Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 27 – August 2, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 27 – August 2, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins.

This is a productive week in the material world, abundant with possibilities and abounding curiosity, yet may challenge us on the spiritual plane and offer interesting lessons in compromise in the emotional realm.

Venus and Mars are in solid earth signs, Virgo and Taurus respectively, giving us oomph, sensuality and practicality, but may make it hard to believe in the ephemeral truths and spiritual realities unless we are willing to see the divine manifest in earth and trees, in our bodies and the burgeoning crops.

With this earthy practicality, we can get to the point, and get it done. Once we get going. But the hammock calls and the leaves rustle; our senses want to be fed. We need to let the beauty of the world in as we go about our business, take the world’s worthiness; it keeps the spirits up and our energy on task through the challenges.

Our challenges come from our unusually strong and stubborn will-power as Mars squares Saturn and quincunx Pluto. Even the elements will exhibit a mind of their own. This torque can add power to whatever we do, a power struggle or a power nap. Although it can be hard to switch gears and really relax, when truly at rest we will tend to remain at rest.

Mercury trines the cosmic clutch, Uranus this week as comes out of its shadow, the part of the zodiac it traversed during its last retrograde cycle. This encourages to adapt, to roll with the punches of metamorphosis, to think fast and handle the wild cards. Though our nerves may vibrate: what feels like anxiety can be redirected to anticipation. Kids may suddenly appear older as they make a developmental leap. We get a chance to pick up momentum on changes we instigated in May and June (before Mercury retrograde) which were delayed or diverted. This aspect gives us an unusually open minded approach, but once we start arguing, we’ll tend to hold on to our point with irrationally tenacity.

In politics and business we can look for steady progress with a running commentary of what need fixing. It’s a good week to make long-term plans for repair of infrastructure, renewal of resources, rebuilding foundations and systems.

This open minded practicality can ground us th5rough any swirling emotional winds as Venus retrogrades. Some unspoken emotional splinters may come up, complaints or concerns we thought were too petty to voice may now really irritate us and need to be dealt with, or old wounds flare. Get it out in the open but keep the focus on healing and understanding, not the complaints. Speak up if it can solve the problem; if not, shift focus elsewhere and ask what’s really happening. Is it just nerves, or is there a real need that is not being met.

This weekend we may feel restrained from our fondest wishes by an overdose of reality. It helps to engage a substantial and visible project, build the sandbox, move the rosebush, or get the résumé ready for the fall as Mercury trines Uranus while Mars squares Saturn. Self-control and personal discipline can work together with our blueprints and great ideas. Electricity or high technology could make headlines; shocking, but usually in a good way. Rapid fire words offer great copy for an ad campaign, bring tears of laughter, but can make it tricky to talk over deeper, more sensitive feelings for the moment. But the light shines through; a few passing phrases could offer more insight than most weeks of processing.

Sunday night brings the most social Full Moon in Aquarius, time to howl with our people. Any collection of family, tribe, circle, community furthers.

Early in the week a sense of unreality and discomfort nudges us to make adjustments. Communications problems could be technical or just a moment out of synch, don’t take them personally, make the extra effort needed to get on the same page and keep in the same page as Mercury inconjuncts Neptune. Good changes are brewing but details may get lost in the shuffle.

Midweek, our primal nature (Mars) and responsibility (Saturn) square off as Mars challenges power (quincunx Pluto). There’s potential for military action or other clash of power, some deep transformation is at work, though we only see surface hints, rumblings of the tectonic plates.

Responsibility will be the big political and personal question. Someone we thought was irresponsible may turn out to be the mature one, or the pillar of the community may drop the ball. We may need to find reserves of maturity to see this week out, but need to keep our mischief and life force sparking in safe ways. These delays may bring growth experiences, but we really don’t want to hear it. The week ends in a widening of horizons; we begin to see the fruits of our labors

Friday, July 27 dawns determined and sociable, though irritations flare quickly if our plans are derailed; we want what we want when we want it. Expect some emotional constraint under this Capricorn Moon; we trust actions louder than words. The past can leak through and affect the present. We may be efficient but cannot make everyone happy; our will power tugs on us, we just want to affect our world, make it happen our way, and need to keep a sense of humor when we’re reminded that it’s not all about us.

Saturday, July 28 after an early morning emotional tweak there’s a potential for break through in understanding and a whiff of the future as Mercury trines Uranus. Consider possibilities, and adapt. Listen for a proposal of opportunity, radical or usual views. Engage technical expertise. Or just enjoy in a change of pace; avoid familiar chores and repetition today, our souls need fresh air.

Sunday, July 29 the Moon in collective Aquarius makes this a day to gather with like minds; social movements, family gatherings or wild parties can open our heart. Feel the connection with all sentient beings. Watch for strange loyalties or team competition, any “us against them” mentality; we don’t need it to unite us, but that can become our default mode. Patriotism can take odd forms around the globe. This abstract, philosophically loving approach may help us be teammates, but keep personal intimate expectations low. The Moon is full tonight at 6:47pm MDT, drum and dance the night away.

Monday, July 30 fuzzy thinking this morning, as if we suffer from existential hangover. Be companionable but don’t even try to talk it out. Muddle along together until afternoon. Intuitive and emotionally perceptive day, spirit can be wide open though our brains are foggy. Swimming would be heavenly. Proceed carefully under potentially confusing circumstances and let people coast if they need to.

Tuesday, July 31 we can feel unusually permeable and squishy as the Moon enters Pisces, but have to deal with some frustrating situations as Mars square Saturn. Life may take extra work; but it’s not an omen, it’s just karma slogging and logistics. Just work on necessities and defer the rest. We may experience delays or adjustments to plans and have to work with what we’ve got, rather than what we’d like. Expect some generational tension; handle challenges to authority with consciousness and strength rather than affront and stubbornness. Tiredness in the soul needs a deep soul rest, look to the day, and not too far ahead. Find a good use for sensitivity; see the beauty in the petals and birdsong.

Wednesday Aug 1 the energy is alternatively sensitive and confident. We see the best and worst potential of the situation, but need to look for the truth in the middle. Incorporate a potential flood of new information but take it with a grain of salt; listen now and act later. Keep talking and keep the lines of communication going, listen carefully for the meaning behind the words and see through a filter of nerves. Reassurance, appreciation, and sweetness will take us far.

Thursday, Aug 2, expansive action as the Sun trines Jupiter and the Moon enters pro-active Aries, green lights about, just make sure we really want to get where we’re going, and keep intention in place. A time of growth and optimism, impatience, people are willing to take a risk. Yet also are feeling a loss, aware of what’s missing as Mercury quincunx Pluto. But it’s time for action not depression; launch a project now.

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