Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 13 – 19, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 13 – 19, 2008

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by Heather Roan Robbins

If this weekend is a bit accident prone, look to Mercury retrograde and our flickering attention span rather than the date of Friday the thirteenth. The light, frothy, articulate energy of three planets now in Gemini is given rich, distracting undercurrents by a deep and cranky Scorpio Moon.

Although conversation and revelations bubble out like a fountain with Sun, Mercury and Venus in Gemini, there’s a good chance some event will unsettle us, even rock our world and wake us up or instill in us a longing for greener pastures triggered by a square between Uranus, Sun and Venus. If it’s challenging our chart, we can feel painfully restless, longing for something just out of our reach.

Later in the week, a growing opposition between Venus, the Sun and Pluto asks us all to reach the full range of emotions, to laugh and cry together. We may be reminded what is important because some event or feeling triggers our inner spelunking. We may wonder if we’re enough for our life, or feel the memory or potential of loss of something important to us. A memory of sadness in relationship can haunt the present. We can use this to either distance our selves, or to wake up, get real and not waste time, as this aspect can also help us compost the past so we can enrich our future- if we take responsibility for the feelings.

On a larger scale, Pluto retreats into Sagittarius until the first week in November and gives us the summer to consolidate our last 13 years of Pluto lessons. Let’s think back to 1995 when it first entered Sagittarius and review. (Those who know their chart can focus on the house it’s been traversing.) This summer will remind us of what we’ve been learning, and bring those Pluto issues to a head.

Pluto changes whatever it touches, takes it down to the underworld and brings it back to life. As it worked through Sagittarius issues we’ve seen the reformation of education, the transformation of our modes of transportation, international relationships and the global economy, all Sagittarius provinces.

But most significant has been the transformation of our relationship to the natural world, to the ecosystem. Sagittarius is the sign of the centaur, half human and half horse; it symbolizes our union with the natural world. Thirteen years ago not many of us had heard of global warming, but now most of us accept that is an experience to be reckoned with. We’ve been slapped in the face with reminders of the power of the natural world and are beginning to question how to rectify our relationship and restore balance. May we think fast and find creative solutions that work for all.

Friday, June 13th, in the morning our funny, intellectual story-telling side blows light and breezy, while a deeper system brings in stormy weather from the subconscious this afternoon, possessive and primal sides, under the conflicting metaphorical weather systems inside and out as the Moon enters Scorpio. Heavy conversations get to the point; look under rocks and face some dark corners of the soul. Pay attention to what people as and what they do, and note the difference between; both messages are true.

Saturday, June 14 morning is odd; we’re sensitive to ourselves if not towards others. If we feel off, unsettled, it’s probably nothing a few moments alone or with one’s memories and dreams won’t fix. Midday, magical connection but little practicality, great dreams but absent-minded distraction as the Sun trines Neptune.

Sunday Jun 15 note the needs, be honest but not brutal, and try on a short-term solution before making it permanent. Use a competitive irritability to improve the conditions, but do not let it run the show. Our spirits open midday, the energy is more experimental and interested, if forgetful of details, as the Scorpio Moon trines restless Uranus and squares intuitive Neptune. A deep undercurrent with potential healing in tonight’s interactions as Mars opposes Chiron; we can help each other instead of have competing visions.

Monday, June 16 cheerful impatience, ready to get on with it but can’t skip a step as the Moon enters Sagittarius and squares Saturn. We’re ready to unwind, but must follow through on some logitisical loose ends before they unravel. Don’t argue with rules or bureaucracy, but do persist, once the track is clear. It all may seem funny midday; we want to move, not talk. Tonight our spirits roam; commune with us but don’t ask us to think logically.

Tuesday, June 17 although the Moon waxes into up-beat Sagittarius, Venus is maneuvering into an opposition to Pluto and can make us painfully aware of what’s missing in our lives. This can translate hunger for a fresh horizon or call us to deal with some mortal urgency. It can lead to a desire to cut off something before its time, or to possess, to wrestle with a green demon of envy. Let all these flow by and honor the bigger view.

Wednesday, June 18 hold on to your hat, and be ready for the cross-currents as a galloping Full Moon in Sagittarius brings us out of our shell to howl at the Moon, just as Venus enters Cancer, perfects its opposition to Pluto and calls us to home, family, privacy. Literally we may see the spiral arms of wind storms or feel caught up in the storm of conflicting emotions. The Moon enters Capricorn mid afternoon and both strengthen us and strengthen our resistance. Stay alert and stay safe, as anything could happen.

Thursday, June 19 Mercury turns direct; if it confuses the heck out of us, have patience as the clouds clear soon. So much spills out; hold onto the bits and pieces of information, interrupted conversation, and wait until the pieces fit together to proceed. Honesty is important, but this unusual outspokenness can be met with an unusually defensive edge unless we reassure as we go. Truth is bigger than three dimensions.

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