Starcodes horoscopes for week of January 11 – 17, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of January 11 – 17, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

It’s time to rest and check in with ourselves as the weekend beings, to look inwards and take responsibility for our own condition and emotional state as we head into a sensitive few days while Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus as both square Venus.

Although we’re competent and curious, our energy may be low. We’ll tend to resist great efforts or feel emotionally indecisive, or just feel the need for rest. We want our squishy emotions respected, but not demanded upon. It helps to pour this sensitivity into art or other place where sensitivity combined with competence is useful.

The week begins in a fresh and forward-thinking mood, creating more executive capacity and decision-making impetus; just make sure the rationale is real and not just reactionary as the Moon enters Aries. It is a strategic time, but we may not want to be mature, the energy is impatient and determined, but with lots of responsibilities or technical details to deal with as the Sun and Mercury form a minor but irritating, sequi-square to Saturn and Mars respectively.

While it may be easy to argue with loved ones over a difference in priorities, try to give it a rest and just take care of business. It will backfire to give orders unless the chain of command is clear to all. There’s real potential for political rebellion, a spontaneous outburst in response to another’s efforts to create order. Best not to shirk responsibility, but we can bribe ourselves with a spontaneous moment afterwards to make it easier.

Towards the end of the week the energy slows down and gets pragmatic. Our actions speak louder than words, our senses need feeding and hugs need hugging. Try to stay in the present for the next few weeks with any emotional relationship, make decisions for the day, not for the year. As Venus and Mars run opposite for the next few weeks, we become very aware of our differences, which some will enjoy and others find irritating. Venus also conjuncts Pluto and can open our hearts capacity to feel deeply.

Friday, Jan 11 has a fast start as the Aquarius Moon trines Mars, but the day slows down, sensitizes as the Moon enters Pisces around noon. Collaborative but disjointed day- people seem distracted by their personal agendas. They mean well, but might not produce for mutual goals. Optimistic if wandering evening, a moment out of time refreshes the soul.

Saturday, Jan 12 wild dreams, conflicting and nuanced feelings as the Moon opposes Saturn makes us feel old and responsible just as Venus square Uranus brings restless and inconvenient feelings. Our creative spirit may be restless, engaging in a creative project can be a meditation to loosen the soul and let new answers percolate throughout. We may get both a reminder of the past, and then a strong desire to break with the past. Check motives carefully if minds are suddenly changed. Rest well, and treat one another’s sensitivity with gentle respect.

Sunday, Jan 13 serious note can degenerate into worry, make sure the mind focuses productively as Mercury and the Sun challenge Saturn. Wave of sadness or midday, let the feelings flow rather than try to find the problem as the Moon squares Pluto. Longing can help us create a more comfortable future, but doe not need to search for whom to blame in the past. Energy picks up later as the Moon enters Aries; watch a flash of retaliation, take it to a higher level and ask what excites instead.

Monday, Jan 14 get on target or get out of the way on this impatient and directive day. Early clarity, sharp comebacks may be funny but also trigger an avalanche, deadlines zap closer under this general impatience for life but no one wants to be told what to do. Watch oppressive moves made in the name of being decisive. Self direction and personal authorship is essential.

Tuesday, Jan 15 is an ambitious, difficult day; we can feel the tension between where we want to be and where we are which can fuel our progress if we have the patience to direct it so. Let’s be careful what we pray for or work towards, because it just may happen. Watch out for those who decide manipulation is faster than effort. Evening slows down, becomes stubborn and sensual as the Moon enters Taurus.

Wednesday, Jan 16 we slow down and take a more sculptural approach to life. Morning is richly productive as the Taurus Moon trines Saturn and Jupiter. How can we shape our world our future, dance with it on this seductively creative day as Venus sextiles Neptune. This afternoon nerves may frazzle; watch for sniping (which we may take as brilliance in our selves) around entrenched differences at dinnertime as the Moon squares Mercury, but will soften if we don’t push later on.

Thursday, Jan 17, after early fuzziness, a steady even workday helps us make progress in our dark corners; tackle the hidden pile or face a fear as Mercury semi-squares Pluto. If suspicions surface they are to be examined carefully and healed rather spark worry. Tonight the wires buzz as the Moon enters Gemini.

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