Starcodes horoscopes for week of January 4 – 10, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of January 4 – 10, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes 2008: A Turning Point

The tide begins to turn in 2008, but which way will be up to us. We’re not talking a little tweak on the status quo here; we’re talking real change in mind-set and modus operendi. It’s time to find common ground, work together and weave a global web across the chasms that divide us, weave allies into our lives and extend ourselves to those that, in the past, existed on the other side of some existential gorge. Weave this web to support and direct the changes that will be initiated this year and will come to boil over the next five years as several astrological cycles peak together. We’ll need one another.

2008 began with a catalytic Mars-Pluto opposition which shook up our complacency, stirred up the coals on a few long term conflicts, but also woke up a desire in many of us to make constructive changes in the year ahead.

This existential restlessness heats up through 2008 as the Sun gets excited. Our Sun’s natural 11-year cycle of activity reached its quiet minimum in 2005-7 and is predicted to peak with usual intensity 2010-13. Solar minimums are great for personal work, but are a hard time to catalyze any political or cultural change; we tend to do what we’ve been doing. Solar maximums are associated with increased energy reaching earth, turning up the volume on political excitement and cultural action; people refuse to accept situations that just don’t work.

We seek new answers. Our culture will no longer be entertained by celebrity faux-pas, but will want something more substantial to chew upon. It’s time to take our talents out to the streets and into the circle, because our efforts to instigate creative change will now have the Solar winds behind them.

For more info, see for Sunspot science, and for Sunspot cycles and history.

2008 also brings an exciting and collaborative trine between the two symbolic arbiters of our social world, freedom-loving Jupiter in Capricorn and its traditional counterpoint planet, frugal thoughtful Saturn in Virgo. These two alternate between a low-level, tension-producing sesqui-square and a productive trine exact on 1/21, 9/9, and 11/12.

This Saturn-Jupiter trine in pragmatic earth signs helps us make practical changes; it encourages new forms of architecture, governance, farming, business, any attempt to build systems into the world of matter. As the year progresses, we’ll see a new respect for competency over ideology, new and exciting pragmatic solutions. Conservative and liberal factions will agree to work on together on urgent practical matters; it becomes cool to collaborate.

This may test or recombine our social web; a few old friendships or alliances dissolve as some people choose to leave the arena and others shift priorities. Not everyone will like it if we can break out of frustrating patterns. Don’t be too attached to old forms, let’s cultivate cooperation in whatever forms works.

We’ll need all the support we can get as Pluto enters Capricorn on Jan 25. Pluto overhauls the province of whatever sign it occupies. It coursed through Scorpio, which rules our reproductive and elimination systems, in the 1980’s as the aids epidemic reorganized our approach to death, sexuality, and finances. Pluto has been in Sagittarius, symbolizing our relationship to the natural world for the last 15 years as intense natural events woke us up to the realities of global warming. Now it heads into Capricorn, insisting we change how we do business and how we govern. Watch for regime changes around the globe in the next few years.

Pluto is slow, it last waltzed through Capricorn in 1761-78 (when the Sun was also wildly active) inspiring the American Revolution and our country’s birth, though those labor pains first created a governmental crackdown. May it now re-invigorate our great vision statement, the American Constitution.

Watch the political circus leading up to the election and an intensification of our global efforts to course-correct the ecosystem. Because Pluto in Capricorn can start off with a power-struggle, pay attention in local and national politics; sharp observation increases the odds for fair play.

Pluto in Capricorn also brings a gift, it can loan us the strength of mountains. It can revitalize our ancient wisdom teaching, the earth-based approach to spirituality that came so close to the surface in the 1980’s with intuitive Neptune in Capricorn and investigative Pluto in Scorpio, but which receded from collective spirituality for the last decade. This tributary of indigenous wisdom and a spiritual approach to earth will begins to pour fourth again, we find new wells to that deep, old spiritual ocean we all share, in the depths of our collective psyche.

Saturn in Virgo opposes Uranus Nov 4th, just in time for elections. This aspect could shake our foundations; quite literally, there may be an increase in earthquakes. This opposition also makes it tempting to polarize; it proffers the illusion that opposition rather than collaboration is the way to go, so expect a fierce election cycle.

We need to stay in leadership roles and hold our vision, both politically and in our own lives. When we’re in reaction, we assume the other owns the paradigm. Where we are in leadership, we create the paradigm, and lead others into a new vision.

It’s time to reexamine our work, our personal concept of security, break away from habit, jobs, or lifestyles that do not further, to compost the old crop and fertilize the new. Mid-November brings an opportunity for these new alliances to really begin to work together. Follow up on any opportunity to weave this new web of connection as the year matures.

But this first week of 2008 reverberates with that Mars-Pluto opposition, an energizing aspect that heated up violent conflict in a few corners of the globe, and stirred up unfinished business from early autumn when Mars last opposes Pluto. Benazir Bhutto arrived in Pakistan with the first Mars-Pluto opposition and was assassinated near the second. But most of us just felt energized to make changes in the new year. It activates great ideas and strategic thinking, but watch the urge for dominance or the temptation of quick and surgical solutions.

This weekend a more progressive, solution-seeking Sun-Uranus sextile can help us explore our opportunities. As the week begins, our work life cramps our social life or we wonder if we have to sacrifice beautify for utility as Venus squares Saturn. Reassure loved ones even when busy, keep the holiday warmth glowing. Watch the quick responses or unguarded comments; it’s easy to get impatient when they just need some loving, as Mercury quincunx Mars.

Mercury enters Aquarius on Jan 8th, helps us dive into community, though a minor aspect to Uranus can make us nervously excited at the prospect. Stay cool and look for real hints about the vast horizons ahead.

Friday, Jan 4 exciting well traveled and pragmatic, we love the exotic new ideas and foreign accents as the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Venus, visible early morning. Busy international switchboards, shifting alliances. Old frustrations test our patience, but can be cured with new approach.

Saturday, Jan 5, listen to the flotsam of new information on this a day of adjustments rather than accomplishments; explore possibilities but don’t push. Share a dream or a long hot soak tonight as Moon sextiles Neptune.

Sunday, Jan 6, the pieces begin to fall into place, our personal quirks shine through and can create tension unless we can find them amusing; make the vision big enough for individual approaches. Personal relationships may be upstaged by work in progress, a pragmatic search for freedom resonates as the Capricorn Sun sextiles Uranus and the Moon enters Capricorn.

Monday, Jan 7 pragmatically optimistic, hardworking, real possibilities if we follow up on new leads through old contacts as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter this morning. Excitement with action, inaction is depressing, watch for conflicting leadership, patience to include others in the decision (no matter how brilliant ours are) really pays off as Mercury enters Aquarius

Tuesday, Jan 8 New Moon in Capricorn seeds new structures, new work. Our ambitions press on us, we have work to do. Impatience with bad leadership can distract us from our own vision, radical views are challenged, but we can choose to build instead of react. Let’s be tender to our own hearts as emotional issues are backstage to the work at hand.

Wednesday, Jan 9 unsettled relationship issues a collective day, unsettled morning, our place in community and global village takes precedence, nervous morning moves into articulate and productive evening as the Moon conjuncts Mercury.

Thursday, Jan 10 establish good will early, use discontent midday to make progress, and take on an opportunity to heal a relationship, even though it may feel scary, this afternoon as Venus sextiles Chiron.

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