Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 18 – 24, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 18 – 24, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week it feels good to do something with and for our community. People need to connect, but not in a way that leaves us too vulnerable or raw, as for many there’s been too much going on below the surface lately. Tending to the home (however we define it) can be a meditation, we feed ourselves as we do our flower boxes, repair out nerves as we repair our home as the Sun continues through domestic Cancer while Mars and Saturn continue their two-step, conjunct in industrious Virgo.

But our work ethic can argue with our also abundant joi de vivre. While Mars in Virgo whispers that we should be doing something useful and worthwhile, Venus in Leo has other ideas, and we need to find a balance. Under Mars in Virgo, conjunct Saturn, we may need to process and are willing to hammer out the details of a plan, but if we feel emotionally invaded or overextended, can express our unhappiness or anger as irritability and use criticism as a distancing tool. If someone gets cranky, give them room and acceptance rather than try to work it out. If we find ourselves cranky, it helps to throw ourselves into a useful but creative project, to build something substantial, and notice that we work out our mood in the process.

Yet Venus in Leo pulls us to indulge and socialize, craves attention, beauty, and a sybaritic moment; it is fed by the arts and the art of living. When they work together Venus in Leo adds artistic and social panache, and Mars in Virgo can add finesse and skill; lovely form follows function.

This weekend is expansive, let’s postpone those practical elements and put our feet up and revel in summer and summer’s collective experiences under a communal Aquarius Moon. It feels good to do something with and for our community, take advantage of short–lived opportunities, as ripe and transient as a peach. Find ways to enjoy the basics with a sacred attitude and watch the transformation as Mercury in Cancer opposes prolific Jupiter. We want to live by our philosophy and may not be too pragmatic in the process, nor too intimate, as if we’ve overloaded on personal cuddliness and need just to chill.

Early in the week, we’re more willing to get up close and personal, to honor to more tender feelings as the Moon enters Pisces and the Sun enters Leo. We may take everything personally, but are willing to offer the same respect to others. Notice any victim-savior dichotomy; it may feel safer to need help or come to the rescue without the vulnerability of just opening up, but can be counterproductive. But do come to the rescue if called upon.

This sensitivity can sand our nerve endings but can also alert us to real trouble or help us refine something beautiful; all the worries are not real but do need to be honored. Sensitivity can also be romantic, we just need to listen and add the common sense as the Sun quincunx Pluto, and Mercury semi-squares Saturn.

The energy grows robust midweek under an Aries Moon, we’re ready to make a difference or take a leap as Mercury trines change-master Uranus. We want something fresh, unfamiliar, and may realize a new truth about our true treasure, but watch the wacky thinking; it can brainstorm into positive solutions or just lead us on a wild goose chase.

Spontaneous action frees us, but if a sudden decision could be costly, as in loss of money or love, let’s simmer with it for a day or two and see if it’s just difference we want, or this particular worthy difference.

Try to understand the feelings and address them without making the other party admit it, look to the emotional motivations but let the terms be couched in reasonableness. Tending to the home can be a meditation, we feed ourselves as we do our flower boxes, repair out nerves as we repair our home.

Friday, July 18, after a challenging early morning, is creative and politically astute if a bit scatterbrained; friendly sociability with a bit of distance as the Aquarius Moon opposes Venus in Leo. Group activities or shared adventures are easier than intimate conversations as people skirt around tender issues and avoid emotional expectations. Evening is expansive. Act for the common good.

Saturday, July 19 can bring too many words and ideas, too little substance; see through the sales or campaign rhetoric, through the creative pitch some dear one may give us to get their way and look at the quality underneath. Leave the chores alone for a change. We’d like to share a dream together and can talk ourselves into what we want as the Moon conjuncts Neptune.

Sunday, July 20 it’s easy to overload emotionally, wed prefer to listen to our inner rhythms, move at our own pace, and have the room to process. We may feel too empathetic for our own good, and so get irritated at those who aren’t taking care of themselves. We don’t need their headache. Family and extended family matters lean in on us. Let’s do what we can for the weary and empathize with the serene trees and burgeoning summer crops for our own health.

Monday, July 21 brings a heavy morning whether we jus feel old and thoughtful, or whether some event reminds us of recent loss and what needs healing in our life as the Sun quincunx Pluto and the Moon opposes Saturn. We don’t need to exaggerate to receive a fair share of the sympathy, only be honest and as generous with others as we’d have them be with us.

Tuesday, July 22 the mood lifts yet the mind worries as the Sun enters exuberant and stubborn Leo while Mercury semi- squares sobering Saturn and trines Uranus. Emotional processing and reassuring needed. Sympathy is strong, but attempts to guilt-trip infuriate. Stay alert for ripening possibilities and fresh alternatives later as Mercury trines Moon and Uranus.

Wednesday, July 23 both laziness and lightening-quick spontaneity can bypass sound judgment, as Mercury quincunx imaginative Neptune. It is safer to live with intensity and attention than to be bored and careless, but think before leaping. Challenges are important but watch generational tension. Use fire, and fiery responses, with care as the Moon squares Pluto and enters Aries.

Thursday, July 24 a chance to heal some recent problem with action, not words. Let’s show them what we mean, though it takes imagination to make it proactive not reactive as the Aries Moon trines Venus and squares Jupiter. Watch the brave but stupid moves. We’re better asking than listening, and can be generous with help that isn’t necessarily needed; let others retain the authorship of their life and ask what would help first. A generous morning with abundant emotions, afternoon we feel the resistance and need to work with more finesse. Evening twinkles with magic.

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