Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 20 – 26, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 20 – 26, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s a sensuous, stubborn week. Both Venus and Mars in practical and tactile signs, which helps us find it attractive to work side by side, to do something together. With Venus in Virgo, fresh sweat is a turn on and efforts made on our behalf are like roses delivered to our doorstep. But watch the tendency to “improve” the ones we love; wait until such good advice is actually requested, or it’s heard as criticism.

Although we’re capable of hard work this week, it’s important to stop and appreciate sunlight and sprinkler-drops on skin. A shoulder rub or delicious food feeds our soul as well senses, the dark – green trees waving their plumage can fill our hearts as well as our eyes. With this tactility comes territoriality, and potentially acquisitiveness; we may want to own the beautiful thing, not just touch them, but is that really necessary. We may want to possess our beloveds, not just savor them, and get jealous easily. Mars in Taurus can bring out the herd-dog instincts. It helps to take a more philosophical approach, we are all owned by the earth; the illusion of personal ownership can loosen its grip.

This earthy determination helps us pace ourselves and accomplish, once we have a clear bead on what to do. We have unusual access to physical endurance and to strong boundaries with clear edges. Our desires clarify, but we’re opinionated, so cooperation can take extra effort. This lineup supports ecological efforts; it’s a good use of the energy to be possessive and protective of the earth itself.

As the weekend begins, exciting events and sociable personalities bubble up under a Libra Moon while Mars sextiles Uranus. We want fairness and justice. Watch some legal or military response to a recent situation perceived as unfair or imbalanced. This week’s unsettled, exciting, and sometimes accident prone energy continues to simmer, communication continues to be tested but improves next week as Mercury moves out of its retrograde shadow (the segment of the zodiac it has see sawed over during the retrograde cycle) and finishes a challenging aspect with Saturn.

Mars sextiles Uranus can feed the fight for freedom everywhere, however we define that. Our personal freedom fight can be in family negotiations around a new chore schedule or choices we make to bring balance to our life. It may be harder than usual to make a decision with so many factors to juggle, but once it’s clear, we build momentum. Uranus is also electrical, electrical surges could test our power grid, both literally and metaphorically, and instigate changes for the better.

Starting this weekend and through the end of the month, Mars squares both Saturn and Neptune which oppose one another, forming a powerful T-square, a challenging but potentially productive aspect with many different ways to play out. We see a challenge-dance between the symbol of enduring action, desire and machismo (Mars in Taurus), authority and responsibilities (Saturn in Leo), and our spiritual ideals (the gift of Neptune in Aquarius), our collective denial the (the challenge of Neptune in Aquarius) or, more pragmatically, water, liquids, petroleum products (practical Neptune).

What we want to do may be challenges by an oil shortage or water problems (either too much or too little, or water under pressure). We can use this energy to finally get out of a difficult situation. Or fight about our dreams, addictions, or patterns of denial. The religion-laced war around oil production (Mars/Neptune) exacerbates, and continues to undermine those in authority (Saturn in Leo). New York saw one dramatic and concrete example, where water (Neptune) under force (Mars) exploded and undermined structure (Saturn) as a steam pipe blew up near Grand Central Station.

All of these scenarios live out the symbols of this interesting T-square. But here’s a scenario we might want to invoke instead. This Saturn-Neptune opposition has been dissolving our old structures and forms all summer, ones we’ve been working in since their conjunction in 1989. Now Mars comes along and gives us the energy and adventurous spirit to turn a corner and start a new form, one potentially closer to our ideals, even though it may take a real push at the beginning, Mars in Taurus can helps us put one foot in front of the other. So, what do we want to do with our lives?

Sunday, and early in the week the Scorpio Moon can sharpen our edges, increases our efficiency when we have a clear directive. Concentration is good, but our consciousness tends to run deep, we gain energy in our inner worlds or in the hammock daydreaming as Mars squares Neptune. Many of us want time alone, work better alone, and can find it challenging to swim to the surface and interact with others. Retaliations can be way out of proportion; we can watch it on the evening news but let’s see if we can redirect it in our own life. Sexuality can be unusually musky once the fire is lit. Creative process roils rich and deep if we have the time to wanders the corridors of our soul.

