Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 20 – 26, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 20 – 26, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Happy Solstice, though it may be a subdued and thoughtful first day of summer the Sun opposes Pluto just before it enters Cancer at 5:59 pm MDT. Mercury is now direct after three weeks retrograde and so delayed plans or slow projects now pick up speed, but first we need to take a deep breath to reevaluate our situation, notice what has changed over the last few weeks and adjust accordingly.

Under this Pluto-Sun opposition, it’s easy to wonder if we have enough energy to accomplish our goals or need to deal with a challenging, melancholic event or memory. Let’s be kind and encouraging to one another and to ourselves, because the self-evaluation can be fierce, and our plans may hit a temporary, and eventually useful, stumbling block. We are called to reassess some aspect of our life and may wonder if we have enough energy to accomplish our goal.

We may need to deal with a challenging or melancholic event or memory. This can be a healing balm, a splinter leaving the soul. If it triggers a challenging event, do not presume to know who will be helpful and who will not, just look around and notice what is actually happing, and be surprised.

We’ll feel summer’s joy more this weekend under a low-key, friendly Aquarian Moon, it’s a great time to dance in sunlight fields or find our own way celebrate what’s blossomed over time as Venus sextiles Saturn.

Take an opportunity to drop an old anger or frustration and forgive this weekend as Mars also opposes dissolving Neptune. Also do not give up on a dream if it needs to be reevaluated, and approached from a different direction. Neptune can get literal, watch for water damage or weather problems or for those that drive while under Neptunian influences.

Don’t bother arguing ideologies right now; we’re open-minded but will stick to our guns when pushed and tend to take things personally and feel them deeply as Mars is in open-hearted but opinionated Leo and Venus in sensitive, defensive Cancer. Our emotions can fill up and spill over easily, Respect and consideration are everything right now, don’t expect emotions to make too much sense, trust their own wisdom, it is clean as long as the path to expression is clear, and we feel well-regarded.

Tend to practicalities early this Monday morning; catch a wave of optimism and manifestation of a dream. Incorporate a business that is good for the soul or put plans in motion for later on in the year. Then relax, we need to catch up with ourselves as the week gets underway. We may feel out of gear emotionally and need subtleties and softness, even if other plans are finally falling into place. The most efficient thing we can do is rest up, catch up, reconnect, and listen to subtle truths. But be careful of the boundary between fantasy and reality. Trust is a big priority; make it safe to be vulnerable with one another as the Sun sextiles Saturn and as Venus sesqui-squares Neptune.

Lower energy midweek picks up into an action-packed week’s end. Politics rocks and rolls both in presidential campaigns and office interactions as Jupiter sesqui-squares Saturn towards the end of the week. People are friendly but uncooperative and tension stretches between the old guard and new ideas, between those that call for change and those that hold to tradition. The only way accomplishment happens is when we find a way to work together, which can be a challenge under a contrary and independent Aries Moon.

Friday, June 20 is bittersweet, with a potential clash of power or control and release of tension whether personal or atmospheric as the Sun opposes Pluto then enters Cancer. Life is affirmed by the potential for loss. There’s a lot of work to do, let’s pace ourselves and honor the emotional push-pull but not let it throw us. Watch body language and strategic moves as behavior reveals underlying motivations. Evaluate rather than judge, and keep it personal; self- doubts can be composted into inspiration for the next step.

Saturday, June 21 we find connection in community, whether family picnic or a pow-wow, and this may upstage our more intimate connections as the Moon enters communal Aquarius while Venus sextiles Saturn. Catch up with one another tangentially, drop recent conflicts and let new understanding unwind.

Sunday, June 22 is sweet, collective and intuitive; enjoy like minds and share a vision of how things could be with one another. If an old trust issue emerges, there’s healing in sharing and following through as Venus challenges Chiron. Spacey evening as the Moon conjuncts Neptune, dreams give us clues, but not a timeline.

Monday, June 23 enjoy pure summer vibes; hang in there through early morning confusion, it takes us a while to arrive on this plane. Mid-morning, make decisive and pragmatic acts towards the future dream, and then slowdown and tune in. Later, if we take things way too personally, we need time off. Feel the energy slow down and fine tune; make sensitive adjustments and honor creative expression as the Moon enters Pisces and our feeling catch up with us.

Tuesday, June 24 brings sanity and sweetness, if a bit of neurosis as the Sun sextiles Saturn. Reaffirm that which nourishes soul and rootstock. Process emotions together and forgive a natural needing streak, reach into the spiritual core to be refilled. Any expression of love or appreciation will be received with joy as long as it is not a veiled and draining demand. Be sensitive to the beauty and to the possibilities.

Wednesday, June 25 be kind to allergies and easily-miffed feelings; be sensitive in the best of ways, to the winds, the flowers, to the sigh of a co-worker, the cry of a child or some subtlety of the work at hand. It may change your life, or at least your day as Venus sesqui-squares perceptive Neptune and the Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus. Tonight a pragmatic or emotional challenge can set us off, make us back off with attitude as the Moon squares Pluto then enters Aries.

Thursday, June 26 spontaneity works in relationship as long as we respect their autonomy. An ambitious move is building momentum but we have to accept an anarchistic approach for the moment. As Uranus retrogrades, watch for technical or environmental turbulence; though most of our daily lives won’t be affected, some long-term change may appear to go on hold, but actually just needs renovation.

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