Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 15 – 21

Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 15 – 21

by Heather Roan Robbins

Mercury retrogrades today and summer begins at the end of the week, it’s time to slow down, catch up and catch some rays. It’s hard to accomplish anything in particular right now, so let’s kick back and chill, return to ourselves. We can either do so voluntarily, or while we deal with snafus and delays.

But it’s not easy to slow down right now because an awesome grand trine in fire-signs (Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) nags us to get on with our lives, making us restless and impatient; enthusiastic when things go well, but a bit twitchy and hot under the collar if the pacing stumbles. Which we will as Mercury retrogrades tonight; Mercurial slapstick piles up as technical delays increase. Misunderstandings or missing parts can make ordinary things complicated. Watch the news for some spectacularly mishandled ambitions. It helps to appreciate the humor. (Please write me with your Mercury Retrograde stories, I collect them).

As Mercury retrogrades for three weeks, three times a year, it asks us to go back and review, what we need to take care of before we move on to the next phase. Let’s use this time wisely, do what works best under Mercury retrograde and finish up old projects and clear the decks, revive old contacts, research and get people to tell their stories. We may feel like we’ve stepped into the past, but can use it to connect with old friends or return to old conundrums and take a fresh look.

The Moon shifts into domestic Cancer as the weekend begins; it feels good to sit home, have a picnic in the back yard, paint the fence if we’re feeling industrious, and putter with out a heavy schedule. We might find a clue as to what our true home is, or how we can care for one another. Make people feel at home wherever possible.

This weekend’s a tricky time to plan an event, as some strange emotional issues and old family patterns bubble underneath, logistics seem to drag, people and things can wander or get lost. So leave extra time in the schedule and confirm directions. People tend to be defensive, not particularly open to new ideas, but will tend to be warm towards beloveds. Immigrations issues and domestic policy questions resonate in the news. Keep the expectations low, prioritize acceptance, and remember we are all family.

If it gets to be too much, or we feel lost or swamped, it’s a signal to hold still and meditate on the moment. And play in the water, it will feel great to have our toes wet.

Early in the week the party returns, but our efficiency doesn’t. Enjoy life’s grace notes; picnics, hammocks, arts festivals as the Moon conjuncts Venus and Saturn in Leo, and Venus begins to trine Jupiter. It’s a romantic time, but watches a tendency to plan big, only to have our pride snapped by some technical snafu or delay, do get too attached to plans, just make the most of what happens. Emotions are on operatic mode; loud rather than deep.

We may hear outrageous statements in the press and need to take those said across the dinner table with humor; egos, especially our own, can be large enough to trip over if we don’t find it funny. Misunderstandings don’t have to become a silly war of wounded pride if we tap into the ambient leonine generosity and display our magnanimous diplomacy. Localized self-promotion is good, but let the big projects alone until Mercury is direct.

The end of the week brings an urge to purge; closets, guts, or political office as the Moon enters Virgo as Mars trines Pluto. Just don’t purge beloveds, or purge their closets without permission. Look for short-term tactical moves in military and business, kids and dogs can get strategic; notice who’s trying to talk us into what. It’s a great time to fight the good fight, but chose arguments carefully, not just to create more social room. There’s a more intimate spark underneath, a tingling energy that seems to run at cross purposes to the words; our mind and body won’t be on the same wavelength unless we pay extra attention.

Friday, June 15 the world is slowing down, feeling rise to the surface like waves at high tide. It helps to take the day off, but if we need to be efficient, it works best to start early, move slow and steady, make a list, check it thrice, and check in with one another regularly. Reassurance furthers. Mercury retrogrades at 5:41 pm, MDT. The past is with us tonight, so le the ghosts alone; reminisce about the good times instead.

Saturday, June 16 is a beautiful day to gather with friends, and family, a day to make beauty at home, to find peace. Anything hurried can get difficult, insecurity can make people anxious or difficult; they’ll soften easily when we slow down and reassure. Don’t resist pleasant changes this afternoon as the Cancer Moon trines Uranus; enjoy the spontaneous and present energy. Tonight, if defenses spike easily as the Cancer Moon squares Mars in Aries, consider sleeping early, or sleeping on the issues before spouting back.

Sunday, June 17 low keep and tender emotions morning, warm if bathed in acceptance, crabby if pushed, energy shifts as the Moon enters. Our needs can clash, take turns expressing needs, the more generous and heartfelt we express, the more we receive, don’t let pride or emotional urgency trip one up. Unsettled energy tonight; considers possibilities rather than force long-term decisions.

Monday, June 18 sweet goofy and flirtatious side, with a tendency to act out, can make unusual events delightful but ordinary life a bit trying as the Leo Moon conjuncts Venus early on. Timing may be problematic in. Don’t get feelings hurt if a personal or professional overture is spurned, walk in their shoes for a while and try again with more awareness of their experience. Watch the temptation for dramatic statements, it may be good theater, but what are the consequences. Enthusiasm and generosity increase around noontime as the Moon trines Jupiter. Our aesthetics is quirky, consider waiting on major purchases or color choices as the Sun semi-squares Venus. If nerves are frayed tonight, rest and approach fresh tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 19 it helps to take on a short-term accessible challenge this morning, and have a recent sense of accomplishment to fend ff some long term doubt or depression as the Sun opposes, and Venus sesqui-squares, Pluto. Watch the primordial undercurrents, the unconscious behavior which says so much. Let some deeper existential challenge be a way to bond rather than a divisive tool. Check in with lonely people, as this can be a painful time, it helps to be there for someone else, and to check in with our deeper connection to soul and spirit. Tap into the greater generosity and love as Venus trine Jupiter this afternoon, evening is subdued; we see what we need to do.

Wednesday, Jun 20 people may be cranky or distracted today, it feels urgent to accomplish a small project or chunk of a bigger one, but make a rewarding, not frustrating time schedule to quiet the nibbling self-critical under the Virgo Moon. Political criticism is sharp; Diet, food supplies and public health questions need attention. Lighten up occasionally and look for the humor in the situation.

Thursday, June 21 an urge to change, clear, purify, rebuild as Mars trines Pluto. We are preparing to transform, but its time launch short-term remedial projects, not major offensives. People wield willpower; if philosophies clash, ask what’s really going on, investigate their true motives. Celebrate the beginning of summer at 12:06 pm MDT. And consider using the day to set intentions for this season of growth.
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