Starcodes horoscopes for week of January 25 – 31, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of January 25 – 31, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week could trigger a turning point, endings and beginnings. First, we get a chance to really know how we feel as Venus conjuncts Pluto, then both enter Capricorn under a serious Virgo Moon. Our ambitions clarify; our worries and intentions are revealed. There is potential for serious news that lets us know what our next assignment is, what needs to be released healed or dealt with.

But first we need to sift through the moody residue of the Venus–Pluto conjunction. If sadness floats through, memories of loss, or feeling dumpy, unbeautiful, discouraged, inadequate, or as if someone important around us is the same, let’s honor the feelings, but let the details go. Let this thoughtful quality sort priorities, but don’t believe the first dark or discouraged mumblings. Notice the feelings, let them flow and don’t try to find a logical reason for the moment. By the end of the week Venus warms us up as it sidles next to expansive Jupiter.

Venus helps escort Pluto across the border. Pluto is slow, it brings about a decades long revolution in whatever sign it walks through. As it enters Capricorn until 2024 it inaugurates an era where we revolutionize our structures, forms governments and concept of authority. This is a slow revolution, but it begins with questions raised this week, watch the headlines question our cultural assumptions about power, who has it and how it is brokered.  Because Pluto in Capricorn can start off with a power-struggle, we need to stay alert to politics and power dynamics, let’s keep them honest.

But there are lighter aspect going on that will have more effect on our day to day-Mercury Turns retrograde on Monday, so use the weekend to straighten out whatever understandings, arrangements or paperwork possible under a relatively agreeable Libra Moon. Tend the web, bring soup to sick ones, and help weave the web of community now so it weathers the next few weeks with grace. Keep the conversation rolling, notice that just about everyone is in the middle of a story or anxious to start a new one; we all could use some room to talk it out.

Keep the seatbelts on early in the week, we’re flying though turbulence as Mercury retrogrades, just as Mars leaves retrograde and turns direct, all under a brooding Scorpio Moon. It’s so easy to have a misunderstanding because suddenly one is distracted or withdraws, possibly to lick an internal wound or to take care of unfinished business. We have to watch that we don’t get lost in the labyrinth of our imaginings and project our feelings upon one another.  Some old animosity brooded upon could swarm to the surface, a hidden plot be revealed. Take some time alone, but let go of the desire to withhold to manipulate or to seek retribution, go for the higher notes of Scorpionic focus and transformation instead.

While Mercury is retrograde over the next few weeks, we’ll see the news and our own personal headlines reflect more of our past that herald our future. It may be a helpful time to let the mind rest, return to our old dreams of ours, sift out and revive what’s relevant, and release the rest.

As the week ends, feel a whiff of fresh air and honesty, it’s time to honor truth and forgive outspokenness. We need this fresh air even though it may rough up some edges. Check to see if unexpected plot twists have changed travel plans or organizational formats.

Friday, Jan 25 our inner critic can get hooked on one thing and miss the bigger picture, what seems like it the urgent problem may not be the real issue, look underneath. Tend to loose ends.    Listen for clues as the turning of an era as Pluto enters Capricorn. Midday excitement or instability sparks an interesting dialogue, be kind first and foremost rather than look for quick solutions.

Saturday, Jan 26 we want to work together as the Moon enters cooperative Libra, but may have to deal with turbulent undercurrents while it square Mars and Pluto. Moods still scuttle close to the heart, but are tempered by a desire for kindness. It triggers off a need for balance and fairness, and a need to create order, clear the decks. By evening we need to turn our attention away from what needs work and appreciate life’s gifts.

Sunday, Jan 27 take advantage of an intuitive and harmonious moment this morning to align oneself for a blustery week ahead. Let’s drop below the waves and bathe in our mutual interconnection. Later responsibilities and chores call us back into the melee as the Sun quincunx Saturn, but let’s see if we can hold that calm, that personal authority within.  Organize tonight.

Monday, Jan 28 expect the unexpected. Mercury retrogrades, but in a powerful grand trine with Mars and Mercury. Ordinarily transportation and communications whirl in a dust devil, energy wanders, but some magical information from the past resurfaces; notice dreams, share ideas, revive old creative skills. Mediation cooks; productive stillness. Political analysts will sound like they’re spinning their wheels. Don’t be caught in an illusion of fear; be caught up in a lovely story instead.

Tuesday, Jan 29, stormy weather as the Moon enters Scorpio. We are sensitive and stubborn, sometimes clumsy, with attitude but only flickering clarity about other’s motives. It is so easy to get lost in a web of illusion, misunderstandings breed easily and with sharp-edged results. These illusions do not get better buy demanding the truth, but by listening with one’s heart as Venus trines Saturn.  We can find value in something or someone resurfacing from the past.

Wednesday, Jan 30 much that was tangled or delayed since mid-November unknots today as Mars turns direct. But some hidden motivations and plans, old resentments come to the surface possibly in spectacular ways. Express what needs to be expressed, but don’t get caught in the past.  Play it safe and talk over touchy subjects under calmer skies.

Thursday, Jan 31 the day starts out with a mood hangover, let people drink their coffee in peace and solitude.  If something gets frustrating, relax rather than wrestle. The energy begins to flow  midday as the Moon enters Sagittarius, our eccentricity  shine tonight, use honest but gentle humor to touch on recent sore points.

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