Starcodes horoscopes for week of January 18 – 24, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of January 18 – 24, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

The conversations buzzes as the weekend begins, let’s talk it out under this Gemini Moon, but don’t expect our communications style to be too organized. Listen for the sound bites from both politicians and kids; there’s more to the story, but these snippets are parts of a quilt-like pattern and give us clues. Emails fly, social networks like face book and my space will sizzle, conversation buzzes at the market. But as for deep conversation? Let’s not hold our breath.

This week the lines of communication are open and flowing, intuitive rather than logical while Mercury conjuncts Neptune. We can use that easy conversational flow to pump up our imagination and envision the future. Brain storm and dream away, but watch for thinking tweaked, rather than deepened, by belief systems. Mercury turns retrograde next week and discombobulates our organization, so let’s also tend to some practical details, even if they bore us to tears at the moment, and get ourselves organized now.

But oh, the dreams can be beautiful as Mercury and Neptune run conjunct for the next few weeks. Watch for a space or forgetful streak, or a certain intellectual passivity. But tell us a story and we’ll listen with rapt attention. Track careful whatever really needs to get done because it’s all too easy to space out and forget. With a good dose of self honesty, this is a deeply empowering aspect because we can imagine the future different than the past.

For the next few weeks, Venus in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini, both extroverted and friendly signs not known for their attention span. The energy is flirtatious and imaginative, but sometime delusional; visionary, which can also read wildly unrealistic. We’re easily interested, but as easily distracted. And interpersonally restless, which means that it’s tempting to imagine a relationship that’s not really there, or miss one that needs attention, just because we’re busy looking elsewhere. It pays to keep one eye open for evidence that all is not as it seems. But it is a great time to get out of our winter’s cave and mingle, make new contacts.

Because this Neptunian aspect makes us unusually receptive, it helps to spend time in situations which support our health and take extra care to support the immune system, especially around the respiratory tract; let’s catch that dream rather than a cold.

Underneath the social buzz and delightful dream, underneath this week’s sleepiness, a quiet but important trine between Jupiter trines Saturn hints of long-term growth and make practical changes and can help walk these dreams into reality.

Early next week, the Sun enters idealistic, politic Aquarius as the Moon enters sensitive Cancer; we need time both in our community and at home cozying up. A shy streak temporarily asks us to tend to the home front, because our family may need some loving reassurance to be happy for us in our worldly success. Homeland security and other forms of defense in the name of patriotism can intrude in strange ways.

Mid-week we’ll howl at the Full Moon in Leo; life and events can take on an operatic quality. Ego and ideals run the show so our simpler needs can get lost. If we can add our own true empathy, we can add wisdom to this enthusiasm. This wave of energy is catching, so get excited about something wonderful. It’s a great time for meetings, gatherings, political rallies, pep talks, and good causes, build the energy rather than try and work out the details or understand nuance. Personal relationship can stray into the melodramatic and sway out of proportion; small problems get absurdly big, while small answers can be easily overlooked; we need to keep the balance and proportion.

On a more long-term note, this is the last week of Pluto in Sagittarius (except for a retrograde cycle next summer) , notice that some cycles in our life are coming to these last few months, some people are leaving as the personnel changes for a new cycle ahead.

Friday, Jan 18 the vibe is scattered yet humorous. People will say outrageous things and mean about half, listen carefully and winnow out the truth. Take notes, because some interesting seeds are planted underneath the gossip. Gossip in the news. Don’t leak secrets because they make a good punch line.

Saturday, Jan 19 morning flows intuitively, we can sleep in late or use our imaginative capacity to feel our way into healthy decisions. Later negotiate social glitches as the Gemini Moon opposes Venus and conjuncts Mars as Venus opposes Mars, our differences are highlighted, let’s celebrate them rather than let them rub. Relationships take focus, but shimmer in a different light each minute.

Sunday, Jan 20 we need to dish out the reassurances, nurture the ones we love and take care of the home front as the Moon opposes Pluto and enters Cancer. We may have the illusion that something is ending, but should not jump the gun. Politics, both national and in the office, picks up intensity as the Sun enters Aquarius and challenges Uranus. Expect erratic behavior over the next few days.

Monday, Jan 21 a subtle but powerful Jupiter-Saturn trine peaks today, a good day to inaugurate a new alliance, find common ground with people we once disagreed and now make new progress. Gently initiate long term plans.

Tuesday, Jan 22 the Full Moon in Leo turns up the volume on our self-focus and dramatic behavior, it helps to have a healthy way to act out, a drama class or good pillow fight, other wise we can over-dramatize our situation until we feel heard. Differences appear to entrench, enjoyment and creative expression expands. Let the day be unto itself, appreciate one another in tangible ways.

Wednesday, Jan 23 emotions can swell and spill over as Venus conjunct Pluto, loss or fear of loss, or feeling we have to choose between our needs for freedom and for intimacy can put strain on relationships. Try of simple honesty rather than melodrama. No stories necessary on the home front, but what a great time to let creativity rip elsewhere, just be aware of the difference between.

Thursday, Jan 24 Venus enters Capricorn; the Moon enters Virgo, both pragmatic earth designs, and put muscle behind our dreams. Make it happen. We need strength as well as ability, but can stress easily unless we pace ourselves. This afternoon contracts are signed, decisions made, be in the middle of it as the Moon conjuncts Saturn.
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