Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 22 – 28

Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 22 – 28

By Heather Roan Robbins

This is a time of brooding opportunity, of turmoil between the acts, and astrological pressures make it easy for technical snafus or misunderstanding to throw us off, and tempt us to jump to conclusions or to make rude and ill–timed decisions. Many people are dealing with endings and beginnings as a major aspect between Saturn and Neptune perfects. If we move forward with consciousness, we can access the potential of this time. Or just rest in safety, renew and wait a while before proceeding.

Mercury is retrograde for another two weeks, which complicates communications and transportation, but can entertain us with some slapstick in between. It snarled up the computers on the space shuttle and tangling lines of communications everywhere we push, but can bring our thoughts in to mull over out life with added depth. It takes us back into old scenarios we thought we’d left behind, and asks us to do them differently this time.

We’re not thinking too clearly, but are in a rush at the same time; Mars in Aries can make us more impatient while its empowered by a trine from Saturn and Jupiter, so we are tempted to push the river, or try to pass a car with oncoming traffic. Or make a militant move; Hamas epitomized the shadow side of Mars in Aries as it seized control in the Gaza strip, an action that will catalyze a return to old scenarios, take the whole area back into painfully familiar turmoil. We can chose not to do so ourselves. May all parties make wiser decisions this time.

And underneath this surface excitement, for the rest of the summer we deal with a third pass of a major aspect as Saturn opposes Neptune. This aspect often leaves us feeling discouraged and uncertain while in the process, but helps us dissolve old forms, face our delusions, and begin to reconstitute our life into a more evolved form, like the stages we go through in uteri, as our fetal form evolves through developmental stages (each of these stages are necessary, but ephemeral) round a few cycles until we become recognizably human, and are born.

This metaphor holds true, only it might be our work, our identity, our family relations; something fundamental that both gave us security and kept us limited needs to dissolve as it was to evolve into a new form. But right now, we may feel like were in that amorphous phase between stages. Change we’d hoped for may temporarily feel like it’s on hold as Uranus retrogrades for the summer on June 23.

This aspect began last August, worked on us throughout the fall and resolves into a new form through this summer. Visionary activist Caroline Casey describes it as a ”long gestational time of morphing, where the imaginal cells kick in, as we wonder what we are becoming and are willing to be ever more effective players on the Team of Creation.”

This opposition highlights, and can transform, a cycle that began back in 1989 as Saturn conjunct Neptune. It helps to think back on that time, what did we inaugurate, dream, conceive in 1989, which might have had a course correction or adjustment in 1998 as Saturn squared Neptune, and now is dissolving one form to build another.

Our country faces these symbolic questions as we cope with change in our approach towards fossil fuels, and confront political philosophies that feel like fossil relics. During this summer’s opposition we’ll feel the oil shortage/oil control acutely. Weather patterns will be unpredictable with water damage to structures and walls in some places, and drought in others. Alliances or political borders morph shape. They can leave us wondering, but these concerns can become a catalyst for good changes later in the year.

One a more local note, check in with dear ones and allies this weekend; encourage good will and tend to questions of fairness under an egalitarian and sociable Libra Moon. We long for romantic connection, but may have to wade through some time constraints or communications snafus to get there.

Energizing Mars leaves reactive Aries and enters stubborn, strong and sensual Taurus on Sunday. Mars in Taurus can slow down our reactive nature, flowers and vegetables grow in strength, and trees expand and deepen roots.

It encourages us to slow down, grow strong and rested, great for lazy days in the hammock or the sensuality of a summer fling. Gardening takes on a new dimension; the mud can feel so good between our toes, our eyes feast on the flowers. Our work can get less sporadic, becomes more consistent; a being in motion will tend to stay in motion; a being at rest will tend to stay at rest. We’ll be less likely to begin a fight, but have to watch that fights already in progress do not entrench. Relationship issues are supported by this Taurean tactility, but a territorial, possessive streak becomes a problem; pay extra attention to keep relationships clean, honest, and flexible over the next few months.

