Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 11 – 17, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of July 11 – 17, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

The aspects this week are great to refine a skill or put passion into a disciple, discipline into a passion as Mars conjuncts Saturn in ever-improving Virgo.

Because each of us is listening to this inner whisper to improve some aspect of ourselves or lives (though some get worse just to deny the voice), any outside, unrequested suggestion will be heard as criticism, no matter how helpfully meant. If we have to comment on another’s action, it’s best to keep it in “I” terms and use a light touch.

This weekend the Moon broods in Scorpio, trine the Cancer Sun, the same Sun and Moon combination that spawned Rembrandt. We may, like him, be hard on ourselves and want to pursue our own creative practice. And we may, like that great artist, need both time together with interesting people, and time alone to listen to the whisper of our muse.

The weekend also strikes a deeper note; the smoke may begin to clear, the flood waters recede, and we see the results of recent earth challenges. Memories can sit heavily with as Venus quincunx Pluto then enters Leo, or longing for what’s just beyond our reach can teach us to stretch father than we thought possible.

Early next week the internal clouds clear and a scattered and eccentric hopefulness encourage us to enjoy life and contribute in our own way as Venus challenges Uranus. It’s a great time for a road trip or mental journey to expand our comfort zone and open our hearts. If we’ve recently argued with beloveds it will be tempting to ask for temporary breathing room, but that will be hard to hear.

We can move mountains, or at least build a porch, towards the end of the week under a waxing Capricorn Moon (Moon is Full pre-dawn July 18). This Capricorn Moon is rarely happy with how things are, it wants to nudge, nag, and roll the rock up hill. Or preferably, sit back and direct another to roll the rock, as the one danger is the tendency to be managerial in a good moment, manipulative in a bad one.

Watch the news for information on both who’s pulling the strings, and what are their real Machiavellian motives. Notice the dog sending mental image of a nice long walk, deep into our brain. We need to make our own decisions, and put this determination to good use.

Friday, July 11 broody but productive morning; weed, cull. Later, some deeper, unspoken emotional process pulls us inwards and distracts or inspires our creative process; be compassionate, not insulted. If self-doubts whisper, look for a healing moment. Share without words tonight.

Saturday, July 12, slow morning, odd obstacles challenge our control. Midday pulls us between fresh extroverted sociability as Venus enters Leo and Scorpio Moon attitude and introspection. Evening is serendipitous, if we stay open, as the Moon, Sun and Uranus trine.

Sunday, July 13 the Moon enters enthusiastic Sagittarius; we’ll tend to be cheerful, but defend if humor is lost. Deep feeling run underneath but we’d rather not be poked; keep the conversation versatile, the body moving, and rest early.

Monday, July 14 we’re cooperative if not bored; sane, solid, and ready to sink our teeth into a challenge as Mercury sextiles mature Saturn, Sun trines unsettled Uranus. Look for odd cosmic assignments along the way.

Tuesday, July 15 everyone has their own good ideas and doesn’t want to hear ours. Honest, assertive, competitive, just avoid risk if irritated while Mercury sextiles Mars. After mild dinnertime confusion; energy gets pushier tonight as Moon enters Capricorn.

Wednesday, July 16 an internal discontent, an itch too improve nags us towards short-term achievable goals; so climb a mountain. We can rest best with a sense of accomplishment, however arbitrary it seems, as the determined Capricorn Moon trines Mars.

Thursday, July 17 brings competence for a good cause, just watch the pushiness. Emotions may feel clamped down, humor less available. Watch an underlying power tussle; hold center, but don’t read too much into it. Anyone who admires our work we’ll tend to love, so be generous with complements and ask about our progress.

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