Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 1 – 7

Starcodes horoscopes for week of June 1 – 7

By Heather Roan Robbins

We need to get out of the rut, out of Dodge, out of whatever narrow confines of thought have trapped us lately, and explore. This is the instructions for the week from last nightâ’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, and boosted by this morning’s liberating Moon- Jupiter conjunction.

As the weekend begins, we think big; while we don’t need to burn bridges, a few of us will do so anyway on the way out the door. Freedom fights flare up from Faludja to family dinner table. But let’s stop and define for ourselves what is real freedom? It’s not just getting out of a tough or boring situation, but into a truly expanded, self-responsible and potential-filled place. So how do we get there? Freedom from a bad job is not necessarily unemployed, but if we’re not specific about our requests, that may be what we invoke.

As the Moon enters industrious Capricorn over the weekend, and thoughtful Mercury challenges serious Saturn, it’s time to work on how we proceed. Because it responsibility is our theme, we may have to deal with the consequences or rash statements, or be a little depressed because our vision takes a lot of work. And maybe others are so busy realizing their dream they don’t have much time for ours.

But it’s time to step forward and show the world we mean it, add some sweat equity to our dreams as an athletic, active Mars forms a grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn. This trine is great for job hunting or any competitive sport, it gives us the gumption to speak up, step out, relocate, make new acquaintances or take on any major challenge. Whereas waiting can drive us nuts. This is a dynamic aspect, and gives oomph to all we do under its auspices; it is astrological fuel, we have to provide the engine and the spark. But it can make us might willful. Let’s keep the good ideas and hard efforts for our own plots and for those that ask for advice; let friends and family members find their own way

It does tend to fuel ongoing conflicts, but can help us speak up and solve new conflicts before they erupt; we’re flexible as long as we have hope of progress. Next week Mercury retrogrades for three weeks and will give us time to catch up and catch some rays, but this week we need to get the ball rolling and fertilize the future.

Midweek, our more tender feelings come back into play and we could use some reassurance. We need love and beauty as Venus sesqui-squares Jupiter then enters Leo. Because Venus can be a bit perverse sometimes, just when we need love the most we may be the most difficult; ask for reassurance by stomping our feel or arguing over some small item when what we really need is engagement from our busy beloveds. Or we may be tempted to spend more money that we can afford on some beautifying object. As Venus enters Leo it adds flare to all our emotional escapades, drama to our conditions, and hyperbole to our speech. Maybe the fireworks begin a month early this year.

Friday, June 1 is cheerful if we don’t feel hemmed in, but restless and with low attention span. People are not in the mood to process, but are ready to consider new possibilities. We can reach across ordinary barriers, forgive minor slights, and open up our world. Tend to international contacts. Midday, we may have to think fast on our feet, and respond spontaneously as the Moon squares Uranus and throws a wild card into our plans. Let’s just look before we leap. Productive and friendly afternoon, sociable and restless evening; forgive folk if they don’t want to get too personal.

Saturday, June 2, we may wake up stiff, worried or cranky, with a long to-do list, but feel better once we get going. Let’s make sure connection with one another is still on that list. Yesterday’s great idea need today’s hard work, people and tasks are more demanding, the nuts and bolts need to be considered but can be fun after the Moon conjuncts Pluto then enters Capricorn mid-morning. Make expectations explicit, and make sure the others agree; they could easily have other plans. Watch a communications snafu or wave of depression as the Moon opposes Mercury around dinner time. Tonight; we want strokes for our efforts; celebrate each other’s victories and congratulate one another on any job well done.

Sunday, June 3 is efficient with a serious note and a few control issues: determination hovers, just waiting for us to tap into it. We can climb a mountain or plant the garden once we’re in motion, but this efficient energy can test our sporting mentality; we’ll hate to loose. The aspects support our personal discipline, encourage our meditation practice. The mood is good when we’re on a roll, we can get anxious or discouraged if our determination is thwarted. Tension can arise if our agendas differ, ours will make perfect sense to us, but maybe not to others. Let’s keep that determination flexible and keep the twinkle in our eyes. Tonight, good, in-depth conversations further, plan possibilities.

Monday, June 4 is competent and enthusiastic; watch a competitive streak this morning as Mars trines Jupiter, take this opportunity to take the high road, let go of an old resentment or outmoded ambition, clarify desires, and choose a more dynamic path. The energy tends to be macho, passionate and active; sparks fly, fires catch easily, people need to move or they can get belligerent. A moment of uncertainty or misdirection mid-afternoon as Mercury challenges Neptune can actually soften the ground for a dream or for a more complete understanding. This emotional sorting clears the air for more communal efforts tonight as the Moon enters Aquarius.

Tuesday, June 5 is imbued with a rather abstract, collective, potentially celebratory energy, great for strategy meeting, picnic, or for gathering of spirits, but can leave our more tender feelings out of the picture. Utilize an opportunity for healing around an old argument, relationship with male energy, or denied dream as Mars sextiles Chiron. Later our appetites, hearts and egos expand; our need to be seen and noticed grows as the Sun opposes Jupiter while Venus enters Leo. There’s room in the spotlight for everyone if we take turns, honor cohorts and watch them shine.

Wednesday, June 6 lower energy, more secure and idealistic morning, our antennae are out; we can hear each other hearts if we listen carefully, feel the pulse of the trees growing, the bird on the wing. We can entwine our intuition with our imagination, but it helps to know which is which. Our boundaries soften, the ordinary worked can feel ugly, at odds with our ideals, and we have to look for the spark of spirit underneath. Be present; don’t read more into events than needed. Tonight gets soft and squishy, be tender with one another as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces.

Thursday, June 7, we may be feeling unusually peeled and vulnerable, open tour creative muse and intuitive hits, but also to pollen and bad vibes. We’ll be sweet if it feels safe to be so and cranky where we feel too exposed. So pace carefully, and stand up for emotional boundaries. Tonight, honest expression and unusual telepathy; what are we picking up on the air waves as the Moon trines Mercury.

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