Starcodes horoscopes for week of February 29 – March 6, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of February 29 – March 6, 2008

 by Heather Roan Robbins

Willful idealism is this week’s theme. Our feelings are tender, and our vision often hopeful under the Pisces Sun while Mercury conjuncts optimistic Venus tin Aquarius.  But at the same time, we’re also busy, easily irritated and tend to shoot straight from the hip as Mars perfects an opposition to Pluto.

Self-determination is key under this Mars-Pluto aspect. Part of us may want someone to come along and magically solve our problem, but most of us resist direction and want to be encouraged to find our own way. Therefore empowering political rhetoric along the lines of JFK’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” gets attention and independence movements around the globe rumble. On the home front, if child (or mate) doesn’t want to do what they’re told, offer a few acceptable options and let them choose.

To help with this tough combination let’s celebrate the moments of connection, but cut people extra slack to be difficult without taking it personally. But notice when it’s time to step back and protect tender hearts so there’s less clean up to do later.

This Mars-Pluto opposition is dynamic, argumentative and action-prone. We have to add wisdom to the action. Because of Mars’ retrograde cycle, this is the third pass of this aspect since summer; look for conflict or other crisis of will that percolated at the end of September 2007 when Mars first opposed Pluto, inflamed again around the turn of the year, and returns for the final round, with hope for resolution, right  now.

As a textbook example:  Benazir Bhutto arrived in Pakistan to challenge President Musharraf  in election with the first Mars-Pluto opposition, was assassinated near the second, and Pakistan’s controversial election results now catalyze Pakistan. There’s real potential for military maneuvers that will be regretted later this week, so let’s not try that at home; let’s choose carefully which conflicts we engage and see if we can do so with an eye towards resolution.

Our energy level can really vary when Mars is this activated; we may experience high energy with a short attention span where our passions are engaged, but feel easily exhausted if bored or cramped. Mars wants to move, so we have a problem where movement is restricted whether what’s stuck is a tectonic plate or our life.

Mars enters Cancer early next week; it’s rather paradoxical to see the most macho planet in the most maternal sign.  It’s maternal like a grizzly bear; looks cuddly but is very protective of itself, its turf and family. We bring the action home whether that means we revamp the kitchen or homeland security. The question will be how we define family, is it those few blood-related people, or is it all sentient beings. Until we open up to that larger soul, watch for sword-rattling patriotism, turf wars in the office or street fights because someone feels disrespected.  Respect is key, respect someone’s boundaries and their right to rule over their own turf, and they relax in our presence.

Towards the end of the week we have an incredible opportunity for change, vulnerable and intense. Let’s proceed with care and with heart and soul engaged.

Friday, Feb 29, we’re in a rush; it’s a good day to travel if we check the mechanics carefully. People are unusually honest today, if not tactful; listen to what slips out but forgive simple gaffs. Noontime change in plans as the Moon squares Uranus; we strain against restraints so a change of scene can help us think more clearly. Focus on international connections and news, seek fresh contacts. This evening hot spots pop; drop the work and explore the moment, but do so with an eye to safety.

Saturday, March 1, have patience. We speak our mind, but that isn’t always a good thing; avoid brutal frankness as Mercury challenges Mars. We can move along at a fast clip, but are easily outraged and can snap out the unforgivable unless we count to five. Defenses spike around noon. A sense of loss, protectiveness or emotional competition can add fuel to the fire as Venus semi-squares Pluto. Late afternoon is more objective and competent as the Moon enters Capricorn, be kind during socially awkward moments and stick to the facts until the emotional dust settles. The evening stabilizes once we unwind, though it stays thoughtful as the Moon trine Saturn.

Sunday, March 2 haunting dreams or thoughts this morning can wiggle our emotional sore points, and let us know what needs healing as Venus conjuncts Chiron.  An expansive, efficient day; plans work out well as long as we’re on the same page and don’t get competitive. The voice for the feminine perspective is strong, use it well.  Mood swings in the afternoon as we think of what we’re missing or what is left to be done as Mercury semi-squares Pluto.

Monday, March 3 is slower, so clear the decks and prepare; deal with loose ends and prior obligations. We think more in gestalts than linearly though we have unusual access to our logic, but let’s not mistake stubbornness for intelligence.  Afternoon and evening are excellent for mapping, building, chess, and form of strategy or training. Evening socializes, great for shared experience.

Tuesday, March 4 is spacey, but let’s not be abrasive; many feel a bit raw around the edges. Our focus may be on news headlines and far horizons, we need to listen to the buzz, feel the connection to community or world events and forget the small tasks at hand. Repair work around social networks, take any chance to grow understanding.

Wednesday, March 5 brings a magical morning, we can feel the social filaments that connect us, feel the winds of change blowing as the Moon joins Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. Expect honesty within the limits of our self-knowledge, agreement; the answer is yes. Have hoped, anything is possible, but don’t count chickens before they hatch. A dreamy evening, as if we’re all busy inside; track important objects and let people off the practical hook.

Thursday, March 6 slow down and make it personal, keep the agenda loose and stay real with one’s limits. The next few days are tricky as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces just as Mars opposes Pluto. Lay low if feeling too permeable, use the Mars energy to make progress where it really matters. Penetrating insight but fuzzy logic. While the big screen may take our attention, questions of vision versus victim and retaliation, here at home this odd combination of sensitivity and willfulness can leave toes stepped upon, feeling snubbed, unless we cut each other a lot of slack. Venus conjunct Neptune tonight can longing in our hearts for our wildest dreams.

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