Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 13 – 19, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 13 – 19, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

We get a whiff of the fall this week as Venus enters Virgo. Though it’s not quite time to buy school clothes, we begin to wonder what we can do now, in our leisurely summer moments, to prepare for the work ahead.

With both Venus in earthy Virgo and Mars in enduring Taurus we have access to usually common sense and work ethic for the next few weeks. They make it easier to do any self-improvement process, just keep it to the self and don’t try to improve others.

Self- improvement is not the same as self-criticism, just as true helpfulness is not the same as a list of helpful suggestions, although it’s tempting to focus on what’s wrong about us and others these days. Social and political critique can sting, and may zing right to the heart of the matter.

But an even better way to use the energy to focus on what’s right; focus on the tomatoes and roses growing in the garden and then weed what’s in their way, don’t focus on the weeds. Then take this same attitude towards our body and our talents; fertilize the desirable traits of loved ones with generous helpings of appreciation. Work for the community elements, the global ideals that could bear good fruit, and weed what’s in their way.

With Venus now in Virgo it’s easy to make new friends through healthy activities, like a day at the beach or running a marathon, through work, or through inspired and helpful projects. We feel loved if someone is helpful in a true sense, if they offer compassion or do some tangible work that makes our life easier. Washing dishes is a great romantic gesture. If we’re lonely, it pays to look around to see how to be helpful, and look to see who’s doing the same thing.

Most of all, tap into the ambient abundant Virgo compassion; be kind. Be kind first to oneself, and then, out of abundance, to others. Take so some time off and enjoy the perfection of the moment. Venus retrogrades back into Leo in August for a final burst of summer festivities.

This weekend’s Cancer New Moon echoes that Virgo elements, and stirs up our self doubts. Don’t just buck up and deal, nor make any situation worse than it needs to be to get permission to feel, try instead to just honest about the feelings, let them flow, and move on.

Our summer extroversion returns Sunday and early next week; it’s a great time for summer parties. Any situation can take on a dramatic or melodramatic tone, life is performance art as a Sun-Jupiter aspect takes us over the top; let’s do so in style.

Mid-week, take a moment to reassess recent plans. We’re sensitive to consequences, differences; we can see our friends and our political candidates in all their flaws and unfinished business. But yet, if we shift our vision slightly we can also see their intrinsic worth and so call them to their best self.

Friday, July 13 is subdued, and gives us a moment to clean up recent messes. As Sun quincunx Neptune, uncertainty shimmers like summer heat-waves on this Friday the 13th underneath a swirling of emotions, quiet introspection furthers. Comfortable coziness furthers this evening.

Saturday July 14 it’s time to come home to our nest and come home to our souls under a New Moon in Cancer. Which is hard on those who don’t feel at home at the moment for whatever reason. Cuddly and nurturing in safety, crabby and self protective if feeling threatened. Camaraderie and exuberance pick up tonight, subjective and emotional, but more extroverted.

Sunday, July 15 is generous and demanding, lots of emotional torque. Watch the tendency to over-do; make it wild food, not wild amounts of food. Our senses want to be fed. Our eyes can be bigger than our pocketbooks, or our time-schedule, so make plans tentative and check back once a realistic assessment’s been made. Don’t hold back on enthusiastic expression. Encourage a slight shy streak underneath, talk late into the night; watch a cranky spell around midnight as the Moon squares Mars.

Monday, July 16 self indulgence sounds delicious on this syrupy slow Monday morning. It would feel great to get our feet wet as the Moon opposes Neptune. We may feel overwhelmed by some event, as if we’re swimming in the tides of history, or are flotsam in busy world. Afternoon focuses and organizes, but watch for some pompous authoritative gestures as the Moon conjuncts Saturn.

Tuesday, July 17 is great for a day at the spa or in some health or self-improvement process; the mind body connection becomes obvious. The Virgo Moon furthers interviews, helps us sift information for the nuggets of gold underneath. Fix things, weed gardens, repair broken pots or friendships. Social criticism sharpens, but when in doubt, be kind.

Wednesday, July 18 opinions are bountiful, watch an acquisitive urge to grow or expand in problematic ways as Sun challenges Jupiter. We can see where others are doing it wrong, but it may not help to say so. Good ideas are heard as criticism unless they are requested. Recent reassessment now provokes change as the Moon supports Mars and Uranus this afternoon; keep it constructive.

Thursday, July 19 is kinder, friendly and a bit confused; oppositional arguments can soften, a cease fire called. We long for more peace and cooperation. It pays to let the past go and connect over some present practicality. Clear up legal matters. Don’t push unripe decisions, weigh all sides as the Libra Moon squares Pluto and Mercury challenges foggy Neptune. Watch for crossed signals or water problems around technical equipment.

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