Starcodes horoscopes for week of February 22 – 28, 2008

Starcodes horoscopes for week of February 22 – 28, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

Can you feel the winds of change beginning?  They start subtly, a bit of spring fever through the winter storms, longer days though still-freezing nights. The tenor of the news has changed, it’s growing more exciting, potential filled as a series of aspects and eclipses break the momentum of the past and encourage new approaches. This emotional and political thawing begins to prepare us and give us clues about a major aspect coming later in the year. Saturn opposes Uranus in the fall, an aspect we haven’t seen since 1965 and one which challenges the status quo and changes our paradigm.

This Saturn-Uranus aspect is exact on America’s Election Day, which is very exciting. We’re already getting a whiff of what this may mean. But it will also have more personal reflections.  So how can we best prepare for this springs new growth and the coming changes? It helps to practice something we might call soul yoga; increase our personal flexibility. Our ability to adapt, adjust and respond to old conflict in a new way, or adapt to new opportunity, may be decide how we resonate with the changes to come.

Mercury is direct and conjunct Venus this week in idealistic Aquarius.  We begin to see which of our recent dreams will get a green light and which are bubbles ready to float away. So let’s do those soul stretches and limber up our hearts, grow confidence in our core.  Let’s consider our options and get in training for the fresh winds to come, even if we can’t see yet which way the winds blow.

We have a certain emotional durability right now which helps to hand this month’s ambient mental volatility.  Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Gemini is not the most intimate or tender a combination, but it helps us love competence and find pragmatic ways to work through our stuff. Just watch for a competitive edge bouncing off our insecurities, our desire to get ahead can push our more obnoxious buttons; this feisty edge is building and ready to peak early March as Mars opposes Pluto.

In the meantime, let that Venusian side be as generous as it is competent, use her for constructive and cooperative planning, pragmatic structural changes. Encourage one another’s work, is warms the heart. Mars in Gemini can help us talk and negotiate the changes, but it also encourages a war of words, so watch the political rhetoric fly all week. Let’s not make our own lives a political debate

This weekend begins with sweet and squishy feelings but a lot of work to do; responsibilities weigh on us and need to be taken seriously as the Sun opposes Saturn. Bench press healthy boundaries and follow work to its natural conclusion. Work doesn’t get in the way of emotional processing; it can actually help us work the feelings through. Watch out for snags in the chain of command or resistance to structure; empower others to find their own solutions rather than order them around.  Romance means handling life together under this Libra Moon.

Early next week is a subjective and intuitive time, love and intimacy flow when we don’t push but do hold hands or work side by side. Though it’s hard to tackle the opposition, it’s a great time for productive meetings with like minds. Midweek is moody; any objective work can help us keep a stable disposition.  As this moody willfulness feds the culture, retaliation is tempting but unproductive.  It’s also tempting to create drama to intensify interactions without actually getting vulnerable; but let’s find a better way to connect without feeling too exposed. Moments of solitude, of intimacy with our own soul, help the underground soul-ache of the Scorpio Moon as Mercury conjuncts Venus.

Towards the end of the week, spring fever whispers to us even if the winter winds still blow. We grow restless and ready to roll as the Moon enters Sagittarius and Venus forms a minor challenge aspect to restless Uranus. Our hearts can wander, our feet certainly want to. Take a walk and find a creative use for restlessness.

Friday, Feb 22 unsettling circumstances can make us cranky and sharpen our critic’s tongue. Let’s keep this critique out where it can do some good and away from tender hearts, our own and those close to us. If a recent goal has clarified, now’s a good time to organize and shed that which will not contribute and prepare for that which will. Interesting conversational potential around dinnertime, but keep it on objective fare. Watch for sharper edges later, speak and drive without a sudden need to correct course, assume roads, both metaphysical and literal, are slippery.

Saturday, Feb 23 the Moon enters friendly Libra and soothes the edges. It’s easier to see their side without loosing our own perspective. Friends, romance and good design skills help us reconnect with beloved and reorganize our surroundings; let’s nurture the beauty of our lives. If something feels unfair, don’t attack the strong side, support the discouraged side instead. Later feed the art and romance of life. A moment’s sadness or age can twinge us; bones ache as Saturn opposes the Sun tonight, subdued joy; build trust rather than test it.

Sunday, Feb 24 rest wherever possible, let this be true down time, a chance to be subtle and sensitive in a busy month.  Let the soul catch up with recent event’s let the unconscious cook on the inner work. Rest; if things don’t go as planned this afternoon, loosen the plans. Tonight dream together as the Moon trines Neptune, ask how the dreams can support, not distract from, the bigger work at hand.

Monday, Feb 25 the next few days are edgy and tough, be prepared to play hardball as the Moon enters Scorpio. It’s usually easy to give criticism and unusually hard to take it, so use it sparingly. Sharp words or a mean streak will multiply, so let’s express only what we want returned to us threefold over the next month.  Surgical decisions need to be made; we decide what needs to be cut and what to reorganize, but let’s not over shoot the mark. Let sleeping dogs and brooding people alone.

Tuesday, Feb 26 be sure the coffee’s kicked in before interacting this morning, take advantage of a tactful Mercury-Venus conjunction mid-morning to garner cooperation. Later, if working at cross purposes, reroute; keep the collaboration on common goal rather than make it a contest of wills. A stubborn focus can be directed to difficult changes protectively, but confrontations will bring a standoff.  Shift gears tonight as the Moon trines Uranus.

Wednesday, Feb 27 slow it down; distraction with our personal issues or differing understanding of expectations can make for a confusing day as the Moon squares Neptune early then makes no other aspects. Be patient and work for clarification but avoid instigating new process for the moment. Tonight, the mood lifts, we’re ready to take action on we’ve been brooding upon, whether that’s to laugh it off or to leave town, as the Moon enters Sagittarius

Thursday, Feb 28, it’s time to say what we mean, but only if it’s really helpful. Honesty in small doses can clear the air and solve problems, but don’t; lash out with it, as that’s only the partial truth. We’re tired of familiar problems; don’t read too much into it if relationships are out of sync. Travel together even if it’s only to the corner and back; open the conversation to farther horizons.
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