Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 27 – July 3, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 27 – July 3, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Around this week’s New Moon in Cancer, family and family-like personalities take top billing this week, whether we define ours as the nuclear family, our chosen family of friends, or the family of all sentient beings.

Many people will chew over how we relate and what responsibilities do we owe this family of ours, which can be a personal distraction in a time when work opportunities may start to pick up as active Mars trines Pluto. This is subtle turning point in the tides of work, career, finance, and politics. While we’re mulling over our family dynamics and tending to new leads on work that sprouted up this last week, let’s keep eyes open for some personal or political event that foreshadows our next chapter.

The weekend begins on a wild and wooly note, independent and spontaneous in a good moment, chaotic on a difficult one under an enthusiastic and reactive Aries Moon. We may get a new understanding of something we really want, be able to hear some inner drive of ours in a way that was camouflaged before. People are generally openhearted and helpful if the atmpsphere is warm, but easily prickled if toes feel tread upon. Willing to be helpful if we can go about it in our own way, but not cooperative under orders.

As the weekend gets underway, let’s bring attention back home to the body, health, touch, food; let’s tend to the nest under a sensual Taurus Moon. It’s a great weekend to work in the garden, to plant a tree, or just sway in a hammock. We may crave a new and comfy thing, as if possession will scratch an itch, and will have a good eye for a worthy bargain.

It can nourish our soul to take part in a familiar tradition, something that ties us to place and people. We root easily and may get deeply attached to our points of view or our emotional stance. It doesn’t pay to push us or ask us to hurry up, we will only take it as a lack of understanding, but we’ll work steadily if some pragmatic need insists.

Because we’re feeling unusually adhesive we may be unusually possessive of the stuff we have and the people we love. Our feelings will tend to be strong and deep, if a bit touchy. But we have the resources to keep the lines of communication open; Mercury is in verbal Gemini and words, gossip flow easily. But we don’t want to just hear the promises, we want to feel and touch the love instead.

Early next week, communication is the name of the game; stay in the loop and listen to the wires. Although there’s lots of gossip as the Moon joins Mercury in Gemini, sift through the burbling stream and listen carefully for what may be important communiqués on the headlines or in the dinner conversations. Our intentions become clear and we can talk about touchy subjects. It may also be time for well-considered surgery, to prune a bush, pare down a plan, clear a closet, or cut off a friendship; prune to nurture a healthier next phase of growth. It’s a good time to reveal a secret or make an announcement, but stay open; honestly talk about it, listen to the opposition and consider before proceeding.

July begins with a domestic New Moon in Cancer, a perfect time to honor home and homeland. The energy is highly subjective, easily attached and easily moves into defense, so be kind, first and foremost.

Friday June 27 is cheerfully anarchistic, we care what others think they need but will draw our own conclusions about what we actually do; we’ll resist schedules and social obligations. Though we can work together if an urgent need may catalyze a burst of effort. Spontaneity feeds the soul; new ideas arise and need to be acted upon, if only to tag the project for further work later when people are more cooperative. Tonight the energy bubbles sporadically, we can all be fireflies twinkling in the dark as the Aries Moon trines Mars.

Saturday, June 28 is slow steady, embodied as the Taurus Moon trines Saturn. Slow nourishing, stubborn, embodied, we need our personal habits and traditions, need our cultural roots and can be very protective of our time and people. No hurries, slow and steady wins the race, show us rather than tell us what is meant. Take stock of the senses tonight as the Moon sextiles Venus.

Sunday, June 29 if warm and fuzzy feelings translate into wanting something our beloveds just can’t quite give as Venus semi-squares Mars, it is probably because we are out of synch, not uncaring. A need for connection can therefore feeling vulnerable can translate contrarily into a minor withdrawal or crankiness unless we stay conscious, centered, and just walk together. Focus on the experience rather than test one another. The dream world calls tonight; sleep early or spin stories, share what-ifs.

Monday June 30 active if scattered minds; get into the flow and on the wires as the flow of information really picks up under a Gemini Moon. Listen for important news, letters, and conversations, process new ideas. Important decisions are being bandied about and change initiated as Mars trines Pluto and it will pay to stay involved. If sleep is fugitive, put the mind to good use.

Tuesday, July 1 too many words this morning; keep the conversation going but watch that secrets don’t spill or a partial truth offend as Mercury challenges effusive Jupiter. It’s hard to concentrate but easy to speculate. Consider evaluating and potentially overhauling health regimen as Mars enters Virgo, but let’s tend to our own rather than try to talk another into this improvement. Make small improvements across the board. Watch an unsettled critical patch this afternoon. Restlessness can read as anxiety as the Moon squares Uranus. Evening is active and alert.

Wednesday, July 2 sentimentality, moodiness can make us more controlling or more concerned than necessary as the Moon opposes Pluto and heads into Cancer. We need to palpably feel support, may long for comfort foods or other tangible ways of feeling safe and connected. Vulnerability can make us more self-protective, temporarily less willing to take a risk. Family matters may hold our attention on this Cancer New Moon as Venus opposes Jupiter.

Thursday, July 3 hearts full of emotions of all types, decision are more emotional than rational; we’re touchy, not really interested in risk, easily wounded or quick to defense, but would prefer to love, feel safe and be helpful. Appeal to feelings; be honest because we’re a bit paranoid anyway and want to trust, but will be allergic to manipulation as the Cancer Moon opposes Jupiter and conjuncts Venus. Care for one another but only parent actual children, catch co-dependent behavior and ask if it is really useful. Ordinary living can be an art form that heals the soul.

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