Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 6 – 12, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 6 – 12, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

Everyone just needs to chill. The stars reward us for holding still, but that‘s hard to do this weekend. We’ve had it with delays. Impatience and action drive us as the Moon enters Aries, but we won’t have a green light for big projects until after July 9, so let’s just do what we can, when we can.

But it’s so tempting to act out. Tempting because want to rail against involuntary changes or delays, because some urgency in our lives needs attending, or because our creative hearts crave expression. Emotions run at high tide. If some we love doesn’t feel like their needs are being met and gets difficult, we need to get real and connect, to let them know we’re here. It helps to be present to others in intense bursts, and mix it with time out to honor our own needs.

Taking this out to the big picture, political situations get feisty, explosive where disaffected groups feel the have no means to be heard through regular channels and decide to make a statement. Circumstances can change quickly these days, both personally and in a worldly sense, so keep heads up and lines of communication open.

Our feathers smooth down and summer languor returns on Sunday, and continue slow as week begins, which will be lovely were we can take time off and kick back, frustration if we’re running under deadline. Wherever possible, just hold still; be, rather than do. Hold hands and wade in clear waters; rest, repair, renew. Sensuality is strong, our bodies and sense can communicate when our words are stuck. If problems entrench, back up and open the aperture; look for more information, for points of easier cooperation, and approach again in a few days.

Mercury turns direct Monday night and the logjam begins to unravel over the next few days. Hidden misunderstandings come out into the open and so can be healed, but it could be messy in the process. Any dastardly plan or knotty personal thorn that’s been brooded upon for weeks now works its way into the open.

We’re flooded with new information as the week progresses, our recent efforts begin to bear fruit as the Sun trines Uranus and the Moon enters talkative Gemini. Listen to the wires, watch for a flood of delayed packages, missing emails. It can feel like Mercury is still retrograde in the rush, if accidents or tantrums pile up, but this energizing turbulence is triggered by Mars sesqui-square Pluto.

People need to talk; problems will tend to work out if we just give the conversation lots of room and don’t get reactive. Progressive and innovative ideas churn; we’re hungry to do something different, get off the beaten track. Excitement builds towards a change, new strategies all in to place. We begin to adapt more comfortably to a change we’ve resisted. This is when the new iPhones should have been released.

Friday, July 6 it’s hard to coordinate efforts under this reactive, impatient Aries Moon. As the technical snafus pile up. Old soul wounds tweak us. Express discontent, but not at any one in particular; we’re in this together. Give everyone room to move independently. It further to take on a challenge, to find a way to be a hero.

Saturday, July 7 if unsettled emotions burst forth like a geyser, it can feel self-indulgence, but may be a necessary expression that helps us heal and turn the situation around. Let‘s see if we can express with out hurting others in the process. Energy levels fluctuate, burst of energy between the lazy spells. Tonight is equally expressive, but more fun.

Sunday, July 8 the less we do, the better we’ll be under a sensual, earthy Taurus Moon. It’s all about the emotional processing, letting go of one phase to make room for a new one, letting any aches in our heart carve out more room for out hearts to expand as Venus trine Pluto.

Monday, July 9 don’t jump the mark, an impatient Moon–Mars conjunction early can makes us rush, but that’s counterproductive. Think steady, quiet practical and unambitious; complete the uncompleted. Late afternoon, it’s not the words that matter, but the connection and good feelings we build. Mercury turns direct at 10:16 pm MDT.

Tuesday, July 10 communications begins to flow, problems flood out where we can see and deal with them, and missing items return to the surface. Surprises about, big changes afoot; stay awake and aware and ready to take advantage of the changing winds as the Sun trines Uranus. Listen now, sort information later.

Wednesday, July 11 life’s river speeds up, can get turbulent, as the dam breaks and mental flotsam pours out. Waters run clear soon, but for now a tough Mars-Pluto increase an argumentative irritability; trouble spots inflame and accidents increase as we hurry, but this energy can be harassed to good ends.

Thursday, July 12 moody morning, release and let go, then look down the road as Moon opposes Mars and semi-squares Pluto. Best if we let go of fault, of right and wrong, and move towards what nurtures as the Moon enters Cancer tonight.

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