Midweek, take advantage of an adventurous spirit as the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts first Jupiter, then Pluto while the Sun sesqui-squares Uranus. The grass looks greener on the other side, or on the farthest hill, so why not go check it out? Relationships may be strained as Venus stations retrograde; it’s tempting to bring up old slights, but it’s unproductive; take the pressure off by exploring the world together rather than trying to hash things out. Watch for a tactless streak. There are places to go and things to do, investigate on foot and on-line; open horizons.

Friday, July 20 threads from the past offer interesting clues about our future as Mercury trines the north node this morning. Follow up leads. A friendly, egalitarian Libra Moon nurtures our interpersonal possibilities; the energy is sweet, flirtatious, ready to give the benefit of the doubt, but not particularly interested in being sidetracked. This afternoon, consider taking a leap of faith, accept a challenge or opportunity as Mars sextiles Uranus, and offer a real chance to make a difference. End a system that isn’t working and take steps towards one that does. Tonight is social, active, affectionate, but does not tolerate imbalance. Warmth wins over schemes.

Saturday, July 21 moody dreams overnight, dreamy morning as the Moon trines Neptune; luxuriate a few extra minutes in bed, and keep expectations low this morning. Social, effective, steady energy if we pace ourselves, a rush will burn us out. Productive afternoon; tonight feelings deepen and an echo of potential loss can make what we have so much sweeter.

Sunday, July 22 there are storm clouds on the horizon, but we can choose to walk around the storm. Our inner world gets louder; if we forget to communicate, or to find out what is going on in the inner world of others, we can fall out of synch and feel hurt but their apparent inconsideration when we’re just running on different tracks. Check in with each other often and drop the judgmental streak as Mercury semi-squares Saturn tests communications and transportation. Communication improves but willfulness increases tonight as the Sun enters Leo.

Monday, July 23 we’re pulled between Leo Sun extroversion and Scorpio Moon introversion; the text and subtext run different messages today, competition needs and agendas can pull on us. Time-share rather than compromise. Watch for political repercussions, backlash. Some urgency pushes our time line this morning, stick to essentials, and don’t buy into unnecessary stress. Be extra kind; we’re moody, broody, prickly and yet in need of recognition. Appreciation shifts attitude. Roll with rapid changes this afternoon, watch an unnecessary snappiness tonight, let the tail twitch but choose words carefully as the Moon opposes Mars.

Tuesday, July 24 hardworking, difficult morning, better with a clear-cut task. Don’t ask much of intimacy; we work best side by side, not holding hands. It doesn’t help to think about what others should be doing, just ourselves. Watch a confused or overwhelmed patch around dinner as Mars squares Neptune, liquids get tricky but a swim would soothe the soul. Escape constructively. Mood lights this afternoon as Moon enters Sagittarius, gets out and about, the show on the road. Emphasis on traveled, adventure, movement. with a silly streak to break the tension. Tickle someone, but keep it brief.

Wednesday, July 25 a weight has lifted, as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter this morning, a day to savor summer, drop the work and get out of dodge. If that’s not possible, savor the flavor of invention and adventure even in the mundane world on this disjointed, wandering day. Dance with possibilities, and take lunch outside. Healing communications mid-afternoon, fix some mistake or misunderstanding as Mercury quincunx Chiron.

Thursday, June 26
places to go and things to do, efficient adventure, watch of slightly touchy egos, and unintentional self- centeredness; since our own agenda is pretty loud in our ears, don’t expect us to guess needs. We need to adjust to change, handle static as Sun quincunx Uranus, watch for technical mistakes, and wrong turns. Keep expectations and needs clear, and ease the way with appreciation. A great night for performance art under the stars.

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