Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 25 – 31, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 25 – 31, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Leo season ripens as Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in Leo. Fixed fire-sign Leo asks us to shine our light on the crops of life and ripen its fruit, the peaches of creative expression, the plums of romance, the wheat of familial warmth. Bask in the sun, cultivate with love, share the bounty of our culture; renew by living life to its fullest.

The next few weeks are the peak performance arts aspects of the year; we can turn up the level of expression until it is an art form. Our challenge will be not to obscure with the dramatic light, but to illuminate with our attention.

These aspects are great for music and arts festivals the world over, especially opera, rock concerts, anything that takes real creative skill but maybe more panache and passion than subtlety. Any interaction can take on this extra panache and bravado, which can make family dinners and campaign politics interesting; it’s time for grand gestures. Let’s enjoy the show but take everything said with a grain of salt, sift out the poetic license, and look for the truth buried within the hyperbole.

Leo is bountiful, generous, but the trick to maximize the Leo time is to share, to honor the light and path of another, no matter how mysterious, rather than do all the shining ourselves. One of the most romantic things we can do right now is be fascinated by the dear ones in our life.

As the weekend begins, we all glow with an audience, but can get difficult, willing to risk irritation or infamy just to get attention or take a stand as Mercury semi-squares irritable Mars. Strange events can take on dramatic plotlines, but will tend to be more inconvenient than dangerous. Political and personal commentary can get particularly bombastic just for the fun of rolling the words off the lips, but we have to consider the effects of our words if we really want to be heard.

The Moon wanders through tactile, sensuous and solid Taurus, let’s enjoy feed the senses, peach juice in the sunlight, a light breeze on summer’s heat-soaked skin. Just watch for a primal, possessive streak and territorial stubbornness as Mars trines Jupiter and Venus sesqui-squares Pluto while quincunx Jupiter. Don’t hurry folk, do show appreciation, and know when to enjoy a debate, and when to let go of an argument.

Early next week, the conversation sparkles in a nervy, witty if slightly accident-prone time as the Sun conjunct Mercury while the Moon hums through Mercury-ruled Gemini. Humor trills off our tongue and can get us in trouble. It’s a good time to break into a difficult subject that is best discussed first lightly and20loosely before the real bargaining begins, but can be frustrating if we’re trying to get real and talk over tender subjects.

Towards the end of the week touchy egos need reassurance; it may be hard to be direct and ask for, what we need, or to take turns and take care of one another. We can act out, ask for attention backwards, and withdraw when we really want a hug. Keep expectations low, because all though we’re wildly creative and actually competent, push comes to shove, but not feeling particularly mature. Tension may be building towards a showdown or break out towards the end of the first week of August as Mars opposes Uranus. It’s tempting to get involved with game-playing drama or hide behind some urgent event unless we’re brave and dedicated to consciousness. Romeo and Juliet probably had their denouement under this Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, and as the Sun and Venus opposed dreamy, illusory Neptune and challenged irrational Uranus. Let’s make ours a comedy not a tragedy and enjoy life’s play.

Friday, July 25 is physically steady but emotionally full as Mercury and Venus challenge Pluto and Jupiter respectively. If worry or recent memories weigh on us, the y will feel better if expressed, but our beloveds may have concerns of their own, we need to be our own audience and truly hear ourselves. If some element of our life may feel insufficient, let it spur us to improvement. Earthy actions steady us and feed us under the Taurus Moon.

Saturday July 26 we just have to be ourselves, expression is paramount as Mercury enters expressive Leo. The story comes out as Mercury forms a tough aspect to Mars, and competitive Mars trines Jupiter; we may not have the patience to listen, or get stuck in a bout of self-centeredness that tempts us to act out. Irritations, dramatic circumstances and tough bargaining this morning, arguments are of form of intimacy but surely we can find a better way. Later the energy is competitive but abundant, there’s plenty to go around.

Sunday, July 27 the conversation picks up as the Moon enters Gemini and makes beneficent aspects to Mercury and the Sun. Keep it light and let the information flow out. Verb ally creative day, intuitive but watch a judgmental streak. Midday is frothy and funny, evening depends the conversation, reveals the kink in the plan as the Moon squares Saturn.

Monday, July 28 some emotional dent needs to be talked out today, don’t sit on it, but do let it flow as Venus opposes Chiron. Morning is nervy and potentially scattered, watch impatient timing midday as the Moon squares Mars, and listen to the other side of the story tonight.

Tuesday, July 29 get logistical phone calls in early. We move out of our heads and into a rather tender tenuous place later as the Moon enters emotionally protective Cancer. Discomfort with expectations can cause us to skew our facts, or just get contrary. Technical glitches take patience and logistical efforts may be best postponed as the Sun challenges Uranus. If we can stay self responsible, and not make any discomfort another’s fault, we can understand a paradox about conflicting needs and address both.

Wednesday, July 30 can run stormy seas of the heart; approach-avoidance or other push and pull tension needs room to express to find a20middle path as Venus inconjuncts Uranus. We want comfort yet may crave the unpredictable. So what is comfortable difference? Look for the security issue underneath that drives questionable behavior, and be wisely kind instead of self-protective.

Thursday, July 31 we need room to be vulnerable, to explore our imaginative world, but watch that insecurity does not ask for inappropriate support. We need to say what we mean and mean what we say, keep games to a minimum or find our selves in a mini-melodrama as Venus opposes Neptune. Pour it into a creative outlet rather than act out Shakespeare at home.

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