Midweek can bring a crisis in confidences as the Saturn–Neptune opposition perfects under a Scorpio Moon. We dive deep, and may have to face the music in some part of our life where we’ve been in denial, but it does not pay to go the other extreme and only see the problem. We need to be really kind to ourselves and others, hold hands while we tackle the issues. It pays to take some time alone, take a personal mini-retreat. Keep an eye out for those prone to extreme mood swings, as they may need some support.

Towards the end of the week we return to the surface; clear the air and laugh, humor can give us the social floatation device to deal with larger issues, we take a more matter of fact, can-do attitude as the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Jupiter, then Pluto. It helps to take a break and travel. Listen to the natural world speak.

Friday, June 22
kindness can see us through a lot as the Moon enters Libra and squares the Sun. We may be called upon to forgive or love through an old problem so we can be more present to the moment. If some deeper concerns nudge us to make an abrupt or unwise decision, let them ripen like fruit until they fall effortlessly into place, rather than pursue them out of anxiety or willfulness. Tonight can be sociable and friendly, but most have a lot on their mind and are distracted.

Saturday, June 23 people can be sweet, but technology has poltergeist as Uranus stations retrogrades. Unexpected turns of events complicate the stage. Check traffic reports, if some expected change is put on hold, it’s probably temporary; use the time to coordinate efforts. This afternoon, pay attention to those closest as the Moon sextiles Venus, strengthen personal networks. Relationships need no analyses, just camaraderie.

Sunday, June 24, sweetness, with old history swirling around the edges. Let go the old patterns and be present for a new form. Don’t bring up past hurts or wrongs, we can learn from the past without letting it be a template for the future. Morning is sociable, midday we deal with corporeal things, whether a garden, food, picnics; deal with the realm of matter as Mars heads into Taurus. Tonight things can get testy as the Moon enters Scorpio and opposes Mars, we may feel that what we do is never enough; it’s an illusion worth letting go.

Monday, June 25 an ambient imaginative focus is wonderful for any creative endeavor. But we have no emotional objectivity today, and have to wrestle with a tendency to withhold attention as a power trip. Feel a tug of war between a need for attention and connection- with Venus is Leo, and a Scorpio Moon need for emotional safety and seclusion; time share with these needs rather than fight it out. Avoid the temptation to make irrevocable decisions, just feel the moment and decide when the mud settles. People can get mean when their feelings are hurt, there’s real potential for misunderstanding, and for an emotional whirlpool in response as the Moon squares Saturn oppose Neptune. Be tactful, and know when to retreat to a neutral corner.

Tuesday, June 26, best to say little, and stay in the moment, find something positive to do and do it. Hold hands, even if it’s hard to do. Some raw wounds of the soul could bug us, making it hard to be light and cheerful; listen to the deeper layers, and know that is hard to get a clear picture about what’s really going on. Some will have crisis of confidence or feel abandoned, this is old stuff, triggered by recent irritants; we can do it differently this time. Do not take responsibility for another soul, but do be supportive. Take time for quiet reflection, what dissolves creates room for new form. The strong desire to distract with fun may be just the needed medicine so the interior world can do its work in privacy.

Wednesday, June 27 our souls swim back to the surface and breathe as the Moon enters Sagittarius. An adventure is just the needed medicine, we’re open to new faces, new concepts, but may get stuck in our thinking, not ready to let go of our preconceptions. So explore together and share personal perspectives rather than try to hammer out exactly what happened. Watch transportation problems, keep the car-repair number handy just in case, but enjoy the trip.

Thursday, June 28 sleep on the problem and something shifts overnight, our imagination is stronger, our minds more flexible, much more ready to express and listen as the Moon conjuncts Mercury and both aspect Neptune. The deeper insecurities are there, but heal best with simple gentle actions. Escape in a creative way; play in the water, make up stories, drink lots of fluids. Look for the silver lining as some toughness unwinds from the soul.

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