Starcodes horoscopes for week of February 8 – 14, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of February 8 – 14, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

This week we get in lessons in communication, how to both speak what we really mean, and hear what’s really said as Chiron conjuncts retrograde Mercury and both semi-square Pluto. It is so easy to miss the signals. Wacky thoughts can trouble us, dark thoughts and conspiracy theories abound, yet we access to the clear thinking necessary to sort it out. Those whose sanity is loosening from the moorings may find it drifting out to sea unless they make efforts to stay really grounded, and our most interesting delusions can bubble up to the surface, and hopefully dissipate in the light of day.

As the weekend begins, our emotional tides rise; unprocessed feelings and intimate relationships need their turn under the Pisces Moon. Early in the week we’ll tend to be independent ornery cusses, and that independence can be seen as rejection by others even if they really want to go their own way too. This misunderstanding can test relationships as Venus squares Saturn under an Aries Moon, tempting some of us to act out. More of us will just have to work hard, put utility over beauty, and not be feeling particularly romantic, though we may feel passionately about our loves and causes.

The weather stays unpredictable, as long as Mercury is cavorting with Neptune, water and abundant precipitation can make traveling interesting, and can cause literal water damage to our wires, roads, or travel plans.

Because the Sun also conjuncts Neptune we may be overly sensitive to what’s done to us, but not so sensitive about what we do to others. In the headlines we see more focus on the fault of other countries or candidates, and less responsibility about what our country does to others. This independence sensitivity can be a real wellspring of personal creativity if we take some self-responsibility. But can also produce some unnecessary restless fights in our little groups as feelings are mutually trod upon. It helps to give each other a lot of leeway, honor our independent action, then come back and tell one another the stories.

Midweek, just in time to prepare for Valentine’s day, we’re less ornery and more stubborn as the Moon enters Taurus, though still a bit impulsive and irritable as Mercury sesqui-squares and the Sun trines Mars. We may think of great last minute plans, but others may resist change. Technical glitches or mechanical breakdown can make things interesting. So plan and inform others of the plan; keep it simple and tactile, concrete. And don’t push.

On Valentine’s Day the Moon enters conversational Gemini and the energy bubbles; write a poem or take a beloved to a play. Alternatively, gather with other singles and enjoy collective experience or send the love-energy out towards the world; be a global Valentine and work on some heart-centered project, which is a great use of this theory- loving Aquarian holiday. Because, really, who can love on schedule, but we can act on the love we already feel and make this day a meditation in loving kindness.

Friday, Feb 8 we’ll tend to be moody and curious, suspicious and ready to guard or adjust with our sensitive antennae. But can over shoot the mark, second guess others and give them what we think they want, instead of what would really be helpful. Watch assumptions, confirm doubts and swift ideas, and have faith in what’s been true all along as the Pisces Moon, opposes Saturn and Mercury semi-squares Pluto. Energy and enthusiasm picks up close to midnight as the Moon conjunct Uranus.

Saturday, Feb 9 keep expectations low this sociable, low key morning; be rather than do. Impatience grows midday with self and other as the Moon squares Mars, pacing helps, hurrying only slows down the process or leads to mishaps. If people get ticked off, make is safe to be sensitive. Independence and attitude cranks up tonight as the Moon enters Aries, give it a place to go.

Sunday, Feb 10 we need to practice good relationship skills even if, especially if, we don’t feel like it as Venus challenges Saturn. We may feel distant, events or inclinations can create distance, but this is an ephemeral thing; we need to both tend to what matters in the long run, and listen to our inner callings. A Sun-Neptune conjunction adds an air of magic and confusion, appreciate the one and walk carefully through the other.

Monday, Feb 11 the volatile energy is good for our creative process, for becoming more truly ourselves, but isn’t terribly mature; we don’t feel like compromising, and can get depressed if our self-expression feels squashed. Anarchistic midday resolves into an efficient evening as the Aries Moon spins aspects to Sun, Venus and Mars.

Tuesday, Feb 12, the stubborn but accepting, Taurus Moon brings dogged determination, whether to sit still or accomplish is up to us. Use a durable steadiness to make progress this morning; just don’t try to change minds. Relax rather than push around communications glitches this evening, they soften in a few hours.

Wednesday, Feb 13 slow and steady does it, no matter what the static brings; stormy weather, mechanical glitches and moody people can complicate simple situations as Mercury and Venus challenge Mars. It pays to walk around fences rather than plow through, drop the point of contention and try another route for now. If words complicate relations, speak through the senses, cook for one another, rub the shoulders, and talk tomorrow.

Thursday, Feb 14 Happy Valentine’s Day, keep it light and spacious, there’s so much to talk about as the Moon enters verbal Gemini, trines Mercury as the Sun trines Mars, a break though in cooperation and communications, we finally understand the true import of an old story. It’s a great day to gather with like minds and let an active philosophy be our Valentine’s to the world. Truly hearing and being heard is most romantic, create a special stage and be fascinated.

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