone out of some interior discomfort. Take a healthy risk, to push the limits in some way, but err on the ides of kindness and safety.

Saturday, June 30 we can really act out if we’re feeling insecure as the Moon opposes Mercury and the Sun. We try to understand, but can get trapped in our own point of views unless we really try to imagine what its like to be them, rather than focus on how they affect us. Insecurities either political or emotional can tempt us to crack down– but that only builds resistance to cooperation. Offer security to get security; work side by side rather than tell each other what to do. A softening Venus –Neptune opposition can bring out our romantic or creative streak tonight, or let us get lost in a fantasy. Better to go see an outrageous movie and cut out the projections. It’s a good time for intuitive healing, or for a subtle magic that’s supportive, not coercive.

Sunday, July 1 we need reassurance; can love what is familiar and solid in our lives as Venus conjunct Saturn. We may feel emotionally constrained, waiting for something to happen; not wanting to rock the boat but tempted to test relationship just when it needs support instead. Quick wits, fast pace possible this afternoon as Mercury sextiles Mars; keep humor handy. If intimate relationships feel strained, don’t take it personally; take the pressure off them by hanging around with a group, friends or public event, a dinner out, a walk around the town square. Enjoy familiar pleasures as the Moon enters Aquarius tonight.

Monday, July 2 has productive but irritable energy, underlying issues and delays can make people edgy, nerves exposed; move with grace and awareness. Cut the bagel with care this morning as the Moon squares Mars. Low key afternoon is better for chewing and considering than taking decisive action; best for just hanging out. Pleasant vibes at dinner but take a late night cloud of worry with a grain of salt.

Tuesday, July 3 a dreamy Moon-Neptune conjunction spaces us out, great for picnics and community holiday festivities, for playing the water or watering the garden or renewing with some profound time off. It’s hard to get anything accomplished; the gears just don’t quite mesh, so keep the schedule light. Tact helps with a socially awkward moment late afternoon. Watch a tendency to overdo or over indulge as the Sun inconjuncts Jupiter, moderation is the key.

Wednesday, July 4 brings a more personal holiday, unfinished emotional business put on hold by a busy schedule now floods in to be dealt with. Make sure to tune into the moments of joy and beauty as well, sensitivity can serve us as the Moon enters Pisces and trines Mercury. It helps to express, to paint, move talk, as well as be the audience for those that need to express. Just don’t poke, let the feelings bubble up when they’re ready. Enjoy energetic moments in a lazy day, and an enthusiastic evening as the Moon sextiles Mars just in time for fireworks.

Thursday, July 5th, we’ll feel utterly eccentric; hat we need to do may make no sense to others but brings us back on track. New ideas and unique approaches are waiting to be tapped as the Moon conjunct Uranus. Encourage wild brainstorming, because were unusually sensitive and enthusiastic, please encourage such explorations and don’t rain on our parade. Not all ideas will work out, but all are with listening to. Sift and sort later. We tend to burn nerve voltage midday which can leave us tired or spacey tonight.

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